How To Pick A Wedding Date: 3 Best Times

It’s easy to know how to pick a wedding date based on three considerations. This article will go through the best potential wedding dates for all types of couples. 

You can apply sentimentality and practicality when choosing the day of your wedding. And in case you’ll also be planning your wedding yourselves, here is a quick, easy-to-follow guide on how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner

how to pick a wedding date


Getting Married? Learn How To Pick A Wedding Date Accordingly!


Choose a sentimental date for the wedding

If you’re unsure how to find a wedding date, the easiest way to start a list of potential dates for the wedding is to write down memorable and meaningful dates for you and your partner. They can include the date of when you first meet, date, or a unique date that’s sentimental on your relationship. 

An advantage of choosing a sentimental date for your wedding day is it’ll also be easy to remember. And of course, there’s just something meaningful about promising your everlasting love to each other on a day that’s also important to you. 

The only potential setback of having your wedding day on a particular date is it might be hard to book. You may also find it challenging to hold the wedding on a specific date to ensure that the guests you want to come can attend because of conflicting schedules. 


Pick a practical wedding date

When it comes to picking a potential date for the wedding, you also want to be practical. This means that the day you choose for the wedding would be easy for the attendees and not when they might not be able to come because of work and other responsibilities. 

Furthermore, you can also select a wedding date to help with your wedding budget. For example, some weekday weddings are cheaper than weekend weddings because they’re not as in-demand as weekend weddings. 

The vendors, receptions, and other elements may be at a lower price during the weekdays. For example, read how much does a Disney wedding cost where you’ll find that weekday weddings are cheaper than those held on the weekend. 


Choose a wedding date based on season

When planning their special day, some couples have a wedding setting and theme in mind. That being said, you can be strategic with picking your wedding date to get the most of the location or day. 

For example, you can select a wedding date based on the season. This is especially preferred if you have an outdoor or destination wedding where some venues are extra gorgeous in certain seasons. 

You and your spouse might want a winter wonderland wedding, a colorful spring wedding, an intimate fall wedding, or a summer wedding at the beach. Just make sure to book the venue early as they might be full on your desired wedding date. 


How Soon Should You Pick A Wedding Date?

You must know how early to pick a wedding date: a month after your engagement. This way, you can comfortably plan and arrange all the necessary elements and requirements for the wedding. 

Wedding planning typically takes a year before your wedding day, so it’s best to set a wedding date early on. Additionally, remember that you’ll send your save-the-dates and wedding invitations quite early, and knowing the date will also help the guests set their schedule to attend. 

Check how early is too early for wedding invitations to know more helpful tips about sending invites. 


What Is The Most Common Wedding Date?

The most commonly picked wedding dates are January, February, April, May, September, October, and December, based on wedding trends and reports from 2021. These wedding dates typically fall on special holidays like New Year’s, Valentine’s, Labor Day, and even New Year’s Eve. 

The weekends on these days are also famous for weddings. And if you’re curious about the most popular month to get married, it is October, typically on a Saturday.   

So if your desired wedding date is during these popular times, it’s best to secure your venue and vendors early on. You can also pick the day before or after these popular wedding dates as an alternative.


What Is The Cheapest Month To Get Married?

Couples can choose their wedding date strategically to cut on wedding expenses. For example, the cheapest months to get married are January, March, April, and November because they’re not peak wedding season. 

The venues and vendors are easy and cheaper to book than holidays, and the most popular season to get married is summer. For more budget-saving tips, here is how to pay for a wedding


Do You Pick A Wedding Date Or Venue First?

Wedding planning is best done if you pick a wedding date and then the wedding venue. The date is often more critical, and you can constantly adjust it depending on the venue’s availability. 

Once you have these two wedding components down, you can start sending your save the dates to ensure your guests’ attendance. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to pick a wedding date by considering sentimental dates, practical dates, and seasonal dates. 

We hope these tips helped you find your dream and ideal wedding date. Feel free to browse our blog for everything related to wedding planning. 

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