Which Side Of Puffy Mattress Goes Up: Setup Guide

Knowing which side of Puffy mattress goes up is relatively simple because it is not a double-sided bed. However, you can find some signs to check when setting up your mattress. This article will also talk about the best way to make your bed for your comfort and its longevity. 

You might also be interested in a separate tutorial on how to setup a Puffy mattress. We wrote a complete guide to help you unbox your Puffy mattress correctly. Please give that a quick read for additional information with this article. 

which side of puffy mattress goes up


Which Side Of Puffy Mattress Goes Up On The Bed?

The Puffy mattress is one-sided, so it should be easy to know that you have the right side up if the brand name at the end of the bed is readable. Likewise, at the side on the foot of the mattress is the Puffy logo, and you’ll know you placed the mattress correctly on the frame if the letters are not rotated downward. Another way is to check the cover since the base of the Puffy mattress uses a grip material to keep it in place. 

Do you also want to know how to keep the Puffy mattress on the base? Getting the correct support is crucial since Puffy already designed their mattress to be stable. So if it still tends to slide around, you should use the right size and damage-free foundation, frame, or base. 


How do you put a bedsheet on a Puffy mattress?

  1. Check the orientation of the Puffy mattress so that the correct side is facing up
  2. If you’re putting a mattress pad or topper, place it over the Puffy mattress and check if all the sides are aligned
  3. Stretch the correct size bed sheet or use the Puffy bamboo sheets over the Puffy mattress
  4. Pull all the corners accordingly to ensure that the sheet is not loose
  5. Please make the necessary adjustments to the material by tucking it underneath the bed

Can A Puffy Mattress Be Flipped?

The Puffy mattress is not flippable because it has a dedicated base and sleeping side. You also don’t need to make flipping a part of your maintenance to even the wear on the bed. However, Puffy mentions that you can rotate your mattress, but it’s still not mandatory to extend its lifespan. 

If you want a bed that you can flip, we reviewed the best double-sided mattresses in the market. Manufacturers design them to be compatible with flipping since both sides are usable to sleep on. Some of them even have a firm and a soft side so that the sleeper can select the ideal firmness for them. 


How Long Do You Have To Wait To Sleep On A Puffy Mattress?

Knowing how long the Puffy mattress takes to expand will please you since it’s only for several hours. The brand recommends a minimum of two hours so the memory foam will successfully return to its actual shape and feel. You can also treat Puffy like other memory foam beds and sleep on it after a whole day. 

Waiting for the memory foam to finish inflating after 24 hours will make it feel more comfortable. It will also be finished off-gassing around this time so that you won’t notice a chemical smell. Nonetheless, using a new memory foam bed as soon as possible will hasten its break-in period and provide you the promised contouring support from the material. 


Which Side Of The Mattress Faces Up?

It’s easy to identify the side of the mattress that should face up because most brands have a logo on one end. Check if its orientation is upright, so the word is readable and not flipped. You can also read about the features of the mattress you bought because it might be flippable where you can sleep on either side. 

What if there is no tag on any side of the mattress? One-sided mattresses have a noticeable difference with their top and bottom cover. The former usually feels plusher or has a pattern, while the bottom is plain and firmer since it is the bed’s base.


Does It Matter Which Way Your Mattress Is?

It’s essential to set your mattress correctly to get the most of its promised support and comfort. Remember that one side is designed to keep your spine neutral and relieve pressure points. Additionally, using this comfort side as the bottom of the bed can damage your mattress since it might sag from being worn down. 

A helpful tip to remember is most foam mattresses are flippable, but if you have a spring mattress such as an innerspring or a hybrid, you must keep them in the correct orientation. This is because the inner parts can get broken, and the mattress structure will be ruined. You can also read this discussion about how long does a Puffy mattress lasts if you’re curious about the lifespan of a one-sided bed. 



And that’s it! To recap which side of Puffy mattress goes up, you only need to check the label at the other end. You must be able to read it clearly to know if you installed the mattress correctly.

You can also check bedding from Puffy to improve your bed setup. Try using a mattress topper and sheet to make your bed feel more comfortable and breathable. 

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