How Long Is Sale On Puffy Mattress: Tips To Save More

If you want to know how long is sale on Puffy mattress, you must know about the brand’s mattress deals. We will talk about the best way to score coupons and sales to help you buy a Puffy bed at a reasonable price. We will also discuss the regular costs of these mattresses to help you decide if they’re worth the money. 

Additionally, you might be interested in how Puffy compares to other mattress types. For example, we have written a comparison between a pillowtop and a Puffy mattress. Or, if you want, browse our articles where we reviewed Puffy versus other popular mattress brands. 

how long is sale on puffy mattress


Do Puffy Mattresses Ever Go On Sale?

Puffy mattresses go on sale like other big mattress brands, especially during holidays such as Labor Day. You can get as much as $300 off and $455 worth of free accessories, including the Puffy cooling pillows, Puffy cooling mattress protector, and the Puffy ultra-soft sheet set. The technique is always to visit Puffy’s website as they will have a banner regarding promos and sales. 

As with other mattress companies, you can also sign up for Puffy’s newsletter. This way, you’ll be immediately notified when the brand has sales. Furthermore, Puffy has a page on their website where you can see the current sale they’re having. Click this page, and you’ll see the deals for Puffy mattresses, beddings, and bases.


How To Get A Good Discount On Puffy Mattress?

Other than visiting the dedicated sale page of Puffy, you can score some great deals and promos with the Puffy discount codes. You can even get your first deal if it’s your first time signing up. And if you are in the healthcare, military, or education department, you can expect a discount from Puffy. 

You only need to verify your eligibility as a healthcare professional, military, student, or teacher, and you’ll get a single-use discount code. This will include up to $455 worth of free accessories and $375 off your mattress. You can verify directly on Puffy’s website via SheerID. 


Does Puffy offer discounts for referrals?

Another way to get a good deal on a Puffy mattress is by referring a friend. By inviting someone, you’ll get $250 worth of store credit, and your friend will even get $455 worth of freebies and $350 off their new Puffy mattress. 


Can You Buy A Puffy Mattress With Financing?

If you are on a strict budget, you can buy a Puffy mattress comfortably by financing it. You’ll get your new Puffy mattress and then pay with Klarna afterward. And best of all, this financing is 0% APR and as low as $50 per month.

You only need to select Klarna during checkout, and the two-step application process has no hard credit checks. Once you applied for financing, you can pay via your debit card or add a checking account. It should be easy to see if you pre-qualify as well. 


How Much Is A Puffy Mattress?

The Puffy mattress starts at $899 for a twin-size bed, but the biggest king-size costs $1,449, the same price as the California king Puffy mattress. If you’re also interested in a hybrid mattress, the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal are more expensive, with starting prices of $1,449 and $1,649, respectively. 

The Puffy Royal is the most expensive mattress from Puffy because it’s the brand’s premium model, while the most affordable is the flagship model that is the memory foam Puffy mattress. Nonetheless, these prices can change, depending on the brand’s sale. 

We also had a separate discussion regarding how much you should spend on a mattress. Again, it should be a helpful read, especially for those new to buying a bed.


Is Puffy Mattress Worth The Money?

In general, the Puffy mattress is worth buying, especially if you know how long the Puffy mattress lasts. The brand is confident with the quality and durability of its mattress because it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can feel secure that any damages and defects will be covered with the warranty as long as you own the bed and it’s not from natural wear. 

Do you want to learn how to take advantage of the Puffy mattress warranty as well? Please consider reading our discussion about the brand’s policy to help you get the most of your purchase.


What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Buy A Puffy Mattress?

The best time to buy a Puffy mattress is similar to the other schedules that you can use when buying any mattress brand. As discussed, when is the best time to buy a mattress, you can mark your calendars on holidays and even when the brand has exclusive holidays such as their anniversaries. It should be easy to monitor deals from Puffy if you subscribe to their newsletter or frequently check their sale and discount coupon page. 



And that’s it! To answer how long is sale on Puffy mattress, it will depend on the current holiday. But, of course, you can constantly monitor the brand’s discount coupons, check for referrals, see if you’re eligible for a discount, or even try financing with Klarna. 

We hope this article helped you buy from Puffy most affordably, but feel free to leave us a question if you still have any.


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