How To Make A Wedding Bouquet With Fake Flowers

Those curious about how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers can simplify it into two steps only. First, we will start with helping you create a tasteful color combination then share tips on arranging the artificial flowers to make a gorgeous wedding bouquet.

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how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers


How To Make A Wedding Bouquet Using Fake Flowers


Step 1. Plan the wedding bouquet design

  • Keep the wedding color scheme in mind when buying different colors and types of fake flowers
  • If the bride holds the bouquet, the colors should complement her wedding dress; the same concept applies if you’re making bouquets for the bridesmaids or moms of the bride and groom
  • Consider three fake flowers as your focal point for the bouquet, then buy the complementary colors and flower types for them
  • Don’t forget to buy fake greenery, foliage, pods, and even berries to add to your wedding bouquet to make it more lively, even if everything is artificial
  • Similar to making any wedding bouquet, prepare scissors, wire, tape, ribbons, lace, fabrics, and other embellishments you want to add to the wedding bouquet 


 Step 2. Arrange the fake flowers

  • Pick three of your favorite flowers from the bunch and arrange them as the base of the bouquet
  • Remove the leaves at the bottom part of the stems where you’ll hold the bouquet 
  • Trim the stem at the base if needed so the bouquet will have a uniform length, or add floral wire to those with shorter stems
  • With the artificial focal flowers at the base, add more foliage and smaller flowers around them, similar how you’ll arrange a wedding bouquet with actual flowers
  • Make sure that the surrounding arrangement around the focal point is distributed well, so rotate the bouquet as you work around it
  • Keep the arrangement secured together with floral tape when adding stems
  • Alternate different textures and greenery such as artificial berries and grasses among the flowers to make it more visually interesting 
  • Wrap floral tape once you finish each layer and after arranging the entire bouquet
  • Once you secured the finished fake flower bouquet with floral tape, trim the stem ends, so the bottom part is even
  • Wrap a ribbon or fabric strip around the tape to hide it
  • Embellish the finished wedding bouquet with gems or pearls on the handle 

If you want an attractive shape for the wedding bouquet, especially if it’s a bridal bouquet, check this tutorial on how to make a cascading wedding bouquet. You can apply the same process to fake flowers. 


Is It Tacky To Use Fake Flowers In A Wedding?

Using fake flowers at a wedding is not tacky, mainly if you are limited on budget. Understandably, some couples would spend more on the wedding venue and catering than the flowers. 


They’re perfect as decors

If you’re making flower arrangements for wedding decorations, it’s acceptable to use fake flowers or mix them with real ones. But on the wedding bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres, faux flowers are controversial. 

Some would say that fake flowers are noticeable, especially when worn on the clothes like a corsage or boutonniere. It might also look awkward if the bride carries an artificial wedding bouquet. 


Invest in realistic and quality faux flowers

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use fake flowers on your wedding bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres. The secret is even if you’re saving on costs, you still want quality faux flowers. 

Invest in silk flowers or those that look more realistic. They’d even make a good investment since you can reuse them compared to actual freshly cut flowers. 

Are you considering fake flowers because real flowers get dehydrated quickly? If you want specific blooms like hydrangeas but worry about their longevity, here is how to keep hydrangeas fresh for wedding


Can You Mix Fake And Real Flowers?

If you still want some natural elements for your wedding, why not mix real and fake flowers instead? You’ll still get to save on the costs, and the faux flowers will be less noticeable in the arrangement. 


Tips for mixing fake and real flowers for wedding

  • Choose realistic artificial flowers such as those with different sized petals and imperfect stems
  • Only use fake flowers with lifelike colors, never too bright or stark, as they’ll stand out against actual flowers
  • Trim the foliage and bend the stem of your faux flowers to make them more natural-looking when mixed with natural flowers
  • Mix fake and real greenery and fillers in the arrangement as well

Since you’ll be using real flowers as well, here is how to make a wedding bouquet with a bouquet holder to keep them hydrated. 


How Much Do Fake Flowers Cost For A Wedding?

Fake flowers for the bouquet and arrangements can cost $20, while corsages and boutonnieres are as affordable as $3 to $5 only. However, it’s best to invest in realistic fake flowers to look classier, so allocate $20 and higher. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers, start by knowing the color scheme you want and choosing quality faux flowers. 

You can then arrange them starting with the focal flowers and alternating blooms with greenery, berries, and grasses. Finally, embellish the ribbon to make it more bridal. 

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