7 Fun Baby Shower Zoom Background Ideas With Setup Tips

Here are seven cute and fun baby shower Zoom background ideas to make your virtual baby shower as memorable as any other in-person party. Changing your Zoom background can help create a baby shower party theme while not needing guests to hide or decorate portions of their room for the event. 

Below, we’ll also teach tips and tricks for preparing the best background image for your virtual baby shower if you’re the host. And speaking of hosting a Zoom party baby shower, here is a guide on how to host a virtual baby shower, so you’ll know what else to prepare for an online party. 

baby shower zoom background


7 Baby Shower Zoom Background Ideas For A Consistent Virtual Baby Shower


Baby shower banner

The virtual baby shower host can make the Zoom background themselves in the design of a party banner. For example, you can add text like the mom-to-be’s name or other images like baby shower onesies and socks against a soft pink or blue background. 


Baby items

If you want a cohesive Zoom party for the baby shower, there are many royalty-free images of baby items you can use as the background for the baby shower. Think of baby bottles, socks, onesies, pacifiers, and bassinets. 


Cute animals

For the virtual baby shower, you may have a specific theme, like woodland or safari. For these, prepare a collection of images of cute baby animals or cartoon animals so guests have different animals to show in their backgrounds. 


Colorful flowers

A beautiful baby shower Zoom background you can also prepare is flowers. They can be inspired by spring or a boho theme, which are trendy for baby showers nowadays. 


Fun toys

Besides baby items, your baby shower images can also be baby toys. They can be building blocks, stuffed animals, and teethers against cute pastel colors for the background. 


Nursery rhyme-inspired

A unique baby shower background idea is to find a design or create an image inspired by nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Old Macdonald, for example. The virtual baby shower guests can also choose their own nursery-inspired baby shower background for various interesting images during the party.  


Pastel patterns

You can also just have a simple baby shower background image, like patterns and colors. Then, customize them with text or icons to surprise the expecting mom and dad. 


Can you use a video for your baby shower Zoom background?

You can also select a short video as the baby shower Zoom background. Just expect that you’ll need higher system requirements for a smooth experience. 


Where Do I Get Baby Shower Zoom Backgrounds From?

Creative marketplaces allow you to find different backgrounds and images for the Zoom baby shower. Some even offer free photos you can use, like in Vecteezy, where you can browse through a collection of background images with a free license, pro license, or editorial use only. 

The baby shower Zoom backgrounds with the free license are created by contributors in Vecteezy and are free for use with attribution. The designs vary from cute animals, baby cartoons, and baby shower symbols like storks, balloons, and baby items. 

You can also browse the collection of free Zoom baby shower background images from The Bash. What’s great with these Zoom backgrounds is there are two download links, so you’ll get the best image quality for desktop and phone, whichever you’ll use for the Zoom party.  


How To Change Your Zoom Background For Baby Shower


If using a desktop (for Windows and Mac)

  1. Sign in to Zoom
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Click Settings
  4. Select Backgrounds and Filters and select “I have a green screen” if you prepared this set-up for the baby shower
  5. Click on the image you’ll use for the Zoom background; alternatively, upload the image or video you want to use for the Zoom baby shower instead 


If using your phone (for Android and iOS)

  1. Sign in to the Zoom app on your phone
  2. Select More and tap Background and Effects
  3. Choose between applying an existing image or uploading a new one 


The baby shower host can also create a group

The baby shower host can also create a group and enable the Zoom Virtual Background feature for its members. The baby shower host only needs to sign in to Zoom using the web portal as an administrator. 

  1. Click User Management
  2. Select Groups and find the baby shower group
  3. Click the Settings on the Meeting tab
  4. Enable the Virtual Background option by clicking the Status toggle 
  5. If you want the baby shower guests to upload their own custom backgrounds to surprise the expecting mom or dad, you can check the option to allow the users to upload custom backgrounds
  6. Alternatively, you can upload default background images for a uniform virtual baby shower or learn how to use the Zoom Virtual Background feature in a Zoom room


What Background Works Best For Zoom?

When browsing through images and backgrounds to use for the Zoom baby shower, ensure that its dimensions are compatible with a Zoom background. There are no specific size restrictions according to Zoom, but you want it to match the aspect ratio of the camera you’ll use during the virtual party. 

For example, a 16:9 camera should have a Zoom background of 1280 by 720 pixels for the best quality. This is also the minimum resolution you can use if you don’t know your camera’s aspect ratio. 

And as for the format, JPEG works well, but you can also use 24-bit PNG. Zoom has a collection of virtual backgrounds, but they also recommend Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash, as these sites have royalty-free but high-quality images.  

Alternatively, the Zoom baby shower guests can just prepare a neat room and not use a virtual background. They can also make decorations based on the baby shower theme or even greetings for the expecting mom, like in this tutorial on how to make baby shower banners to add behind them during the virtual shower. 


What Color Background Works Best For Zoom?

It’s not required, but you can set up a green screen for the virtual baby shower for the best background quality. You don’t need to rely on your system too much to get the best virtual background effect if you have a solid-colored background. 

The baby shower host for the virtual party can discuss with the guests to prepare a solid-colored screen or wall behind them. This way, you’ll get a better definition around your face, head, and hair with your selected background. 

The best colors for a plain background are green or blue, but you can also purchase physical green screens if you think you’ll need them for Zoom meetings. And, of course, you should use uniform lighting and ensure that what you wear is not the same color as the background. 


Using a Zoom background without a green screen

It’s also possible to use a Zoom background without a green screen. The effect will be less sharpness and definition around your upper body as there is no color contrast between yourself and the background.

However, you will need higher system requirements to distinguish you from the background. For example, prepare a better camera and, if possible, have something to illuminate your face well or improve the room’s lighting set-up. 


Does Zoom Have Baby Shower Backgrounds?

You can check Zoom’s collection of virtual backgrounds and type “baby shower” on the search bar. If nothing comes up, try keywords related to “baby” or your party theme. 

The host can also prepare a custom background, then distribute it to the virtual baby shower guests. You can make one or browse from other creative marketplaces.


How Do You Make A Zoom Background For A Baby Shower?

You can use Canva for a Zoom virtual background. Choose from their templates for “Zoom Virtual Background,” depending on how you visualize your baby shower background. 

Then, customize the background with different font styles, sizes, or colors. You can also add images, icons, stickers, and photos to suit the baby shower theme. 

If you’re feeling creative, why not upload your own photos to the custom baby shower background? Then, download it and share it with the other virtual baby shower guests so they can use it at the online baby shower. 

To better communicate with all the baby shower guests regarding what they should prepare for the Zoom party, the host can learn how to make a baby shower page on Facebook. Use it for announcements and other information you want to share with everyone. 



And that’s it! You just learned ideas for baby shower Zoom background to create a cohesive virtual party while also giving guests privacy of their rooms.  

You can ask guests to search based on a theme or make their own, but you can also change the group’s background for a consistent virtual party. The host can make one and then guide the Zoom baby shower guests in preparing their backgrounds. 

Alternatively, guests can prepare a neat room and hang banners or other baby-related decorations. This can also be a fun activity, and the host can send DIY decor kits to the online baby shower guests. 

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