7 Best Modern Baby Shower Themes For The Hip Parents

Here are 7 best modern baby shower themes if you want something unique or sophisticated for the party theme. We’ve discussed each theme, the inspiration for decorations, food, and games below to help you decide or get inspiration. 

You’ll also know below what makes a baby shower theme modern and how it differs from a traditional baby shower celebration. And if you want an outdoor style for your event, here are 10 garden-themed baby shower ideas.

modern baby shower themes

Garden venues would be ideal for modern baby showers compared to the usual indoor or home venue. 


7 Modern Baby Shower Themes That Are In This Year


Boho-Themed Baby Shower

Traditional baby showers usually have a theme that focuses on cute details like stuffed toys or a pastel color scheme. But nowadays, modern baby showers are more open to using themes that are also popular for adult parties. 

For example, a boho baby shower is a modern theme you can consider if you love natural colors like browns, reds, or greens. You can also incorporate natural elements like wildflowers in your baby shower decorations. 

What’s fantastic about the boho theme is you can also use it as the inspiration for baby shower activities. For example, you can do face painting, henna tattoos, or make flower crowns. 


Artsy Baby Shower Themes

Some potential baby shower venues, like coffee shops, also feature art galleries, so they’re the perfect opportunity to host your modern baby shower. You can also decorate your indoor baby shower venues to look like an art gallery or museum with contemporary art pieces and sculptures. 

Some modern baby shower themes are even inspired by art pop, where the details can be seen on the baby shower invitations and favors. And if these still don’t inspire you, consider other art forms and center the baby shower games and activities around them, like film or music. 

Note that this modern baby shower theme might be pricier to throw than other themes as you’ll likely need to commission an artist for the event’s custom decorations, invitations, and other details. Otherwise, you should plan your schedule for DIY crafts or order the different items in advance to ensure they’ll be ready for the set-up. 


All White Everything Baby Shower Theme

A modern baby shower theme perfect for the sophisticated parents-to-be is “All White Everything.” This clean and simple look represents the contemporary theme well, and it’s also not as pricey to pull off as you don’t need specific touches and details. 

Think of white fabrics, backdrops, balloons, and flowers. You can also prepare white drinks and desserts, but don’t be afraid of adding some colors to the details here and there. 

For example, you can spell out the guests of honor’s names with colored balloons or garlands against the white backdrop so they’ll be easier to read. And finally, have guests arrive in white clothing to embrace the theme fully. 


Soft Metallic Baby Shower Theme

Another classy baby shower theme that gives off a modern vibe is soft metallic. Prepare a color scheme with rose gold, silver, gold, and neutrals or soft, muted tones. 

You can make an arch from Mylar balloons and decorate the venue with greenery to balance the metallic colors. You can also order metallic and shiny gift bags for your baby shower favors. 

What’s fantastic about this modern theme is incorporating it with other baby shower styles. For example, combine soft metallic and boho for a chic and unique baby shower theme far from the typical pinks and blues. 


Black And Gold-Themed Baby Shower 

A modern baby shower might be a dressier event than your usual baby shower. And what better theme for this party than black and gold? 

You can use gold ink on black paper for the invitations and other stationery for the event. But what would the baby shower venue look like? 

Prepare black table covers and set your tables with golden dinnerware. Since the two colors can be tricky for the food items, you can serve the guests yellow or white pastries or order baby shower cookies in yellow and black as baby shower favors. 


Black Tie Baby Shower

Instead of the usual pink or blue baby showers, why not go all out and have a very formal theme for your party? Ask guests to follow a black-tie dress code and throw the event in the evening. 

You can also prepare a baby shower cake that looks like a tuxedo or gown for the baby boy or girl to be the focal point at the venue. And as for the food, prepare your guests some top-quality food and drinks to match the event’s formality.

Black tie parties are formal, so you’ll need to set your budget accordingly. You can also prepare guests’ signature cocktails and mocktails to enjoy with the food.  


Gender-Neutral Baby Showers

A baby shower can also be described as following a modern theme if it’s not traditional and the party is gender-specific. This is why most modern baby shower themes are gender-neutral, which is also perfect if the couple wants to do their gender reveal at the event. 

For this theme, you won’t specify “baby girl” or “baby boy,” and you’ll use a color scheme not limited to pink and blue. You can also make it a co-ed baby shower and invite female and male family and friends of the expecting parents. 

To help you get started on your guest list for co-ed baby showers, here’s who do you invite to a baby shower


How To Throw A Modern Baby Shower

Besides knowing morning baby shower themes, here are ways to throw a hip and modern baby shower:

  • Ask the couple about the events they want for the party (e.g., some people don’t like the usual gift opening at the baby shower, or they might want the event to only last for a few hours)
  • Prepare different games for the guests to choose from so they’re not forced to participate in activities they don’t like
  • Hire a photographer for the event to capture candid memories 
  • Serve foods you know the guests would love and not just because they’re what’s usually eaten at baby showers (e.g., your family and friends might enjoy hearty meals over finger foods)
  • It’s perfectly okay to consider unique modern baby showers like virtual baby showers or drive-by baby showers if it’s what the couple wants


What Are Some Ways To Incorporate A Modern Theme Into A Baby Shower?

A modern baby shower does not need a specific theme to be defined as modern. You can also play with the color scheme, decorations, foods, games, and other details to make it less classic and traditional. 

Here are some tips to modernize a typical baby shower, including ways to break traditions for a more inclusive party: 

  • Consider a gender-neutral color scheme than the usual pink or blue baby showers that can be interpreted as a traditional baby girl or baby boy shower event 
  • Instead of only inviting women, create a co-ed party where both the expecting parents attend and the guests can be any male or female family or friend
  • Combine cute with sophisticated when deciding on the decorations and touches you’ll use at the baby shower
  • Do the baby shower in the evening and have a formal or dressy theme for the party
  • Pick a baby shower venue that would be ideal for a modern or contemporary theme, like a rooftop, art gallery, or a chic outdoor space
  • Instead of cute food ideas and desserts, serve the guests elegant hors d’oeuvres and cocktails


What Are Some Modern Baby Shower Decoration Ideas?

The baby shower decorations are very influential in creating a modern feel at the party. Besides the theme we’ve listed above, here are some modern baby shower decorations for sophisticated and hip parents: 

  • Neutral-colored color palette
  • Metallic color scheme
  • Earthy hues
  • Dried flowers
  • Faux flowers
  • Metallic decorations like mini sculptures for centerpieces and hanging touches
  • Simple chair and table set-ups with elegant flatware
  • Natural backdrops like a wooden wall
  • Repurposed or recycled eco-friendly decorations and details
  • Minimalistic interior decorations, like mainly using white and black for the chairs and tables and keeping the venue spacious 

You can also read how to decorate for a baby shower to compare the details and things used in most showers. They can also be your inspiration and modify them in a modern way, like using a different color scheme, materials, or arrangements. 


What Are Some Modern Baby Shower Food Ideas?

You can serve any food item to a modern baby shower, but present them with the theme in mind. And since modern baby showers can be chic than casual, you can serve your guests these:

  • Mini toasts like ricotta or lobster
  • Savory mushrooms
  • Mini potato pancakes
  • Puff pastry 
  • Quiche 
  • Steak skewers
  • Spring rolls
  • Lettuce wraps
  • Crab rangoons
  • Veggie platter with curry dip
  • Coconut cake pops
  • Pecan puffs
  • Mini red velvet cakes
  • Creme brulee
  • Lemon tart
  • Cheesecake mousse
  • Champagne tea
  • Cinnamon spice tea
  • Boulevardier cocktail
  • French martini
  • Daiquiri
  • Vesper martini

You can always make any food item fit the modern theme with how you present them at the table. For example:

  • Use shot glasses to showcase the colors or layers of the food item
  • Arrange the skewer recipes with the sticks on an angle and the food arranged in diagonal lines
  • Create height with your food by experimenting with stacking them and using different sizes of container
  • Plate the foods and desserts in small portions for a classier look
  • Don’t use too many garnishes
  • Dedicate a food table for sweet and savory dishes
  • Play with different heights and sizes when arranging food items

We’ve also written what to serve at a baby shower if you’re interested in different menu options for the party. 


What Are Some Modern Baby Shower Games That Are Popular?

What’s fantastic with modern baby shower games is they’re not cringy and guaranteed to be enjoyable by all guests. You can also use props that fit the specific party theme for these games. 

  • Baby Shower Family Feud: beloved TV game show, but this time, you’ll use baby-related questions for the guests
  • Baby Shower Price Is Right: prepare baby items and reward the participants who guessed the correct or closest costs
  • Baby Shower Guess That Song: it can be nursery rhymes or popular throwback songs that will be both nostalgic and fun to guess; streaming services like Spotify even have playlists you can use 
  • Baby Shower Alphabet Game: the expecting mom and dad can list the first baby item that comes to mind for each letter, and guests can try to guess what they thought of
  • Baby Shower Bingo: a fun way to show guests your appreciation for their attendance, and it can also be an icebreaker game during baby shower gift opening; if you’re interested, here’s how to play baby shower bingo 
  • Baby Shower Dirty Diaper Game: hand each guest a rolled diaper by the door and whoever has the “dirty” one gets a prize at the end of the party


How Do Modern Baby Shower Themes Differ From Traditional Themes?

There are many reasons why a baby shower can be considered modern. For example, it might no longer limit the guests to women, and the party is co-ed. 

The theme might also be gender-neutral, and the color scheme is not limited to pink or blue. Instead of a casual brunch or tea party, modern baby showers can be more chic or formal. 

As for the themes, baby colors like soft tones and details like cute stuffed toys might still be present at a “modern” baby shower. However, the event might incorporate contemporary decorations at the venue, like simple backdrops, chairs, tables, and clean lines for the details. 

Instead of designing a party with too much decor, a modern baby shower theme is more minimalistic, with a simple color scheme and great use of the event space. The party might also be open to pieces usually seen in older showers, like boho or retro, compared to baby-related themes like candies and teddy bears. 



Was this list helpful? You just had some ideas of the best modern baby shower themes: boho-themed baby shower, artsy baby shower themes, all-white everything baby shower theme, soft metallic baby shower theme, black and gold-themed baby shower, black tie baby shower, and gender-neutral baby showers. 

What defines “modern” as a baby shower theme can also mean that you’re not following the traditional expectations for the party. Perhaps you have a co-ed shower or want the party to be more formal than the usual casual baby shower. 

If you have any more questions, let us know below, and feel free to browse our blogs for everything you know about hosting the perfect baby shower. 

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