What Is Co Ed Baby Shower: Planning And Etiquette

The answer to what is co ed baby shower is it’s a baby shower where men and women are both guests. Remember that traditional baby showers often have female guests only, so a co ed shower allows both the expecting mom and dad to choose everyone who’ll attend. 

You’ll know how to plan a co ed baby shower and the etiquette to expect in this event in more detail below. And if you need a fun idea for the couple’s guest list, why not check how to make a dirty diaper baby shower game for the co ed shower? 

what is co ed baby shower


Everything To Know About What Is Co Ed Baby Shower

Co ed baby showers refer to an event where the guests include both men and women. This creates a more extensive and inclusive guest list for the couple. 

Nowadays, expecting dads attend baby showers so the host can throw them a co ed shower instead. That being said, consider everyone who’ll attend when planning the baby shower games for the guests as there will be both men and women participating. 

Furthermore, remember that you must treat the couple equally, as they’ll be both the guest of honors at the co ed baby shower. The last thing you want is to have the expecting dad feel excluded as everyone honors the expecting mom. 


What do you do at a co ed baby shower?

There are a few differences between the themes and baby shower games in co ed and traditional baby showers. But of course, the host must ensure that the event is fun for everyone. 

Men and women will play the games, and you must include the expecting dad in the program and not just the mom. And because the guests will be a mix of the couple’s friends and family, it should be easy to come up with ideas on what to do. 

For example, you can have team dad or team mom in games or have activities that will be hilarious if the genders doing the task are switched. Some gender reveal baby showers even opt for co ed so the men can cheer for a baby boy and women for a baby girl. 


Should baby showers be co ed?

It’s up to the expecting couple to decide if they want their party to be co ed. Most baby showers these days are co ed, since both the mom and dad-to-be are very involved in preparing for their baby. 

It’s also a great way to have a fun guest list, as men and women close to the parents-to-be can attend and participate in the baby shower games. You can consider many themes for a co ed baby shower, so creativity is welcome. 


How many people go to a co ed baby shower?

There are no strict rules regarding the number of guests at a co ed baby shower. A typical baby shower with only women typically has 25 guests, so the host might divide this into male and female guests chosen by the couple. 

You can also throw a co ed baby shower with 30 guests, so the mom and dad-to-be can each have 15 people. But regardless, you can always communicate with the expecting parents if there’s a limitation with the baby shower budget. 

If the guest list has more than 50 people, you will have higher expenses with the baby shower games and food. And to the expecting parents, be considerate of your shower host and don’t invite everyone you know to the shower, especially if you’re not that close anyway. 

Read who not to invite to your baby shower to manage your guest list. 


How Do You Plan A Co Ed Baby Shower?

  1. Set a budget for the co ed shower and stick to it
  2. Plan the guest list with both the mom and dad-to-be
  3. Decide on the date and time of the baby shower
  4. Find a venue and book in advance
  5. Prepare the baby registry
  6. Send the baby shower invitations
  7. Book the vendors for the baby shower cake, menu, and decorations if needed
  8. Decide on the baby shower games and gifts for the winners  


What Are Some Games That Can Be Played At A Co Ed Baby Shower?

You can modify these games into team relays where men and women can compete with each other. You can also have one-on-one challenges where each team can have a representative:

  • Diaper changing race: guests compete in who can change a baby doll the fastest
  • Baby food taste test: blindfolded guests try to guess the baby food
  • Stroller race: ideal for large baby shower venues where guests can race with strollers
  • Match the baby to adult: prepare baby pictures of known celebs and guests guess who’s who
  • Beer belly or baby bump: guests try to guess the belly in picture
  • In love or labor: guests try to guess the facial expression
  • The price is right: which team can get the correct prices of baby items
  • What’s in the diaper: diapers with mystery items inside



And that’s it! You just learned what is co ed baby shower, which is a baby shower with men and women as guests.

It honors both the expecting parents compared to a typical baby shower for the mom and her baby with only female guests at the event. Overall, it’s common nowadays to have this type of party as couples are equally enthusiastic and involved in preparing for their child. 

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