Can You Wear Beige To A Wedding

The answer to whether can you wear beige to a wedding is yes, but there are two considerations you must know before wearing this light color. Remember that wearing colors similar to white at a wedding is discouraged. 

We’ll also discuss below the etiquette of wearing nude colors to a wedding. And for reference, here is what color do you wear to a wedding

can you wear beige to a wedding


Guest Attire Etiquette: Can You Wear Beige To A Wedding?

Guests can wear beige to weddings if the overall attire does not look bridal. However, you should also consider two things to be assured that it’s acceptable to wear beige to a particular wedding you’re attending. 

One, ask someone from the bridal party or the bride herself. Second, the wedding’s season, time, and formality might not be suitable for wearing beige. 


Ask someone close to the couple

You could wear beige to a wedding after asking someone from the wedding party to ensure that beige is not what the bridesmaids will wear. You can also ask the bride herself if beige is acceptable for the wedding. 

Of course, do this early as the couple will be busy planning the wedding. You can always ask the maid of honor if you don’t want to bother the bride. 

Try sending a photo to them to confirm that your beige clothing is appropriate for the wedding. What’s acceptable at one wedding can be interpreted as disrespectful to another. 


Consider the type of wedding

Another consideration to ensure that it’s okay to wear beige to the wedding is assessing the wedding itself. For example, can you wear something as light as a beige to the wedding’s season, time, and formality?

Light colors like beige would suit a daytime wedding, while darker tones are expected for evening weddings. Cold weddings will also be more comfortable for guests wearing dark colors over something soft like beige. 

And finally, most dark-colored outfits look more formal for a formal wedding. Beige dresses, for example, may come across as casual if you wear one for a black-tie event. 


Can You Wear Nude Colors To A Wedding?

You can wear nude colors to a wedding because they are flattering, can be dressed up or down, and are not as attention-catching as bright colors. For example, beach weddings with a more laidback or casual dress code have men wearing nude colors like beige or tan suits. 

Summer weddings are also another example of when nude colors would be appropriate. Again, female guests can wear soft nude colors for comfort and modesty. 

The nude is similar to beige and can be described as pale brown. It can also be synonymous with tan, gray, beige, or a skin-tone color. 

It would help if you were careful of some nude colors that may resemble white. It’s etiquette to never look bridal, especially with white being reserved traditionally for the bride. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Cream-Colored Dress To A Wedding?

It’s best to avoid wearing cream to a wedding as it can look like white from afar. Instead, opt for darker shades closer to brown than white if you want to wear a nude color. 

For example, go for tan, camel, taupe, khaki, or beige instead of nude colors closer to white like cream, off-white, or ivory. And if it’s a light-colored dress, ensure that the silhouette and clothing materials do not look bridal. 

Be mindful of poofy A-line skirts with tulle, glittering embellishments, and elaborate details. Instead, opt for something simple and subtle so you won’t stand out and get interpreted as someone trying to upstage the bride. 


Can You Wear Beige To A Bridal Shower?

Guests can wear beige to a bridal shower as long as it’s not the color worn by the bride. When in doubt, opt for another color that is not as light and won’t register as white to the eye. 

You can also ask the maid of honor, as some bridal showers have a theme. If everyone else is wearing pink, for example, you don’t want to stand out as the only one in beige. 

You can always wear other colors that are not traditionally associated with brides. For example, pastel shades and floral patterns are ideal outfit styles for guests. 


Can You Wear Blush To A Wedding?

Women could wear blush to weddings if the style is not bridal. However, some shades of blush pink might also resemble white, so be mindful of how light the blush dress can register in some lighting conditions. 

Furthermore, more and more brides nowadays opt for colors other than white for their bridal gowns. Confirm if the bride won’t be wearing blush if you’re unsure. 

And, of course, be mindful of the wedding party’s colors. For example, if the bridesmaids wear blush, opt for another color. 

For a more in-depth list of what to avoid, read what colors should you not wear to a wedding.  



Was this etiquette guide helpful? You just learned about can you wear beige to a wedding, where the answer is yes if it suits the specific type of wedding you’re attending, and you’ve asked the bride or someone close to her beforehand. 

Opt for dark shades close to brown than white if you prefer nude colors. This way, you won’t risk looking bridal, and you don’t need to worry about standing out. 

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