Complete Guide On How To Decorate Baby Shower Tables

Here is a complete guide on how to decorate baby shower tables. If you don’t want a list of DIY baby shower centerpieces or where to buy table decorations, this is a guide on arranging the items and ideas for setting up all the tables at the baby shower.

You will know below how to arrange the baby shower centerpieces and what items you’ll need for each type of baby shower table. We will also discuss baby shower table settings and how many tables are needed for the party. 

how to decorate baby shower tables


How To Decorate Baby Shower Tables: Guide On Baby Shower Centerpieces, Table Settings, and Cloths 


How to decorate the baby shower gift table

One of the essential baby shower tables is the gift table. It should be obvious so the guests know they can put their gifts on it, but it shouldn’t look out of place with the theme and other tables. 

Since it will contain gifts, you don’t need many items. A simple table linen and table runner that follows the theme and color scheme of other baby shower decorations usually is enough. 

But of course, you can put the gift table in front of a foil curtain with a banner that spells out gifts to make it pop out more. You can also hang a garland with baby onesies or socks to make the gift table more fitting for the baby shower. 


How to decorate the baby shower food table

Besides the baby shower gift table, you should always pay attention to the items and decorations on your food table. Most baby showers usually have a food station or a buffet table where guests help themselves to the menu. 

Therefore, your centerpieces and decor on the food table should be fine with the traffic of the guests serving themselves. If you have a DIY station like DIY tacos, burgers, or cupcakes, place the items in the correct order with labels and accessible serving utensils and plates. 

Then, decorating the food table will rely on the food’s rows, levels, groups, or containers. Use the theme as inspiration, like having hot air balloon containers for snacks or boat-shaped bowls for the soups. 


How to decorate the baby shower cake table

Any party won’t be complete without a cake table; this is the same with baby showers. You can also consider the cake table as the dessert or candy table, where the baby shower cake or any sizable dessert is the focal point. 

To make the cake table more enticing for guests, play with different colors and details that suit the baby shower theme. They can include using a fabric backdrop, placing balloons on both sides of the table, or hanging a banner across the table. 

You also want to arrange the items on the baby shower dessert table, so the baby shower cake is the focal point. Then, fill transparent containers of different sizes with colorful candies and chocolates. 

Depending on the desserts, you can also use tissue floral decorations and offer a mixture of cake stands, plates, and fun containers. You can refer to how to make a candy table for a baby shower if you want a detailed guide for this type of table. 


What Do You Put On A Baby Shower Table?

Now that you know how to decorate baby shower tables, what exactly are the centerpieces, decorations, items, and details you put on the tables? Here is a list of everything you need, and you can also copy them when shopping for the baby shower:

  • Tablecloths
  • Table runners
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Silverware or disposable spoons and forks
  • Decorative fabrics
  • Floral arrangements
  • Balloons
  • Table centerpieces inspired by the baby shower theme
  • Table numbers

Some baby shower tables will also have the following:

  • Gifts on the gift table; their arrangement can also decorative
  • Baby shower favors placed at the table near the venue exit; the favors can also be the centerpieces
  • Baby shower game props like bingo cards or Pictionary lists

Tables are a great way to organize all the baby shower items. But of course, rent or use the appropriately-sized tables based on how you’ll use them to save space on the venue. 

Where you’ll put each baby shower table also matters, so guests also know how to use them, and of course, use label cards to name each table and avoid confusing the guests. 


How Do You Arrange A Baby Shower Table?

Baby showers can be casual or formal and should also reflect on the table set-up. A basic table set-up you can do can go as follows:

  1. Arrange the placemats on the table and put the plates in their centers
  2. Put a folded napkin on the left and then a fork over it
  3. Put the knife on the right and the spoon on its right 
  4. Have the water glass between the plate and utensils above the plate; if you have other types of glassware, there’s an etiquette to follow for formal table layouts 

Since baby showers happen in the afternoon, the host might arrange a tea party for the guests instead. For this, hot beverages, light meals, and pastries are often served, and here’s how you can arrange your baby shower tables:

  1. Dedicate a space in the middle of the table for the teapot, milk pot, and sugar
  2. Put the salad plate at the center of the placemat
  3. Set the teaspoon and knife on the right of the plate
  4. Set the fork and napkin on the left side of the plate
  5. Put the water glass on the top of the plate on the right side
  6. Set the tea cup on a saucer
  7. Put the saucer and tea cup on the right of the plate with the cup’s hand pointing toward the right
  8. Set a teaspoon at the top of the saucer 

And finally, you can always add a centerpiece on each baby shower table to create a cohesive look at the venue. You can also use the baby shower favors as name cards to guide guests on where to sit if needed.


DIY Baby Shower Table Decorating Ideas

If you enjoy arts and crafts, consider these decorations for your baby shower tables: 

  • Tulle pompom centerpiece 
  • Mason jars with different color candies
  • Paper lanterns
  • Rolled diapers as rose bouquet centerpieces
  • Baby animal cutouts from cardstock
  • Homemade candles
  • Repurposed cardboard boxes
  • Succulent arrangements


Do You Need Centerpieces For A Baby Shower?

You need centerpieces for the baby shower as they can balance the space and fill up the tables. They’ll also make the tables more noticeable; some baby shower centerpieces are multi-functional. 

For example, you can learn how to make baby shower diaper centerpieces that the expecting parents can later unroll for their baby’s diaper stash. Your centerpieces should reflect the party theme, so you can get as creative as you want when arranging or making them. 

Your baby shower favors can also be the centerpieces on the tables for the guests. And on the dessert table, your centerpiece can be the baby shower cake or the tiered desserts. 


More baby shower centerpiece ideas:

  • Floral and diaper bouquets
  • Mason jars
  • Lanterns
  • Stuffed toys
  • Balloon arrangements
  • Baby toys
  • Baby items
  • Pictures
  • Edible centerpieces
  • Mini champagne bottles


What Is The Budget For Decorating The Baby Shower Tables?

Spending 5% of the baby shower table for the decorations is reasonable. Keep in mind that you also need to allocate the costs of table rentals. 

Alternatively, you can lessen the tables to rent and table decorations needed by having a tea party or cocktail party-style baby shower. A picnic-style baby shower can even eliminate the need for tables. 

However, the number of guests you’ll have at the party will ultimately dictate how many tables, decorations, and budget you’ll need. 


How Many Tables Do You Need To Decorate?

Baby showers rarely have over 30 guests so you can group the guests at each table. Depending on the size, some tables can fit four, six, or even eight per table. 

You’ll need to decorate the tables where the guests will eat their food, the cake table, the gift table, and the food station. Smaller tables will need less decor, or opt for decorations that will also be utilized, like baby shower gift bags, to cut costs. 


How Are Tables Arranged In Baby Showers?

The types of tables and venue size will ultimately dictate the table’s ultimate arrangement. However, here are some arrangements for the baby shower:


Banquet style

  • Round tables grouped in threes and arranged like a triangle
  • Alternating horizontal and vertical orientations of rectangular tables
  • Long banquet tables with the guests of honor at the front


Diamond pattern

  • Applicable both for rectangular and round tables to maximize the space
  • Ensure room for traffic between tables
  • You can also dedicate a space at the front or center for events like games

Remember to have an area for the other tables of the baby shower. For example, where will you have the gifts, candies, or favors? 

The table for the food should also be placed away from traffic and won’t congest the guests too tightly in that space.



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to decorate baby shower tables by sticking to the theme and planning the party color palette. 

Baby showers usually need a gift, food, and a cake table. And the table setting for the guests can be a basic table set-up arranged in a banquet, depending on the formality and venue of the baby shower. 

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