How Does Puffy Mattress Compare To Pillowtop Mattress

The answer to how does Puffy mattress compare to pillowtop mattress will be easier to understand when you take note of their structure. This article will go through the features and layers of both beds to help you know which is better for you. We’ll also compare the hybrid models from Puffy to a pillowtop. 

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What Is The Difference Between The Puffy Mattress And A Pillowtop Mattress?


Puffy mattress



The Puffy mattress’s first layer is the brand’s Cooling Cloud foam, essentially a two-inch gel-infused memory foam. Underneath is another two inches of cooling foam, and the base is six inches of high-density foam. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about how to make the Puffy mattress cooler because of its cooling foam layers compared to a traditional memory foam bed.



The Puffy mattress is medium-firm, making it ideal for all sleeping positions. However, if you want a specific feel, this bed has a rating of 6 to 8 on the firmness scale. So, for those unsure about what mattress firmness to try, getting the Puffy mattress would be a safe choice. 



Being a medium-firm mattress, you can easily maintain a neutral spine with the Puffy mattress. It’s not too soft that you’ll sink into the bed and encourage an unnatural curving on the back. The Cooling Cloud and Firm Core Support foam layers of the Puffy mattress will also adapt as you move throughout the night to maintain support. 


Pressure relief

The Puffy mattress still has some cushioning to help ease the tension on your body. This will prevent discomfort and body pain on the pressure points, typically on the back, shoulder, and hip. In addition, the second foam layer is responsible for keeping the bed cool and cradles your body for pressure relief. 


Pillowtop mattress



A pillow top mattress is so-called because of its padding on top. Compared to the Puffy mattress with no noticeable extra material on top, a pillow top mattress has a cushioned layer, which means you will see a gap between this and the mattress surface. Furthermore, the Puffy mattress only uses memory foam, while a pillow top mattress can use not only memory foam, but also latex foam, down, cool, cotton, or even fiberfill on its plush layer. 

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The pillow top mattress is among the softest types in the market because of its cushioned layer added on the top. Therefore, the Puffy mattress will feel firmer and would be more ideal for back or stomach sleepers. On the other hand, side sleepers and lightweight individuals will feel comfortable in the plush feel of a pillow top mattress. 



The effectiveness of a pillow top bed’s support depends on its base layer. Typically, manufacturers combine the pillow top with a coil layer or innerspring support layer so that you can expect the support of a pillow top similar to these mattresses. It can still keep your body level, but be on the lookout for the pillow top layer itself that is prone to sagging. 

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Pressure relief

One of the best mattress types for pressure relief is the pillow top because of the cushioned layer at the top. It is also effective in conforming to the body, similar to the Puffy mattress. And if this is your priority feature for a bed, you can get a pillow top that uses memory foam for its top layer. 


Pillowtop mattress vs Puffy Lux

Puffy’s most popular mattress is the Puffy Lux, and it is also softer than the Puffy mattress since it’s a medium-plush bed. While it doesn’t have a noticeable top cushion layer like a pillow top, the Puffy Lux is somewhat comparable because of the Plush Dual Comfort foam. It might also be as thick as a typical pillow top at 12 inches.  


Pillowtop mattress vs Puffy Royal

Another hybrid from the brand is the Puffy Royal, and it should be closer to a pillow top mattress because it is the softest Puffy mattress. However, being a hybrid, it uses Puffy’s unique contour-adapt coil base compared to pillow top mattresses that usually use innerspring coils instead of pocketed coils. Nonetheless, both mattresses will be excellent for side sleepers or anyone who prefer a soft bed without losing a good sleeping posture. 



And that’s it! To recap how does Puffy mattress compare to pillowtop mattress, the Puffy will feel firmer because it is medium-firm, and a pillow top will always be plusher because of its extra top cushioning. Nonetheless, both beds should keep your body well-supported and alleviate pressure points, primarily if you selected a high-quality pillow top that won’t sag easily. 

We hope this was a helpful read, and if you’re interested in buying from the brand, find out how long the sale is on a Puffy mattress


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