How Can I Make My Puffy Mattress Cooler: 3 Best Hacks

Those who want to know how can I make my Puffy mattress cooler can do three practices. We will also talk about the features of this bed and if they will benefit hot sleepers. You might even find out what’s the coolest mattress among the models offered by Puffy. 

Do you also want to know how long the sale for the Puffy mattress is? If you get interested in this brand, we have discussed how to help you get it at the best price in another article.

how can i make my puffy mattress cooler


How To Make My Puffy Mattress Cooler?


Check the bedding

Besides mattresses, Puffy also has accessories and bedding that you can use to make your bed feel cooler. For example, try the Puffy mattress protector, Puffy mattress pad, or the Puffy sheets. These accessories make the sleeping surface more breathable while also drawing heat away from the sleeper. 

The Puffy mattress protector uses bamboo rayon fabric for a soft and ventilated bed, while the Puffy bamboo sheets are climate-adaptive to adjust to the current conditions. You can also add the Puffy mattress pad that uses bamboo fabric and cooling foam to keep your mattress from retaining heat. These accessories should help lower your bed’s temperature while also acting as protectors against spills, dust, and wear. 


Wear something breathable

If you still find the Puffy mattress hot, it might not be the issue, significantly after you’ve improved its bedding. However, you might need to lower your body temperature itself by wearing something soft, light, and breathable. If possible, wear shorts and sleeveless shirts to expose more skin and keep you cool. 

Don’t forget the benefits of showering before bedtime as well. Not only will it relax you for better sleep quality, but you’ll also be keeping your bed cleaner if you shower before using it. Most of the time, even if the bed is not retaining heat, the sleeper himself feels hot and icky. 


Improve the room temperature

After setting up your Puffy mattress with cooling bedding, your bed should no longer feel hot if you’ve also showered and changed into breathable clothes. But if that’s not the case, the issue might be the bedroom. Consider opening your windows and adding a circulating fan to make the area feel cooler.

If it’s summer, you should also turn on the air conditioner. Some locations feel hotter than others, so you must anticipate the adjustments you must make to make your sleep more comfortable. You can also add a thermostat in the room to help you monitor the indoor conditions easily. 


Is The Puffy Mattress Cooling?

The Puffy mattress is a memory foam bed, but it’s not like the traditional ones that feel hot. Puffy designed their flagship memory foam mattress to feel cool and draw heat away from the user. So if you’re curious why my Puffy mattress feels hot, you need to contact their customer service or check the bedroom or yourself. 


Puffy Cooling Cloud foam and Climate Comfort foam

The Puffy mattress won’t feel as hot as a traditional memory foam bed because it was infused with gel to help regulate temperature. And underneath this so-called Cooling Cloud foam, Puffy also includes two inches of Climate Control foam. This layer makes the mattress breathable as it contours your body. 


What is the coolest Puffy mattress?

If you live in a humid location or you’re one of those sleepers that always sleep hot, you will benefit from a hybrid mattress that has better air circulation than a foam bed. In particular, the Puffy Royal mattress will keep you cool and comfortable because this premium model uses various features to ensure a cool sleeping surface. So what are these features?

The Puffy Royal mattress has a layer called the infused cooling foam and plush contouring that uses cooling beads. This is followed by two inches of humidity-resistant foam called the Climate Comfort. Finally, the Puffy Royal exclusively uses the brand’s Cloud Air Technology foam for airflow throughout the mattress while providing zoned support. 


What Can I Put On My Mattress To Make It Cooler?

Your mattress can feel cooler if you use a breathable sheet such as bamboo or cotton. There are also mattress pads and toppers that use gel beads or layers to draw heat away from the bed. And more than placing accessories over the mattress, putting it over a slatted surface or any base that keeps it off the ground should make it cooler due to air circulation. 


What Mattress Has The Best Cooling?

Hybrid and spring mattresses tend to feel cooler than foam beds because they allow airflow much more quickly. But nowadays, manufacturers have developed foam mattresses that are designed to stay cool. In addition, they sometimes infuse the product with copper or gel to help with temperature regulation. 



Was this article helpful? To recap how can I make my Puffy mattress cooler, you can improve its bedding, wear comfortable clothing yourself, or cool down the room. Nonetheless, expect that your Puffy mattress will feel cool, to begin with since it uses cooling layers. 

You can also opt for the Puffy Royal if you want the best cooling bed from Puffy. We hope this article answered your questions. Feel free to leave us any comment below. 

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