What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding

If you want to know what colors should you not wear to a wedding, remember seven groups. However, it’s worth noting that you may wear them at certain weddings as not all weddings are traditional.  

When in doubt, we recommend talking to the couple themselves to ensure that you’re not wearing something potentially offensive. You can also ask other guests about the colors they’ll wear to get an idea of what your outfit should be. 

what colors should you not wear to a wedding


What Colors Are Not Okay To Wear To A Wedding?


  • White and related colors

The most commonly known color to avoid in weddings is white because it’s a color traditionally intended for the bride, as you can read in what is a white wedding. Therefore, it’s tacky for any wedding guest to wear white as it will seem like you’re taking the attention away from the bride. 

Related colors like off-white and ivory are also best avoided when deciding what colors to wear to a wedding. It’s why you must be careful with certain shades that may look white upon glance. 

As for other colors like beige and champagne, you’ll be better off avoiding them too as the bride’s mom often wears them. So instead, opt for pastel shades instead of these light and whitish colors for a wedding.


  • Black

Black is also a tricky color to wear at a wedding because some cultures attribute black to mourning. However, some wedding themes have black as a fitting color such as those unsure of what to wear to a gothic wedding

Furthermore, there are very formal weddings or those held in the evening where black is suitable for formality. It’s possible to wear a black dress or a black suit to match the wedding’s dress code. 

However, introduce other colors to your outfit as you might stand out with an all-black attire. If it’s also a summer or outdoor wedding in the afternoon, black can be hot to wear. 


  • Red

Red is a popular color among Indian brides and Chinese brides, which means as a guest in these weddings or those with roots in these cultures, it’s best to wear another color. You can read what does a red wedding dress means to know more about this unique bridal color. 

Furthermore, red is a bold and intense color for a wedding guest who should maintain subtlety in an event to highlight the couple. However, softer red and some prints with red are acceptable in some weddings as long as they look lowkey. 


  • Bright colors

The etiquette of a wedding guest involves looking modest and subtle. Therefore bright and neon colors will be distasteful to wear as they draw attention. 

It’s also rare for a wedding to use bright neon shades in its palette. The last thing you want is to “glow” at the venue and be extra eye-catching in wedding photos. 


  • Sparkly colors

Besides bright neon colors, sparkly colors should be reserved for pre-wedding celebrations like a bachelorette party or if you’re unsure of what to wear to a wedding shower. They can look too glamorous, and some might be too shimmery and tacky for a wedding ceremony. 

Avoid glittery outfits, but they might be acceptable on the shoes and bags, especially in formal weddings. Just be mindful of specific colors, such as silver, since they look bridal.  


  • Color of the bridal party

Ask the maid of honor or best man about the color they’ll wear at the wedding. You don’t want to look like you’re part of the bridal party as a guest. 

It would look awkward, and other guests might even ask you more about the wedding. Also, if you’re not a close friend or family of the couple, it might send a wrong message. 


  • Denim

Casual wear is never acceptable at weddings unless the dress code requests it. That being said, denimwear will be inappropriate, including its colors for a wedding. 

However, some denim pants are acceptable, mainly plain black or blue, at semi-formal to casual weddings. They look formal enough but never wear decorated jeans or those that are distressed or ripped.


What Is The Most Popular Color To Wear To A Wedding?

The most popular color for a wedding is navy blue. As a guest, it’s also a good color choice because it’s a neutral shade that can fit most wedding themes. 

There is also no potential offensive connotation to navy blue, and it’s a color that’s easy to style for male and female guests. However, because it’s a popular wedding color, make sure that it’s not what the bridesmaids or groomsmen are wearing. 


What Colors To Wear To A Wedding

  • Pastel colors for daytime weddings
  • Earth tones for most weddings
  • Jewel colors for formal to semi-formal weddings
  • Neutral shades for most weddings
  • Dark colors for the evening
  • Prints for destination or informal weddings



And that’s it! We found out what colors should you not wear to a wedding: white and related colors, black, red, bright colors, sparkly colors, bridal party colors, and denim. 

However, some of them might be acceptable depending on the wedding you’re attending. But when in doubt, ask the couple or wear neutral colors instead. 

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