5 Fun Sprinkle Shower Ideas To Try For Baby Number 2

Here are five fun sprinkle shower ideas to celebrate your child number two. We’ve also included some baby sprinkle ideas for those on a budget or who want a party that is easy to throw for the guests. 

This guide will discuss not just the theme, but also the food, games, and etiquette for the event. And if you have no idea about what baby sprinkles are, you can read what is a sprinkle baby shower first. 

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5 Sprinkle Shower Ideas For Baby Number Two


Brunch baby sprinkle

The baby sprinkle is described as a toned-down baby shower as the parents, family, and friends celebrate their second child. You can throw a brunch baby sprinkle instead of serving the guests full-course meals or following the lunch party in baby showers. 

Brunch sprinkles are also ideal for saving time and decoration costs since you can invite guests to a restaurant. You don’t need to worry about finding a caterer or cleaning the house afterward. 

Furthermore, since brunch is not an all-out party, the event can be an opportunity for everyone to relax. It also doesn’t impose anything on the guests since there are no gift tables or raffles.


Spa date sprinkle baby shower

A fun and unique way to throw the baby sprinkle is with a spa or pamper theme. Have your family and friends over for a spa date or book at your favorite wellness center. 

The expecting mom will surely appreciate a day of relaxation, especially since there will be two kids at the house. If doing the sprinkle spa date at home, you can always do DIY manicures or give away skincare baskets with facemasks or moisturizing creams to the guests. 

And, of course, you can have pamper kits as the guest’s sprinkle shower favors. DIY loofahs or soaps will also be appreciated if you’re feeling crafty. 

It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to make loofah baby shower favors, and this tutorial even combines loofah with homemade soaps. 


Ice cream date sprinkle baby shower

Are your family and friends a sweet tooth? Or perhaps your party is also open for other kids. 

You can do an ice cream date theme for this type of baby shower sprinkle. Prepare stations where guests can do their own ice cream sundaes or banana split. 

Pre-scoop the ice cream over baking sheets lined with parchment paper to manage the costs and ice cream needed. You can store them in the freezer and set up the ice cream station on the day of the event. 

Other foods, like waffles and the toppings like syrups, nuts, and fruits, should also be organized with serving utensils to prevent mess. And because of the sweet theme, don’t forget to use colorful decorations of pastel balloons, flowers, and centerpieces at your baby sprinkle. 


Photoshoot sprinkle baby shower

A memorable way to celebrate the baby sprinkle is to book a photographer and have fun with the guests. Some photography studios offer props for different themes, or you can hire a photographer, and they might recommend a venue for your photo sessions.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take portraits and keepsakes with friends and family. Having photos with your first child and baby bump for the second baby will also be memorable. 

However, keep the budget for the baby sprinkle in mind, as some photography packages might get too pricey. You can combine the event with a quick brunch or tea party afterward. 


Virtual sprinkle baby shower

Baby sprinkles are not meant to be as grandiose as the baby shower party for the couple’s first baby. And if you don’t have the budget for any event, the best way to throw a baby sprinkle is virtually. 

Nowadays, it’s acceptable to have online celebrations, including the baby sprinkle. Schedule a Zoom party and encourage guests to prepare cute backgrounds. 

You can still have games and other party activities by sending craft baskets to the guests. Here’s a guide on how to host a virtual baby shower for the checklist of the things you’ll need. 


What Are Some Inexpensive Sprinkle Shower Ideas?

If you are throwing your close friend or family’s baby sprinkle, the best way to manage the party budget is by choosing a practical theme and elements like games, food, and decor. Here are some cheap baby sprinkle ideas for those on a budget: 

  • Do the baby sprinkle party in the morning and serve breakfast foods like bagels, pancakes, and coffee
  • Consider an afternoon tea party to save on the meal budget as guests won’t expect heavy meals like in a lunch baby sprinkle; here’s what to serve at a baby shower if you want more menu options. 
  • Have the sprinkle baby shower at your home or book the party at the park or beach, which have lower permit costs than event venues
  • Have an intimate event with less than 20 guests 
  • Do and send your invitations online
  • Have two games only and opt for those that won’t need as many props, like Who Knows Mommy Best or Who Knows Daddy Best
  • Consider some of the party food as your baby sprinkle favors like cookies and candy bags


What Are Some Easy Sprinkle Shower Ideas?

Socially distant baby sprinkles are the easiest ideas to throw because you can shorten the duration of the party, and you don’t need to provide many activities or food for the guests. For example, a virtual baby shower sprinkle will only require the host to arrange a schedule and plan with the guests online. 

Another baby sprinkle idea is a drive-by party where guests can arrive at different times. They don’t have to come out of their car, but you can also arrange for them to get food and gifts along the “parade” by the expecting mom’s house. 

But if you want a physical gathering for the baby sprinkle, it should be easy to host a brunch event. Invite guests to a restaurant and arrange for some family and friends to give their best wishes to the parents. 


When To Host Your Baby Sprinkle

The best time to host the baby shower sprinkle is three months before the mom’s due date. It’s similar to the recommended date for the couple’s first baby shower. 

There are many reasons why this is the best time, like it confirms the baby is healthy, and it’s not too close to the due date. Therefore, send your invitations four weeks before the baby sprinkle date so guests can set their schedules accordingly. 


Who Is Invited To A Baby Sprinkle?

The closest family and friends of the parents will be invited to the baby sprinkle. The host might invite other children in some sprinkles, but remember that the event is intimate and not as big as a baby shower. 

If you’re hosting the party, you can always ask the baby’s parents about your guest list. Keep your budget in mind, as more people means higher expenses for the food, games, and baby sprinkle favors. 


What Are Some Baby Sprinkle Games?

You can play baby shower games at the baby sprinkle. But since the sprinkle is not as big as the shower, you can play fewer games and have fewer participants. 

Here are the best games for the baby sprinkle:

  • Guess The Nursery Rhyme: prepare cards with nursery rhymes that guests must fill with the missing words
  • Blindfolded Diaper Change: co-ed parties can compete on who can change the diaper the fastest
  • Guess What’s In The Diaper Bag: guests try to guess the bag’s content, and you can also combine this with Price Is Right
  • Match The Baby To Mom: prepare photos of babies and moms and have guests match them
  • In Labor Or In Love Funny Guessing Game: hilarious game of guessing the facial expression in the picture
  • Match The Baby Sock: teams compete on matching socks in a basket
  • Mom Brain: guests try to remember what items are shown by the expecting mom

Because baby sprinkles last shorter than baby showers, consider having two games only. And, of course, prepare prizes like gift cards or goodie baskets for the winners. 


Do You Give Favors At A Baby Sprinkle?

It’s only fitting to give gifts to everyone who attended the baby sprinkle, much like the favors at the baby shower. You don’t need to spend much on the baby sprinkle favors to show your appreciation to friends and family. 

Some of these gifts can even be DIY, or you can buy items in bulk and then personalize each of them. You can hand these out with written thank you cards. 


Baby sprinkle favor ideas:

  • Homemade soaps
  • Homemade candles
  • Cookie bag
  • Trail mix bag
  • Honey
  • Jam
  • Dried flowers in vials
  • Succulents
  • Seeds 
  • Mini wine bottles
  • Nail polish


Do You Open Gifts At Baby Sprinkle?

It’s up to the child’s parents if they want to open their gifts at the baby sprinkle. Some people find it awkward, while others expect it as a tradition, like in baby showers. 

Furthermore, baby sprinkles usually do not expect guests to give gifts, especially if they’ve given gifts at the couple’s first shower. Therefore, you can replace the present opening with a game or toast at the baby sprinkle. 



Was this list helpful? You just had five sprinkle shower ideas: brunch, spa, ice cream date, photoshoot, and virtual sprinkles. 

Ultimately, this party is expected not to be as grandiose as the baby shower. Select a theme that fits your budget and run the intimate guest list by the parents. 

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