Wedding Dress Shopping Etiquette Who To Invite

If you’re unsure about wedding dress shopping etiquette who to invite, it should be easy since you only want your close friends and family. We will highlight in this article the importance of choosing family members and friends to go wedding dress shopping with you to make it a fun experience.

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wedding dress shopping etiquette who to invite


Who Goes Wedding Dress Shopping With The Bride


Understanding family members

We generally assume that our close family members must go wedding dress shopping with us. However, not all family members will be helpful, so don’t feel pressured to bring everyone unless you’re sure they’ll be friendly. 

Even though some family members have good intentions, the last thing you want is to have someone get under your skin when trying on the dresses you want. You want someone honest, but do it soothingly, or you might feel stressed when wedding dress shopping. 

If you have a good relationship with your mom, she’s undoubtedly happy to go shopping with you and see her daughter try on dresses for the big day. But if you know some family members who are too critical without being helpful, don’t feel bad when you don’t bring them during wedding dress shopping. 


Supportive friends

Understandably, you want to bring all your bridesmaids with the maid of honor when wedding dress shopping. However, having three to five supportive friends should be enough since you don’t want to get flustered by too many opinions. 

Think about what each friend can bring to the table and consider their opinions valid and helpful. For example, it’s true that in some friend groups, some can be known for being mean or attention-seeking, even though we love them. 

You want to feel relaxed during wedding dress shopping and get the dress you want, not something your party forced you to wear. However, think of supportive but give honest feedback to ensure that your wedding dress will be perfect for your wedding. 


Is it ok to try on wedding dresses alone?

Are you considering going wedding dress shopping alone? Then there’s no reason not to.

Some brides are very independent and are used to doing decisions solo, even before the wedding. If you’re the type who’s more comfortable with doing things alone, then don’t think that it will be weird to fly solo during wedding dress shopping.

Just keep in mind that while your personal preference is the most crucial factor, you still need to consider the type of wedding that you and your significant other are having. This means ensuring that the dress style and color won’t be offensive or disrespectful to the ceremony and place. 


How Many People Should Go Wedding Dress Shopping With You?

Consider a maximum of three people to bring when you’re going wedding dress shopping. You don’t want to overcrowd the bridal salon or shop as some other brides and companies are dress shopping. 

When you make an appointment, the shop should mention the size of the party you can bring with you. And if you’ll shop alone, don’t feel nervous as the consultant will guide and assist you. 


What Should You Not Do When Wedding Dress Shopping?


Bringing too many people with you

Remember not to bring too many people when wedding dress shopping. Having a large party will result in many opinions that can make you feel frustrated. 

Additionally, it’s not tasteful to look like you’re taking over the entire salon or shop. Finally, remember that there are also other brides trying dresses. 


Bringing drinks and meals

Check with the wedding dress shop regarding the foods and beverages you can bring. In most cases, they’re not allowed because of the risk of staining the wedding dresses. 


Not being open-minded with options

It’s important to know what you want, but you also want to set your expectations reasonably. For example, your budget or the available size for the dress you wish to might be limited. 

Furthermore, the wedding dress will still be altered, so don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t look like how you pictured it on you. Here is how long it takes to make a wedding dress to appreciate the dream dress’s labor further. 


Getting persuaded with a dress over the budget

Set a budget beforehand and stick to it. Even if you’re persuaded by the shop or the party you brought, you don’t want to go over the budget, especially when you’re tight on it. 


Can The Groom Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

No specific rule prohibits the groom from joining the bride when wedding dress shopping. However, some cultures see this as bad luck, or the groom and the bride herself might prefer the element of surprise on the wedding day.



And that’s it! We just discussed wedding dress shopping etiquette who to invite where you must pick a small party of three with supportive but honest family and friends.

You can also go solo shopping if you prefer. We hope this helps; let us know how your shopping goes.

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