How To Wear Pants To A Fall Wedding: Guest Outfits

If you want to know how to wear pants to a fall wedding, consider these tips for male and female guests attending a fall wedding. These outfits with pants will be comfortable for autumn, but you’ll remain appropriate for the wedding. 

If you don’t like wearing a dress, pants are always appropriate for women attending weddings. And if you want tips on dressing them up, here’s how to wear pants to a wedding

How To Wear Pants To A Fall Wedding


How To Wear Pants To A Fall Wedding: Guest Style Guide



For autumn, you can never go wrong with trousers because you can wear them for various fall wedding dress codes. In addition, you can dress them up or down for a casual or formal affair. 

The formality, time, theme, and venue of the fall wedding should help you decide the style of pants you’ll get, whether in print or solid color. But since it’s fall where it can get chilly, you can wear a blazer or jacket over your blouse for comfort. 

If it’s a daytime fall wedding and the temperature is not as cool, find a tailored blouse with your pants to look polished. Alternatively, why not wear a pantsuit that follows the wedding theme or a jumpsuit with long sleeves for the fall wedding. 



A way to dress for a fall wedding as a male guest is with a coordinating outfit. Match your suit with your dress pants, but ensure they’re not the same color as the groomsmen’s attire. 

If it’s a more casual fall wedding, you can wear pants with a button-up shirt and sport jacket to still look nice for the affair. Khakis and chinos would be ideal even for an outdoor fall wedding because they are comfortable. 

If you don’t want to wear pants with a suit for the wedding you can keep the tuxedo pants and replace the suit with a dark dinner jacket. A blazer and dress pants would also be a good combination for a fall wedding. 


Can You Wear Black Pants To A Fall Wedding?

You can wear black pants to a fall wedding as it is appropriate for all venues and dress codes. It’s also a flattering color and easy to combine with any top, whether you’re a male or female wedding guest. 

Black pants should also be a comfortable color for fall, and it is formal enough for a black-tie or evening wedding. However, remember that black pants can be dress pants, tuxedo pants, jeans, or trousers. 

Select the type that suits the wedding dress code, venue, and theme. And, of course, avoid eye-catching styles and prints on the black pants. 


Can You Wear Leggings To A Fall Wedding?

You can wear leggings to a fall wedding, especially if you need to add warmth to your dress. For example, a knee-length A-line dress with dark leggings would be a comfortable way to dress for a semi-formal fall wedding. 

A helpful tip is to check the expected weather on the wedding day to select the color and material of the leggings. Some are thick, lightweight, sheer, or printed, so it should be easy to find suitable leggings for the wedding.


What Do You Wear To A Casual Fall Outdoor Wedding?

Some autumn weddings may mention a casual dress code, especially if it’ll be in an outdoor venue. However, you should still wear something smart casual or dressy casual to look appropriate for the wedding. 

Women can wear dress pants with a simple blouse, cardigan, ankle boots for a casual fall outdoor wedding over heels and dresses for comfort. Conversely, men can opt for khakis, jacket, and dress sneakers, for example. 

A fall wedding would be ideal for dressing in nature colors like browns, greens, and reds. And if you want more outfit ideas, here’s what to wear to a fall outdoor wedding


What Shoes Do You Wear To A Fall Wedding?

Male guests should use the wedding venue, time, and formality to know the best shoes to wear for the fall wedding. Some choices include oxfords, loafers, boots, and even dressy sneakers. 

As for female guests, you can wear classic heels and pumps. But if it’s an outdoor fall wedding, you might be more comfortable in flats or boots. 

Overall, it’s best to wear closed shoes to a fall wedding both for comfort and formality. But if you have an open-toed shoe, you can wear socks for added warmth in the venue. 


What Is The Best Fabric To Wear For A Fall Wedding?

The cooler Autumn months allow wedding guests to wear outfits in fabrics like silk, brocade, moire, and velvet. Of course, you can still wear lightweight fabrics like cotton and crepe, then layer your outfit with a cover-up to add warmth. 

Don’t forget to be mindful of the fabric’s style, pattern, and color, as you don’t want to look bridal. On the other hand, you shouldn’t also wear materials that might be too eye-catching. 



Was this attire guide helpful? To recap how to wear pants to a fall wedding, it will depend on the venue, theme, and formality of the autumn event. 

Some specific pants to wear are trousers, dress pants, tuxedo pants, dark jeans, khakis, and chinos. The top you can wear with them should be appropriate to the specific fall wedding you’re attending. 

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