How To End A Wedding Toast: Tips And Example

The answer to how to end a wedding toast includes bringing the toast together, congratulating the couple, and then completing the speech with the toast. We have also included tips below on how to end toasts to make it more interesting, regardless of the type of wedding you’re attending. 

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how to end a wedding toast


Exactly How To End A Wedding Toast


Wrapping the toast up

  • Before you end the wedding speech, make sure to bring everything together
  • For example, after talking about the love story of the couple, conclude the speech about how their relationship led up to the wedding day
  • At this point of the toast, the guests should feel like they’ve been with the couple through their journey from meeting to marriage
  • You can also wrap the toast up by talking about the couple individually and how you think their partner is the best match for them
  • Think of the thoughts in this wedding toast as the verifying moment of why the couple should marry each other


Congratulating the newlyweds

  • After bringing everything together for the toast, it’s time to congratulate the newlyweds before you ask everyone to raise their glasses
  • You can also give a quick and short sweet message to couple, individually and together
  • This is the part of the wedding speech where you applaud and celebrate the couple’s union
  • Feel free to insert some tasteful jokes to bring the energy of the reception up
  • And finally, wish the couple well about their future and how you’re looking forward to their married life


Asking everyone to join you in the toast

  • To finish wedding toasts, you will give your closing remarks; at this point, you will ask everyone to stand up or raise their glasses to join you in toasting the newlyweds 
  • This is also the part of the wedding speech where you thank the hosts of the wedding, typically the family of the bride and groom; it’s possible to thank the couple themselves for the beautiful event
  • You can get creative, so the toast blends in with the story and words you’ve given before
  • Give the couple a quick compliment and then add a statement where the guests will feel included in the interaction
  • The wedding toast ending can be a simple “Please raise your glasses to a happy and long future for Mr and Mrs [couple’s last names] 


How To End A Wedding Toast Examples

Here are specific statements you can use when you end a wedding toast:

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How to end a traditional or formal wedding toast

  • To my [relationship to one of the couple] and his/her wonderful bride/groom, the new Mr and Mrs [last name]!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in raising a glass to the best couple I know, [names of the bride and groom]!
  • Let’s all raise a glass to [names of the bride and groom]; may you always be as happy as you are in this moment, and may the love you share today remain!
  • Please fill up your glasses as we wish [the bride and groom] a happy, healthy, and everlasting marriage. Cheers!
  • I’ll end my speech here by proposing a toast to the best couple I know. To [bride and groom], may this day always remind you of your love for each other. We love you; cheers! 


How to end a creative or funny wedding toast

  • Without [bride and groom] deciding to get married, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this fabulous party in [wedding venue]. So please, let us give them a special toast for the free travel tickets!
  • I’ll end my speech here so everyone can finally get tipsy. Let us raise our glasses to the love and union of [bride and groom]
  • While I know everyone enjoys the funniest speech I’ve just given, let us now raise our glasses to the beautiful couple. Cheers!
  • Let us raise our glasses and enjoy the expensive champagne we can thank [bride and groom] for. To a loving and everlasting marriage!
  • Let us raise a glass, prepare for the dancing, and celebrate with the new Mr and Mrs [last name of the couple]!


Do You Say Cheers At The End Of A Wedding Toast?

Cheers is an acceptable way to end a wedding toast as this indicates that you want everyone to raise their glasses and wish the couple a happy marriage since it’s historically used to express encouragement. It’s also a fantastic conclusion to complete your wedding toast and raise the energy of the reception. 

Alternatively, you can say join me to the guests or dedicate the glasses to the couple without saying cheers. Regardless, there are no rules regarding how to end a wedding toast. 



And that’s it! To recap how to end a wedding toast, you will conclude the speech, congratulate the newlyweds, and wrap up with the toast itself. 

You don’t need to stress about ending the wedding toast as it’s generally asking everyone to raise their glasses.

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