What To Wear To A Backyard Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

It should be easy to know what to wear to a backyard wedding, but here are some attire ideas for male and female attendees. We will also discuss the expected dress code for a backyard wedding and its meaning if the couple requested casual outfits. 

Nowadays, more couples are getting interested in less uptight weddings, especially those held outdoors. You may even find yourself invited to a camp-style wedding, so read what to wear to a campground wedding

what to wear to a backyard wedding


What Can I  Wear To A Backyard Wedding As A Guest?


Male outfit ideas

Just because it’s a backyard wedding doesn’t mean male guests can wear very casual outfits like distressed jeans and t-shirts. Instead, a safe choice is semi-formal or dressy simple, like pairing a sportscoat with a dress shirt and slacks. 

You can also wear a good-fitting buttoned shirt with chinos to look appropriate for an occasion like the wedding. However, note the dress code on the invitation as it’s possible for some couples to want a formal dress code still. 

If other guests wear suits complete with ties and dress pants, you must wear the same. Then you can lose the tie after the ceremony and replace the suit with a jacket or coat for a more comfortable outfit. 


Female outfit ideas

Backyard weddings typically allow prints such as florals, especially those held in spring. However, if it’s a summer backyard wedding, bright and pastel colors are also ideal for a lively look at the ceremony. 

Therefore, female guests can wear floral and flowy midi or maxi dresses, pastel-colored jumpsuits, or even pair a dressy blouse with pants or skirts. However, keep modesty and subtlety in mind as you still don’t want to look too eye-catching as a wedding guest. 

This means avoiding revealing clothes even if cocktail dresses are allowed. And while bright and fun colors and prints are usually welcome to backyard weddings, remember that the bride must still stand out, so do not go overboard with your outfit. 

 Learn about what colors should you not wear to a wedding for more etiquette tips. 


What Shoes Do You Wear To A Backyard Wedding?

A backyard wedding is an outdoor wedding, so you’re likely to be walking on soil or grass. The terrain might also be uneven, so you want something that won’t sink or slip easily. 

However, you still don’t want to wear flip-flops or casual shoes. There are dressy sandals and flats to consider for female guests since heels are too risky, or learn how to wear flat shoes to a wedding

But you truly want heels, opt for wedge types instead of stiletto styles to ensure your comfort throughout the wedding. On the other hand, male guests should wear their most comfortable pair of loafers, boots, or even sneakers as long as they don’t look too sporty. 


What Is The Dress Code For A Backyard Wedding?

Backyard weddings typically have a semi-formal or dressy casual dress code, but the couple can want formal attire, some even black-tie for their guests. Usually, backyard weddings held in the evening will have a more formal attire than those held in the afternoon or morning. 

Remember that couples who opted for a backyard wedding typically want a small and lowkey ceremony, so you shouldn’t go too extravagant with your outfit. You also want to remain comfortable since the wedding is held outdoors.


What Do You Wear To An Afternoon Backyard Wedding?

An afternoon backyard wedding is usually semi-formal, so cocktail attire is what most couples request as their dress code. Female guests can wear cocktail dresses or even dressy jumpsuits, while male guests can wear long-sleeved collared shirts with suspenders and trousers, for example. 

Opt for light and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to stay comfortable since it will be afternoon in the outdoors. It would be better to wear soft colors like pastels or neutrals like light blue or gray to keep you cool. 

You can also bring a pair of sunglasses or a hat for added sun protection. If you don’t want to get a jacket or cardigan, here is how to wear a shawl to a wedding


What Is Casual Attire For An Outdoor Wedding?

Casual attire on an outdoor wedding like those held in someone’s backyard or garden means dressy casual. But, of course, it would help if you still avoided ripped jeans, t-shirts, or workout clothes because it’s a wedding. 

And since it’s casual, male guests can lose the tie on their suits and even opt for a jacket, sportscoat, or vests to make the outfit more laidback. Plain blue or black jeans may also be acceptable, and sneakers over leather business shoes as long as you still look smart. 

On the other hand, female guests can opt for jumpsuits or shorter dresses over evening gowns. Since the outdoor wedding is more relaxed, you don’t need to wear embellished fabrics, but prints like florals are typically acceptable. 

If the wedding is in summer, read what to wear to a summer wedding for outfit ideas that you can also try on an outdoor wedding. 



And that’s it! To recap what to wear to a backyard wedding, you want semi-formal or dressy casual attire. 

This can mean flowy floral dresses for female guests or sportscoat and slacks for male guests. However, you must still check the wedding invitation for the dress code as the couple might’ve requested formal attire. 

And finally, remember to dress comfortably, similar to attending other outdoor weddings. 

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