How Many Extra Wedding Invitations To Order

The answer to how many extra wedding invitations to order is ten. But before you take this number and start calling your chosen printing supplier, please read some tips on computing the total number of invitations to get for the wedding. 

Are you also scratching your head when computing for wedding favors? Then, save yourself the stress and read our guide on how many wedding favors to order.

how many extra wedding invitations to order


Find Out How Many Extra Wedding Invitations To Order


Start with the definite number of invitations

Review your guest list beforehand to ensure that you won’t order too many or too few wedding invitations. Not every guest requires an invitation, especially those that share a household. 


Add extra invites for personal reasons

Once you have the invitations for the wedding guests, allocate extra invitations for other potential reasons. For example, the couple and their parents might want extra invites as keepsakes or potential decor.


Add extra invites for non-guests

You may also need to give an invitation to your hired photographer, videographer, or DJ at the wedding. It’s a common mistake to forget to include the invites for the non-guest people at the wedding, so remember to order extras for them. 


Add extra invites for potential unplanned happenings 

Finally, allocate at least 10 extra invitations for no specific reason yet. Weddings, like other occasions, can have unexpected happenings, so it’s better to be prepared.

For example, you may:

  • lose an invite or two
  • forget someone on the guest list
  • make an error with the initial guest count
  • address a wrong invite
  • meet someone you want to invite
  • suddenly have more room to invite people
  • other instances that may randomly happen before the wedding


How Many Wedding Invites Should I Send?

  • One wedding invitation per couple or household
  • Invitations for the wedding attendants
  • Invitations for the wedding photographer and other hired wedding staff
  • At least 10 extra wedding invitations
  • At least 20 invitation envelopes for potential errors in addressing guests 


How Much Does It Cost To Send Out 150 Wedding Invitations?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $600 to over $1,000 for the wedding invitations of 150 guests. Of course, many factors will affect the invitation expenses, but remember that any wedding with over a hundred guests is considered a big one. 

You can always find printing companies or stationery vendors in your area so that you can compare the prices better. Also, the markets may have varying price points, depending on where you live in the US. 

Of course, the materials and overall quality of the invitation can make it pricier or cheaper. If you have 150 guests, it might be impractical to opt for luxury wedding invites unless you have the budget for them. 


Is It Cheaper To Buy Wedding Invitations Or Make Them?

It’s tricky to confirm that you will save more if you make the wedding invitations rather than buying them from a vendor. Remember that you will still source the materials to create them, and it’s assumed that most couples would want their wedding invitations to be visually appealing. 

Sometimes, you may find that DIY wedding invitations will cost you more. This is because you will also be responsible for the printing or manual writing on each so that it will be tasking and time-consuming. 

Here is how to make acrylic wedding invitations if you’re curious. They are surprisingly easy to make yourself but compute the materials according to the number of invites you must make. 


Are Expensive Wedding Invitations Worth It?

Spending most of your wedding budget on wedding invitations is not worth it. Instead, it makes more sense to spend your budget on the wedding and reception themselves as they are more important than stationery.

You compare written cards to experiences that you and your guests will remember. That being said, what is a reasonable amount to spend on wedding invitations?

Consider spending a maximum of $600 on your wedding invitations. Some planners even recommend allocating only 2% of your wedding budget for the wedding invitation. 


What Is The Cheapest Way To Send Wedding Invitations?

  • Unique shapes and sizes of envelopes cost more postage than regular ones, so be mindful of where you’ll put your wedding invitations
  • Use light materials for the wedding invitations as the weight can affect the postage price
  • Fragile materials will cost more to send, so opt for paper than acrylic; for example, if you’re mailing many guests
  • Double-check the addresses to avoid errors, as resending wedding invitations means additional expenses
  • Give out your invitations personally to some guests and consider having them forward the invites to the other guests if they regularly meet anyway
  • Consider digital wedding invitations if mailing will be too pricey for some faraway guests
  • Sign up for the newsletter of some printing services for codes and discounts
  • Finalize and check your guest list to avoid repeatedly sending invitations in one household 



And that’s it! We found out how many extra wedding invitations to order, and ten would suffice. 

However, these only account for unseen happenings, and you still want some extra invites for personal use or for the people who are also part of the wedding, like your photographer. We hope our tips for saving on wedding invitations also helped you; leave us a question if you have any. 

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