How Much Do Wedding Dress Alterations Cost

If you don’t know how much do wedding dress alterations cost prepare at least $300. The actual amount of your specific modification on the wedding dress can be higher or lower, so continue reading to know what to expect. 

Brides who are comfortable and confident with their sewing skills can also check our tutorial on how to alter a wedding dress yourself. However, we only recommend this if you know how to sew to avoid ruining the dress accidentally. 

how much do wedding dress alterations cost


How Much Does It Cost To Alter A Wedding Dress?

The average cost of wedding dress alterations is $300 to $800 or even more. The price varies on the type of alteration, the wedding dress, the seamstress, and the bridal shop. 

Some wedding dress alterations are more expensive because they are complex and may need the overall style of the dress to be changed. Some bridal shops might also make you choose between a flat fee or select a specific type of alteration only, which will be more affordable. 

You also want to consider where the wedding dress salon is located as those in the bigger metropolitan areas will charge higher for their alterations. If you’re going to save more, opt for smaller independent sewists instead. 


What Can You Alter On A Wedding Dress?


Standard alterations

The most common areas of the wedding dress that need alteration to get the perfect fit for the bride are the hem, side seams, bustle, and bra cups. If the bridal salon requires a flat fee for their alteration, it doesn’t matter if you’ll only need one area of the dress to be altered. 

On the other hand, some seamstresses will charge only for what work is done on the wedding dress. For example, altering the hem can cost anywhere from $150 to $250, while a simple bustle is usually only $40.

Altering the bra cups to get better shape and support on the wedding dress is under $50 while fixing the side seams can cost at least $75. Remember that the more complex the dress and material, the higher the price. 


Custom alterations 

The bridal salon usually does custom alterations for an additional fee. They are not included in the standard alteration package, and they are also pricier than the typical wedding dress alterations. 

They include shortening the sleeves, adding sleeves, adding straps, modifying the neckline, changing the back, shortening the train, or even turning the zippered dress into a corset. These alterations are more challenging to do, and some change the overall design and style of the wedding dress. 

These customs vary from $50 to shorten per sleeve or $250 to change the neckline. Altering the wedding dress back design or train begins at $200 while adding sleeves can cost as much as $400. 


Why Is Altering A Wedding Dress So Expensive?


Alterations are meticulous

While some wedding dress alterations are quick and straightforward, remember that you have to consider the dress style and materials. For example, shortening the dress or changing the fitting at the sides is easy on paper, but the seamstress must ensure that the wedding dress retains its silhouette and look without damaging the dress materials and embellishments. 

Not all tailors can also do dress alterations, which means you’re also paying a professional and experienced person. Then, there will be subsequent fittings after the initial alterations, so you’ll be paying for the time and work that the seamstress will do until you get the perfect wedding dress fit. 


The wedding dress style and design can be changed

There are custom wedding dress alterations that change the look of the wedding dress. Therefore, they are harder to do and take more time and talent on the tailor’s part. 

They include changing the neckline or even modifying the sleeve. This can mean reworking the fabric, embellishments, and other parts of the dress. 


How Much Does It Cost To Shorten A Wedding Dress?

Shortening the wedding dress, typically by working the hem, can cost at least $150 to $250. This is why during each wedding dress fitting, you must wear the shoes you’ll have on your wedding day, so the seamstress knows the length you want for the dress and avoid multiple alterations. 


How Long Does It Take For A Wedding Dress To Be Altered?

A wedding dress can take two weeks to be altered, sometimes longer, especially with custom modifications. This is why brides must have three wedding dress fittings two months before the ceremony. 


Can You Alter A Dress That Is 2 Sizes Too Big?

You can alter a dress up to two sizes down. This usually happens when buying dresses off the rack, and it’s much better to buy a dress too big than something too small and modify it to fit your size. 

Read what to bring to a wedding dress fitting to avoid unnecessary issues with the size. 



Was this article helpful? To recap how much do wedding dress alterations cost, prepare at least $300. 

Custom alterations are also more expensive than standard alterations, where some are only under $50. The price varies per seamstress, bridal salon, type of alteration, and complexity of the dress and work. 

Let us know in the comments how much you’ve spent on your wedding dress alterations. 

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