How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower

With the advancement of technology and potential limitations with physical gatherings and budget, here’s how to host a virtual baby shower. We’ll discuss everything one needs to know to host Zoom baby showers, including inviting guests, planning gifts, and organizing games. 

We’ve also included what to say and how long the party usually lasts. And if you’re determining the guests, here’s who not to invite to your baby shower

how to host a virtual baby shower


Complete Guide On How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower


Step 1. Send out the invitations

  • Even baby showers that happen over Zoom should still have a formal invitation 
  • Ask the mom about the friends and family members she wants as guests at the shower
  • You can mail the baby shower invites, or since the baby shower is online, you can go the digital route, which is also convenient as guests can RSVP quickly 
  • Make sure the baby shower’s information is correct, and you’re only inviting everyone the mom wants to the shower
  • Send the virtual baby shower invitations three to four weeks before the event
  • Consider a dressy casual or semi-formal dress code to make the baby shower, even though it’s only online, look more presentable, and the mom-to-be will feel more loved with everyone exerted effort with their outfit


Step 2. Prepare your backdrop for the Zoom baby shower

  • Inform the guests about a customized or any festive background when they attend the virtual baby shower, so it will still look like a party; there are many free Zoom backgrounds to check out
  • If the budget allows or it’s possible to give the guests decorative things, you can also have everyone set up streamers for the baby shower 
  • Consider having other friends and family of the parents-to-be in helping you coordinate the guests who’ll attend the virtual baby shower, as everyone who loves the mom will surely want to play a part 


Step 3. Organize the gifts

  • One of the highlights of a baby shower is the gifts given by the guests to the mom and her baby, so even if it’s a virtual shower, you still want a portion of the party where the family can open their gifts from everyone
  • Most baby shower guests would send their gifts after receiving their invitation, so coordinate with the parents-to-be if they want to open their gifts over Zoom
  • Understandably, some gifts might not arrive on time, so have an alternative activity ready 
  • If gift-opening is not a part of the virtual baby shower, you can always help the parents-to-be with organizing everything they’ll receive from friends and family 


Step 4. Plan games and activities

  • Baby showers often have many activities and games that the guests and parents-to-be can enjoy, but because the virtual setting creates a limitation, you can have one or two games 
  • A baby shower game you can do online is to have guests guess the price of baby items
  • If you’re hosting the Zoom baby shower, you will act as the MC for the games 
  • You can also do group activities despite being in your homes; send the guest’s craft supplies and have everyone make alphabet blocks, for example
  • You can also send recipes to the guests, which can be used for the toast over Zoom to end the baby shower


Step 5. Record the virtual baby shower

  • One of the essential things that the host should not forget in the online baby shower is to document everything
  • Even though it’s over Zoom, you still want to keep something the couple can rewatch 
  • Record the entire baby shower, and it will surely be cherished by the baby when they’re older


What Is A Virtual Baby Shower?

A virtual baby shower is a baby shower that happens over Zoom or any one of the popular video communication apps. Online baby showers are getting popular nowadays because of the limitations of guests who can attend a party. 

Perhaps some live too far away, or there are limitations with the budget for a baby shower in person. You can still host a baby shower virtually and make it fun, as seen in the guide above. 

Who’ll be hosting? Read who throws the baby shower for tradition and etiquette. 


What Do You Say In A Virtual Baby Shower?

When you design the invitation, indicate that the baby shower will be held online or long distance. That’s the only difference when doing the wording for a virtual baby shower invitation compared to a party attended by guests in person. 

You should also indicate the link for the guests to visit on the date and time of the virtual baby shower. And, of course, make sure to provide a way for everyone to RSVP on time.


How Long Should A Zoom Baby Shower Be?

A Zoom baby shower lasts shorter than a baby shower in person. It can be under two hours compared to a typical baby shower that can go twice as long. 


Are Virtual Baby Showers Awkward?

Virtual baby showers don’t have to be awkward if you organize games and activities for the party. Avoid having an extended meeting and keep the shower for about one and a half hours. 



Was this a helpful guide? You just learned how to host a virtual baby shower by sending the invites, coordinating backgrounds with the guests, organizing the gifts, planning the activities, and remembering to record the party. 

You should still send the invites on time and ensure everyone looks presentable online. You can always plan the virtual baby shower with others. 

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