How To Make A Baby Shower Page On Facebook

If you want to learn how to make a baby shower page on Facebook, it’s easy, as you only need to go through the menu and select events. We will discuss the Facebook event page for the baby shower tutorial in more detail below. 

You’ll also know if it’s worth using Facebook to invite your guests to the baby shower and how you can make the most of the event page. But for a detailed guide on planning the shower, refer to how to plan a baby shower

how to make a baby shower page on facebook


How To Make A Baby Shower Page On Facebook


Step 1. Create an event on Facebook for the baby shower

Making an event page for the baby shower on Facebook is easy. From your Facebook page, select Menu and then Events. 

You will find the Create and In Person option. You can add the baby shower details and click Create Event.

Your event will now allow you to edit the event details, share posts, add a cover photo, or even invite guests to your baby shower. 


Step 2. Change the privacy setting of the baby shower event page

After you’ve made the event, you want to set the privacy for it. If it’s private, the baby shower event page will only be seen by the people you invited. 

The invited people will only be the ones who can see the posts, photos, videos, and event descriptions for the baby shower. If you set the event as Public, anyone inside or outside Facebook can see it. 

The Friends option also makes the baby shower event only visible to your Facebook friends. And finally, if you already have your friends and family in a group for the party, you can choose this setting for the baby shower event. 

Keep in mind that if you made a group for the baby shower guests, you should also check its privacy setting. For baby showers, it’s ideal for putting the group’s setting Private. 


What Are The Benefits Of Making A Baby Shower Page On Facebook?


You can invite the baby shower guests to the event

You can use the baby shower event page on Facebook to easily invite guests to the party. Most people nowadays have a Facebook account, so it should be easy to send baby shower invitations to the expecting parents’ family and friends. 

It’s also convenient since you can search for guests by email address or phone number besides their names. And if you want other guests to help you reach out to other people, your guests can also invite others. 


Start discussions and share details about the baby shower

If you want to share details about the party or you want guests to ask if they have questions freely about the baby shower, the event page also allows you to post. A Start Discussion option will also enable you to add a photo or video to your posts. 

This is a great way to show the baby shower theme and make it interactive with everyone attending. You might post teases for the baby shower games or send a photo invitation. 


What Are Some Things To Consider When Making A Baby Shower Page On Facebook?

Before you utilize Facebook’s event page for the baby shower, there are a few things to consider:

  • Do all the baby shower guests have access to Facebook?
  • Will the people invited to the baby shower and guests of honor be okay with using social media for the baby shower invitations?
  • Do you have time to manage the event page?
  • Who else will manage the event page for the baby shower?
  • Is the information on the event page correct? 


Who Will Create And Maintain The Baby Shower Event Page On Facebook?

The baby shower host will create and maintain the baby shower event page on Facebook. But for convenience, they can also add the expecting parents as hosts to the event so that they can monitor and add posts for the baby shower. 

The co-hosts can add more information about the baby shower, especially if they want to explain some things about the party. They can also send invitations to friends and family themselves. 


Who Will Be Invited To The Baby Shower Event Facebook Page?

Everyone you intend to send the baby shower invitations to should be included in the event page you’ll make. This is why the event and group’s privacy for the baby shower should not be public and only give the controls to the host and co-hosts. 

You can check how to host a virtual baby shower if you want a purely online baby shower. Some people who are restricted by schedules and distance opt for this type of baby shower. 


What Information Will Be Shared On The Baby Shower Event Facebook Page?

  • Date of the baby shower
  • Venue of the baby shower
  • Party theme and dress code
  • Baby registry
  • Invitations
  • RSVP details
  • Other details like diaper raffle 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a baby shower page on Facebook by making an event, inputting the details, and managing its settings and posts. 

You should also make a baby shower group, as it’ll be easier to lead guests to the event if you already have one. 

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