How To Make A Loofah Baby Shower Favor With Soap

It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to make a loofah baby shower favor, and this tutorial even combines the loofah with soap for unique guest favors. Rather than buying loofah favors in bulk and adding labels, why not combine them with soaps for a memorable take-home gift for your guests?

You’ll also get the details below for making soap baby shower favors to add to your pamper boxes or goodie bags for guests. And for other items you can make for guests, we’ve written a tutorial on how to make baby shower favor

how to make a loofah baby shower favor


How To Make A Loofah Baby Shower Favor Your Guests Will Love



  • Melt and pour soap base
  • Loofahs
  • Soap dye
  • Choice of soap fragrance
  • Round or any shape of mold for the loofah soap favors
  • Double boiler
  • Scissors 



  1. Measure the mold you’ll use for the soap; round ones are the easiest to use, so take the circumference and add two inches 
  2. Cut your shower loofahs in the size you got and insert one on the mold; you can also purchase loofah rounds in bulk
  3. Cut the soap base and melt the pieces in the double boiler; you can use a glycerin soap base that costs $31.95 on Amazon
  4. Follow the instructions for melting and pouring the soap base; you can even use the microwave for the soap in 30-second intervals 
  5. Add the soap dye and fragrance into the melted soap; for the baby shower, you can use pink or blue colors in scents like apple or lavender
  6. You can also mix fragrance oils
  7. Pour the soap base into the mold with the shower loofah
  8. Push on the loofah so the soap can fill all the spaces of the mold, including the holes of the loofah
  9. Spray rubbing alcohol on the bubbles if some form on the soap surface 
  10. If you’re having a gender-neutral or gender-reveal baby shower, combine two colors for these favors
  11. Start with one color halfway and wait for one hour before pouring the second color
  12. Allow the loofah soaps to set overnight and remove them from the molds
  13. Wrap the loofah soaps with plastic wrap tightly and package them in cute boxes or net bags with tags for each baby shower guest


How Can You Personalize The Loofah Baby Shower Favors?

There are many ways to personalize shower loofah favors. Here are some ideas to create more memorable gifts for the guests:

  • Consider giving the guests options for the colors of their loofah favors
  • If combined with soap, provide guests with options for its color and scent
  • Package the loofah baby shower favors with name tags or creative labels according to the guest’s names
  • Make baby shower pamper gift bags with handpicked bath items, including the loofah
  • Add a short but thoughtful card on each loofah to personally thank the guest for coming 

Is your baby shower for a baby boy? Read how to make baby shower favors for a boy for specific ideas suitable to this shower theme. 


How Many Loofah Baby Shower Favors Should You Make?

You’ll make one loofah favor per party guest, but in co-ed baby showers where some guests might arrive as a couple, you can count on a loofah gift per household. You might also want to have extra gifts to show your appreciation to some vendors at the party, like the cake baker or caterer. 

But ultimately, the budget for the baby shower favors should be practical. A guide to remember is that each guest gift should cost between $5 to $6 to ensure you remain within the party budget. 


How Do You Make Soap For Baby Shower Party Favors?


For the afternoon baby shower

Tea party baby showers often have guests enjoying desserts and beverages like tea or coffee. And what better soap gift to give for this party than vanilla and coffee soap?


  • Melt and pour goat’s milk soap base
  • Coffee grounds
  • Vanilla scent


  1. Cut and melt the goat’s milk soap into pieces according to the package instructions
  2. Mix in the ground coffee, and the scent
  3. Pour the mixture into your molds and let it set overnight


For pamper baby shower gift baskets

Lavender has always been a favorite for relaxing scents. And oatmeal is a skin-nourishing ingredient you can combine for your spa baby shower favor sets. 


  • Goat’s milk soap base
  • Lavender oil
  • Dried lavender flowers
  • Organic cut oats


  1. Prepare the soap base per package instructions 
  2. Mix in the oats and dried flowers in the melted soap
  3. Add the lavender oil and pour the soap mixture into their molds
  4. Let the soaps set overnight


What Is The Best Way To Store Soap For Baby Shower Favors?

You can make the baby shower soap favors several days before the party since most mixtures need 24 hours to set completely. Follow the directions on the soap base label, but the soaps usually need to be wrapped in airtight plastic and away from direct heat and moisture. 

How long can you keep homemade soap? With proper storage, DIY soaps should be good for one year, so please add this information to your baby shower favors label.



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a loofah baby shower favor by cutting loofah pieces and putting them on molds to combine with melted soap. 

You can also purchase loofah pieces and arrange shower gift bags with DIY soaps. 

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