How Long Are Wedding Dress Appointments: What Happens

The answer to how long are wedding dress appointments is about an hour. And to help you create a schedule for your wedding dress appointment before the wedding, please read what to expect with bridal dress appointments below. 

We will also discuss how many appointments you’ll need and if you will pay when trying on wedding dresses. You can read who to invite on wedding dress shopping to prepare you for your wedding dress appointment further.

how long are wedding dress appointments


Exactly How Long Are Wedding Dress Appointments

As a bride, you should know how long is a typical wedding dress appointment. Expect to spend an hour in each boutique for most appointments while trying on wedding dresses.

A bridal appointment can even take a whole day since some brides go to at least two to three stores in one day to choose from different wedding gowns. However, please make sure you manage your time throughout the day, as a wedding dress appointment is typically booked. 


How do you make a wedding dress appointment?

Before booking an appointment with a bridal boutique or wedding dress designer, please set a budget for the wedding dress. Then, have your top five designer or boutique choices and decide on which of them fits your schedule. 

You can also check reviews from other brides regarding their experiences with the store’s wedding dress appointments. Then, visit the designer or store’s website to contact them and book an appointment. 

For example, David’s Bridal is quite famous for wedding dresses. Their website has a section for making an appointment where a bridal appointment is usually an hour long. 


Do you have to make appointments to try on wedding dresses?

Most bridal boutiques and designers don’t accept walk-ins. However, some smaller and lesser-known stores may allow walk-ins that bridal gown appointments are unnecessary. 

Regardless, it’s better to assume that you’ll need a wedding dress appointment. Talk to the people you want to shop for your wedding gown with to know when they’re free to accompany you for the bridal gown appointments. 


Wedding dress shopping timeline

  • One year before the wedding: set your wedding dress budget, decide on who to bring to your wedding dress fittings, browse various bridal gowns for inspiration, research popular bridal dress salons, and ask about wedding dress appointments
  • 10 months before the wedding: start your wedding dress appointments, plan the other bridal accessories, shoes, and jewelry you’ll also wear according to the dress you want
  • 8 months before the wedding: buy your wedding dress so the tailor can know how to alter it accordingly 
  • 6 months before the wedding: shop for the undergarments you’ll wear with the wedding dress, and consider trying the bridal hairstyle and makeup that you think complements your wedding dress
  • 3 months before the wedding: expect the arrival of the wedding dress, talk to the seamstress about the alterations you want
  • 2 months before the wedding: have a second alteration, try walking and doing other movements in the dress
  • 3 weeks before the wedding: have the final wedding dress alteration, and bring your bridal accessories, shoes, and undergarments
  • 1 week before the wedding: make sure that your wedding look, such as the dress and accessories, are all ready 

Since you’ll have about three wedding gown alterations, read how much wedding dress alterations cost to set your budget. 


How Long Does It Typically Take To Try On Wedding Dresses?

A bridal appointment can be as long as an hour per store. You may even spend the entire day going from one shop to another. 

Overall, take your time with your bridal appointments before considering purchasing the dress and signing the contract. Finally, start your bridal appointments 10 months before the wedding to avoid hassle and ensure that you’ll get your dream wedding gown. 


How Many Wedding Dress Appointments Should I Make?

You can start your wedding dress appointments 10 months before the wedding. Some brides even do their bridal dress appointments as early as one year before the wedding. 

That being said, a realistic expectation is to have three wedding dress appointments per day. You can also consider two stores per day, but remember that there are other wedding responsibilities to accomplish, so plan your schedule accordingly. 


How Much Is A Wedding Dress Appointment?

Depending on the boutique, brides may or may not pay for the wedding dress appointment. Some designers require a refundable deposit when you schedule with them, while others don’t charge when you try their gowns.

Understand that there are also stores that require a deposit if brides accidentally damage their gowns. If you’re limited with your wedding dress budget, find a store where brides can try on wedding dresses free of charge. 


Do You Try On Your Wedding Dress When You Pick It Up?

Brides can try their wedding dress once they pick it up. This way, they can also try walking and sitting with the gown. 

You can also bring your shoes to practice with the wedding dress. Therefore, it’s ideal for picking the wedding dress three months before the wedding. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how long are wedding dress appointments, you’ll spend an hour for each dress appointment. 

Brides can have three appointments or two stores per day, depending on the schedule. It’s essential to have your appointments one year to 10 months before the wedding to avoid stress with the wedding timeline.

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