How Many Wedding Proposals On Valentine’s Day

The answer to how many wedding proposals on Valentine’s day is significant since it’s now the most popular time to get married. It even outranked the usual date that gets the most wedding proposals, which we will discuss later. 

And if you’re also planning to make Valentine’s day proposal, we’ve included a guide to give you ideas on wedding proposals on Valentine’s day. But besides having the marriage proposal on Valentine’s, you should also know how to buy a ring. 

how many wedding proposals on valentine's day

The most popular engagement ring is a diamond ring, so why not read how much is a diamond wedding ring to know what to expect and set a budget accordingly? 


Exactly How Many Wedding Proposals On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the most popular day for marriage proposals in the US. Since it outranked other popular proposal days like Christmas and New Year, millions of couples, or about 10% of couples, are likely to have Valentine’s as their wedding proposal date. 

Why do couples in the US pick Valentine’s day for their marriage proposals? For one, it is a romantic holiday, and the season before spring allows couples to have gorgeous backdrops for their engagement photos. 

A Valentine’s day marriage proposal also became common, especially in 2020, because it was before COVID limited social interactions and access to travel. The pandemic has also affected people’s attitudes that Christmas is no longer as joyous and that having momentous occasions like engagements might not be as appealing. 


What Is The Average Number Of Wedding Proposals On Valentines Day?

According to Valentine’s Day Stats by Entrepreneur to help businesses with marketing, Valentine’s day still hasn’t lost its romantic connotation even after all these years. In fact, 50% of wedding proposals are Valentine’s day proposals. 

These statistics are backed by how rings are the most searched traffic during the first week of February. One can see this correlation to most men planning a marriage proposal on Valentine’s. 

Ironically, did you know that jewelry is not even the top gift to give on Valentine’s day? Instead, it’s more common for partners to give each other greeting cards on this romantic holiday. 


What Is The Most Popular Month To Propose?

As of this writing, the most popular month for a marriage proposal in the US is Valentine’s day, so February is when most couples tend to get engaged. This is followed by December since Christmas day proposals will always be romantic and celebratory. 

The third month when marriage proposals usually happen is in January or during New Year’s Day. After all, wouldn’t it be a fantastic way to welcome the new year engaged? 

Regardless, it’s not surprising that romantic gestures like proposals are booming during the love month. You’re likely to witness other couples getting engaged when you’re in public places, especially during Valentine’s. 

Book your reservations and buy the ring early if you’re also planning to propose on Valentine’s day. It will always be more romantic if you’ve secured a specific time and date when you ask your partner the big question. 

Then, you can read how to pick a wedding date to plan the wedding. 


Is It Romantic To Propose On Valentine’s Day?

A Valentine’s day proposal is expected to be more romantic than other wedding proposals. After all, February is the love month, and Valentine’s is a holiday where couples are encouraged to give each other time and gifts to celebrate the relationship. 

Of course, some couples will find Valentine’s day marriage proposal not as unique since it’s the most popular day to get engaged. You and your partner might have a specific date with a sentimental meaning, and getting engaged on that day would be more romantic. 

Furthermore, expect that there will be many couples dating and buying gifts for each other during Valentine’s. You might prefer a more intimate setup, or it would be more surprising to propose to your partner on a day that’s not known for being romantic. 


What Is The Average Time To Wait To Propose?

Most couples take one to years of being in a relationship before getting engaged. And if you’re unsure if Valentine’s day marriage proposal is the best timing, here are tips to help you know when to propose:

  • You’ve accomplished the milestones that you prioritize over marriage
  • You’ve lived together for a while
  • There are no difficult discussions and communications
  • You’ve talked about your stance on marriage and life after it
  • You and your partner’s mindsets are now into “we” than “I”
  • Both people have been dropping hints regarding being married


How Do You Propose On Valentine’s Day?

  1. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page regarding marriage
  2. Ask permission from your partner’s family beforehand
  3. Plan your secret photographer and other proposal accomplices
  4. Make sure you and your partner will not be stressed on Valentine’s
  5. Make sure your partner is available on Valentine’s
  6. Prepare the ring and book the space if needed
  7. Get inspired by you and your partner’s unique and secret things rather than making a generic marriage proposal on Valentine’s



And that’s it! To recap how many wedding proposals on Valentine’s day, fifty percent of marriage proposals usually happen on this romantic holiday. 

February even outranked December or Christmas as the most common day to get engaged. And if you’re wondering if it’s the best proposal date for you, reread our tips above. 

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