How Many Wedding Favors To Order: 4 Ways To Count

If you’re unsure how many wedding favors to order, consider four things. First, this article will talk about the people who must get wedding favors, those you can cut off, and tips on computing an estimated number of favors to order. 

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how many wedding favors to order

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4 Tips To Know How Many Wedding Favors To Order


Don’t forget the parents

Start your count for the wedding favors by accounting for your parents. Each parent of the bride and groom should receive a wedding favor. 

It’s expected to show your sentimentality and gratitude not just because they chose to be part of your wedding, but because you will also be starting a new chapter of your life with another person. Furthermore, remember that the parents are often the wedding hosts, so giving them a keepsake is tasteful. 


How many favors for each couple and family?

The tricky part with counting how many wedding favors ordering is when your guests are in groups of families and couples. However, you can simplify this and follow the norm where each couple or family only gets one wedding favor. 

This is especially applicable if the wedding favor is pricey. However, some couples give more than one favor for each family if they’re giving edible wedding favors or anything cheaper. 


The wedding party can be not counted

Did you know that you can cut out the wedding party from the number of wedding favors to order? This is often practiced since the bridesmaids and groomsmen are given something else. 

In fact, it’s a more common custom to give something grander to the wedding party. They usually receive them before the wedding itself, so it’s also acceptable not to provide them with thank-you gifts. 


Always consider extra orders

Now that you have a list, you must think about extra wedding favors and how many to include. Indeed, some guests might not even take the gift, but it’s safer to have extras than cutting some wedding favors and having some people empty-handed leaving your wedding. 

Consider accounting for one wedding favor per guest as a safe number. Then, you can reread the discussions above regarding families, couples, and the wedding party. 


How Many Different Wedding Favors Should You Have?

The couple ultimately knows their guests better, but one type of wedding favor is generally enough. Of course, you can also have two, so both you and your significant other can have a say on the favors, but consider your budget.

Getting more than two might be overkill since some guests even leave their wedding favors behind. It will be more practical to decide on one where you and your significant other are pleased with the favors to give. 


When Should I Order My Wedding Favors?

You can order your wedding favors as early as two months before the wedding day. This will give the vendor enough time with some extra days that might be needed, depending on the wedding location, number of favors, and the complexity of the favors. 

For example, some couples who do destination weddings give favors related to the area, which means you want to order at least weeks in advance so you can pick the favors upon arrival. However, some wedding favors are perishable since they are edible so that you can order them early, and the vendor can plan when to make them so they’ll arrive fresh. 

Finally, remember that the more complex the wedding favors are, the longer they need to be finished. So if you know that they are very personalized and intricate, allocate enough time, so you’ll get what you want, even if it’s the peak season, for example.

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How Much Do Most People Spend On Wedding Favors?

Most people allocate at least $300 on wedding favors. However, to avoid issues with your budget, set about $10 for each guest maximum when planning your favors. 


How Do You Distribute Wedding Favors?

The most common way to distribute wedding favors is to have them outside the location, next to the guest book. This way, the guests can’t forget their favors, and people can take more than one if many favors are left. 


Do Wedding Favors Go On The Table?

A more personal way to distribute wedding favors is to set them on each guest’s table. The favors will be the centerpiece, and labeling them can make the guest feel more appreciated. 


Is It Okay To Not Have Wedding Favors?

No rule prohibits couples from choosing not to have wedding favors. They might be following a budget or simply don’t see the need to give guests gifts. 

You can read what is a receiving line to know another way of showing gratitude to your wedding attendees. 



And that’s it! You have four considerations to know exactly how many wedding favors to order.

To recap, the bride and groom’s parents should always be included, but the wedding party can be excluded since they usually have their own gifts. So then, opt for one gift for every couple or family, but make sure you have some extras rather than being short with the favors. 


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