How To Make Acrylic Wedding Invitations In 2 Steps

If you want to know how to make acrylic wedding invitations, do two steps. Acrylic wedding invitations are quite a trend nowadays, especially for couples who want something unique from the usual paper cards. 

However, it can be intimidating if you don’t know the process since you’re working with something harder to correct than paper. Do not worry because you will find out below that it’s easy and you can make the invitations yourself. 

how to make acrylic wedding invitations

And if you’ve been invited to many weddings this year, find out what to do with wedding cards to make the most of these items. 


How To Make Acrylic Wedding Invitations The Easiest Way

Please note that this tutorial is for making an acrylic wedding invitation without requiring you to handle acrylic, considering this is a DIY. Also, most people don’t have the right tools to cut and print acrylic sheets safely, so this will use mylar sheets instead. 

The result is still transparent and classy-looking, and anyone can do it themselves. 


Step 1. Design the acrylic wedding invitation

  • Prepare the materials such as the sticker papers, mylar sheets, a cutting machine for the sheets, and your preferred template suitable for the wedding theme
  • Find a background picture for the invitation or make one yourself 
  • Use editing software to make the image background transparent for the text of the wedding invitation 
  • Resize then flatten the image to a rectangular shape or whatever the invitation’s design is 
  • Add the text inside the invitation template accordingly
  • Read this tutorial about whose name goes first on a wedding invitation to know the etiquette 


Step 2. Assemble the acrylic wedding invitation

  • Prepare the correct sizes for the sticker paper and mylar sheets where some would prefer some allowance on the side when you combine them
  • Print the invitation template on the sticker paper
  • Attach the sticker paper to the mylar sheets and add a border design if you prefer
  • Repeat until you have enough invitations for the guests
  • If you want to make the acrylic invitations more unique and eye-catching, consider painting the back sheet with acrylic paint 
  • There are many ways to customize this basic pseudo-acrylic wedding invitation further; you don’t have to do all the designs on the print itself
  • If you have enough time for making the invitations, you can add other decorations such as pressed flowers as long as you can secure them neatly within the sheets


Can I Make My Own Acrylic Invitations?

It’s possible to make your own acrylic invitations, but it can be tasking since acrylic is not the easiest material to cut and print with. You can save yourself the hassle by checking businesses that specialize or offer acrylic printings instead of doing them yourself. 

You can also make alternative transparent cards without using acrylic itself. As the tutorial above teaches, you can print on transparent sticker paper and then attach that between mylar sheets. 

They’re easier to cut to your liking compared to acrylic. Your other option is to handmade the acrylic invites by painting on them, but if you’re making more than 100 invitations, then it’s going to be demanding.


Can You Make Acrylic Invitations On A Cricut?

Cricut is a favorite among crafts lovers because it’s an electronic cutting machine that follows the design you want. It’s also possible to use it when making acrylic invitations as long as you use the correct acrylic sheets. 

Only use acrylic that is either 0.007 or 0.020 thick, or else the device won’t cut through it successfully. Then, place the acrylic over a mat and tape the edges to keep it from moving during cutting with the protective coating on the acrylic still attached. 

For an acrylic sheet that is 0.007 thick, set the Cricut to acetate and use the fine point blade. And for the thickest acrylic that you can cut on Cricut, which is 0.020 thick, set the Cricut to basswood with the knife blade. 


What Size Are Acrylic Invitations?

Acrylic invitations are usually ⅛-inch thick, measuring 5 by 7 inches. However, you can always talk to the designer about the size you want, including blending the transparent acrylic with other colors. 

Keep in mind that your chosen invitation size will affect its cost when making and sending them. 


How Much Do Acrylic Wedding Invites Cost?

The price of acrylic wedding invitations depends on the acrylic type, the design you’ll choose, and how many you need. Expect that layered acrylic invites with other designs such as pressed flowers will cost more. 

The cut for the acrylic invite will also influence its price. High-quality cut invites made with laser and polisher on the edges will be pricier than acrylic cut with a blade. 

Additionally, allocate more budget when sending acrylic wedding invitations. This material is quite fragile, so the mailing company might add more costs for the demands to keep the invites intact. 



And that’s it! This article taught us how to make acrylic wedding invitations even when you don’t have special tools.

You can always use a device like Cricut, but for DIY fans who are limited, they can make transparent invites like acrylic but easier to ship. Simply print on sticker paper and put it on mylar sheets. 

We hope this guide helps; leave us a question if you have any. 


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