What Are Wedding Dresses Made Of: 7 Popular Materials

Those curious about what are wedding dresses made of should consider the seven most common wedding dress fabrics. This should also help you find the best wedding dress for your style and needs, as the materials vary in their feel and design. 

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what are wedding dresses made of


7 Most Common Fabrics: What Are Wedding Dresses Made Of



One of the most commonly used fabrics for bridal gowns is organza. But besides wedding gowns, organza is also widely used in other wedding needs, such as the draping in the venue. 

This is because organza is light and sheer that layering and styling it would be easy, especially on the skirt of poofy wedding dresses. The bride doesn’t need to worry about weight, and the designer can still showcase other fabrics and details underneath the organza since it is light and sheer. 



When one imagines a wedding gown, one usually sees a style made from chiffon. This sheer and light fabric looks similar to organza, but it’s ideal if you don’t want luster for your dress. 

A chiffon bridal dress is matte and not as stiff as other sheer materials. Beach brides also choose it because it’s breathable and can look amazing, flowing with the breeze. 



As wedding guests, we all know how important it is to avoid looking bridal. Therefore, you should know of wedding dresses made of tulle and avoid similar styles. 

A tulle wedding gown is usually seen in mermaid and ballgown silhouettes of different colors. It’s easy to layer and can be paired with details like beads and sequins. 



Another material that will make you automatically think of wedding dresses and bridal attire is lace. Again, it’s easy to distinguish and helpful in elevating even a straightforward design. 

There are different types of lace, so designers can use the ones they think will provide the romantic, vintage, or classic look for their wedding dress. In addition, lace can be combined with sparkles and other details for a more eye-catching bridal attire. 



A bridal dress made from crepe would be perfect for brides who want to showcase their figure. This clingy fabric is seen on fit and flare dresses. 

Bridal outfits like jumpsuits and other modern dress alternatives are also made of crepe because of their sleek look. And while it looks good on its own, some designers also add details on the crepe fabric to create a louder statement piece. 



Are you looking for an elegant wedding dress? Then, you are likely recommended to try a silk wedding dress by the bridal salon. 

We all know how silk screams luxury, and a dress made from this fabric will always look regal. Different silk fabrics depend on how flowy or structured the designer wants for their bridal gown. 



Another delicate material seen in wedding dresses is satin. Satin is not a fabric type but a weaving pattern made from polyester, nylon, or silk fibers. 

Regardless, it’s commonly used in modern wedding gown designs. It is thick and shiny, perfect for a classy indoor or winter wedding.


What Is The Most Popular Material For A Wedding Dress?

The most commonly used fabric on wedding gowns is organza. This sheer fabric is usually seen on skirt overlays because the fabric and detail underneath can still be seen. 

Organza also helps in volumizing the skirts of gowns to add movement when the bride is walking or dancing in her dress. This fabric is also breathable and perfect for summer and spring weddings. 

And if needed, organza is easy to embroider or embellish for added interest. However, it’s not used alone and combined with other popular wedding dress fabrics. 


What Is The Cheapest Wedding Dress Fabric?

The cheapest material for wedding dresses is polyester. It’s synthetic, so it costs lower than natural fabrics. Some polyester fabrics also serve as an alternative to expensive materials such as polyester satin to silk. 


What Is The Most Expensive Wedding Dress Fabric?

A wedding dress made from silk will be pricier than synthetic wedding gowns such as those made from polyester. If the dress uses intricate lace designs, it’s also likely expensive. 

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Which Fabric Is Best For Making A Wedding Gown?

Satin and chiffon are the best fabrics for making a wedding gown, especially ball gowns. Satin helps provide structure to a ball gown and can also enhance the drape on the train. 

On the other hand, chiffon is usually used as an overlay on wedding gowns. It provides an airy look, and the bride won’t also feel any additional weight on her dress. 

And if you have the budget for it, lace will always be a fantastic addition to any wedding gown. It can be used on the sleeves and other panels for added allure.



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what are wedding dresses made of: organza, chiffon, tulle, lace, crepe, silk, and satin. 

Some fabrics are sheer, some add volume, some create a flowy silhouette, and others are detailed like lace. We hope this gave you an appreciation for bridal gowns; let us know below if you have other questions. 

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