What Does Groom Pay For At Wedding

Those curious about what does groom pay for at wedding can expect that he traditionally pays for everything related to his groomsmen. We will also discuss if the groom’s parents would be paying for other bridal expenses.

Remember that the traditional wedding usually has the bride’s parents cover most of the costs for the wedding. And as for the groom’s ring, read who buys the man’s wedding band

what does groom pay for at wedding


Who Pays For What In Weddings: What Does Groom Pay For At Wedding


Groomsmen needs

The groom pays for the expenses of his groomsmen and best man. The groom should pay for the boutonnieres and gifts for the male wedding party. 

Depending on the groom’s personal financial capacity, he can also cover the suit rental fees of his groomsmen and best man. However, it’s also acceptable that the wedding party pay for their own attire, and they can all score a discount if they go to the same shop. 


Other wedding expenses

Besides the flowers and wedding gifts for the male wedding party, the groom pays for other wedding expenses. His family can also assist him, or these costs are shouldered by the family only as it’s the groom’s wedding. 

The groom can also pay for the wedding legalities such as the marriage license, officiant fees, and other expenses needed for wedding documents. More so, it’s common for grooms to pay for wedding rings, bridal bouquet, and bridal gift. 

Regardless, this doesn’t mean that these are expected of the groom. The bride can also pay half of the wedding ring expenses and provide the flowers for herself. 


What Is The Groom’s Family Supposed To Pay For?

The groom’s parents traditionally pay for the rehearsal dinner and expenses for the wedding legality like the marriage licensing fee and officiant’s fee. However, the groom can also choose to pay for these himself, and it’s noted that the groom’s parents shouldn’t be obligated to pay if they can’t. 

In some families, the groom’s parents cover the reception exit transportation costs, and even the honeymoon. They can also pay for the groomsmen’s attire, wedding bands for the bride and groom, and even the bridal bouquet. 

Traditionally speaking, the bride’s parents pay for the bulk of the wedding. However, it’s also common nowadays for families to split the wedding costs in half. 

Therefore, do not be surprised if the groom’s and bride’s families pay and host for the wedding together. Discuss everything with your partner or read how to ask parents for money for the wedding


How Much Does Groom’s Family Contribute To Wedding?

There are no rules regarding the specific amount the groom’s family should pay for the wedding. They can also host the wedding with the bride’s family and split the expenses in half. 

But if you’re following the tradition where the bride’s side would pay most of the wedding expenses, then their contribution will, of course, be lower. It’s also common at weddings for the couple to pay for their own wedding and just remain open to whatever amount their families can give. 


Why Does The Bride Pay For The Wedding?

The bride herself will usually pay for the groom’s wedding band. Some brides also give their grooms the wedding suit as a gift.

And similar to the groom paying for his groomsmen’s flowers and/or attire, the bride can also cover the bridesmaids’ outfits and corsages or bouquets. Don’t also forget to get your groom a wedding gift. 

What about the things that the bride’s family pays for? Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for most of the wedding expenses, such as the fees for the venue, vendors, and other products for the wedding, besides the costs for the marriage license, officiant, and rehearsal dinner that the groom’s parents cover. 


What Are The Groom’s Family Responsibility?

  • Get to know the bride’s family
  • Host the engagement party with the bride’s family 
  • Help announce the engagement
  • Plan the financial responsibilities together with the bride’s family 
  • Assist the couple in wedding planning
  • Share tips about marriage and soothe the worries if the couple is getting overwhelmed
  • Plan and host the rehearsal dinner
  • Do the designated roles and speeches in the ceremony and reception


How Much Say Does The Groom Have?

It’s common to assume that most brides have been planning their weddings from a young age and that the groom doesn’t need to participate that much anymore. However, modern brides believe that wedding planning should be 50/50.

This is also an ideal approach since wedding planning can get overwhelming. By having your partner help you, you can alleviate stress and avoid potential misunderstandings. 

You can sit down and share insights or brainstorm with your partner to get your dream wedding. And of course, be open-minded and prepared to compromise as this wedding is not only yours but also with your partner. 



And that’s it! You just learned what does groom pay for at wedding, which are typically the groomsmen’s needs, wedding bands, bridal bouquet, marriage license fee, and officiant’s fee. 

However, couples these days split the wedding costs equally, so you’re not obligated to follow the traditional approach. Overall, discuss the finances and planning with your partner, especially if you’ll get assistance from your family. 

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