How Long Does A Pillow Top Mattress Last

If you want to know how long does a pillow top mattress last, it can be around eight years. However, there is a range worth discussing because the pillow top can last longer or shorter. This article will also discuss other informative pieces about what you can expect with a pillow top. 

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how long does a pillow top mattress last


How Long Will A Pillow Top Mattress Last?


Five to eight years

You can expect your pillow top mattress to last at least five years, and the longest can take up to eight years. Like when learning about the expected lifespan of foam beds and other types, it’s difficult to mention a specific year because every pillow top mattress differs in quality and how you’ll use and maintain it. Be sure to buy the pillow top from a reliable brand and learn how to care for it properly and consistently.

It would be best to monitor your sleeping experience and the overall structure of the pillow top bed once it ages over five years. The padding on top that makes the pillow top mattress a pillow top can get lumpy or dented. On the other hand, the bottom part of the bed can also lose its shape and will fail to keep you supported. 


How To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Last

Besides getting a pillow top built with quality materials and craftsmanship, you can extend its lifespan before needing replacement with the proper usage and maintenance practices. 


Keep your pillow top mattress clean

Learn how to clean a pillow top mattress properly and when you must deep clean it. First, you can vacuum the bed weekly to remove dust and other build-ups. Then, address stains as soon as possible and clean the pillow top according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

You can also consider using a mattress cover. It’s much easier to wash than the pillow top that won’t dry easily when soaked. And in general, avoid harsh cleaners and test any product to prevent stains and deterioration on the mattress material. 


Fluff the pillow top mattress

Keep the pillow top mattress from getting lumpy by fluffing it regularly. You can do this every month by simply beating the surface equally with the end of a broom. If you can remove the pillow top, you can also fluff it in the heatless setting of the dryer with a couple of tennis balls. 


Maintain a good foundation for the pillow top mattress

Keep your pillow mattress from sagging by ensuring that its base is always optimal. You may need to replace the foundation if it doesn’t support the bed properly. You can also add plywood underneath the bed to help with pressure distribution. 


Can You Flip A Mattress With A Pillow Top?

You cannot flip most pillow top mattresses because they have a designated side to be the top’s base and comfort layer. If you flip a one-sided pillow top mattress, you won’t feel comfortable because the bottom layer would be too stiff. Furthermore, having the cushioned side at the bottom won’t provide good support, and you risk ruining the mattress.

Unless you have a double-sided pillow top mattress, do not flip it. Instead, rotate the pillow top to extend its lifespan. You’ll distribute the wear on both ends and prevent sagging, so know how often to rotate a pillow top


How Often Should You Replace A Pillow Top Mattress?

You can replace the pillow top mattress after five to seven years. However, it’s better to check it instead of marking your calendar to know when to replace it. For example, if you experience body pain every morning and notice sagging and other damages on the pillow top, it’s best to get a new one rather than waiting for seven years. 


Do pillow top mattresses wear out faster?

Pillow top mattresses can wear out faster if you do not rotate them regularly or if their base is not supportive enough. You risk developing sagging because it consistently gets the pressure from body weight during use each night. You also want to check the quality of the top cushioning and the supportive layer at the bottom if the springs or foam are not damaged. 

If you notice issues, here is a complete guide on how to fix a pillow top mattress


What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Pillow Top Mattress?



  • The added plush layer on the top helps in comfort and pressure relief
  • Less motion disturbance compared to other materials such as traditional spring beds
  • You don’t need to wait for a break-in period for the pillow top to feel comfortable upon arrival


  • Prone to sagging because you can’t flip most one-sided pillow tops
  • Not as long-lasting as other mattress types like 100% latex beds
  • Might not feel as firm and supportive for heavyset individuals


Did you enjoy reading this article? To recap how long does a pillow top mattress last, we found out that it’s between five to eight years. Of course, the longevity will depend on the bed’s quality, and how you use and maintain it. 

Do we recommend a pillow top mattress? This type is perfect for people who want additional cushioning and pressure relief. However, remember to rotate it regularly to prevent premature sagging. 


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