7 Baby Shower Basket Ideas Expecting Parents Will Love

Do you need ideas for the ultimate baby shower basket that the expecting parents would love? Here are seven gift baskets for different kinds of baby showers and budgets so you can select practical and thoughtful items that won’t also break the bank. 

We have a gift basket for the mom-to-be, co-ed baby shower, something for the baby boy, baby girl, twins, second baby, and affordable gifts if you’re on a tight budget. And for additional reference, we also wrote how to put together a baby shower gift basket

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7 DIY Baby Shower Basket Ideas For Different Baby Showers And Budgets 


Baby Shower Gift Basket The Mom-To-Be Will Love

Surprise the expecting mom with products and items she’ll actually want while preparing and when her baby finally arrives. She’ll surely appreciate these gifts you handpicked for her baby shower gift basket:


Breastfeeding essentials

The new mom will need products and items to make nursing more comfortable.

  • Breast pads: protect clothes from stains due to milk leakage
  • Nursing bras: make nursing easier with bras designed for easy access of the baby
  • Nipple cream: soothe irritation and make nursing more comfortable
  • Breastfeeding cover: for privacy when breastfeeding outside
  • Breast pump: help moms prepare a milk stash
  • Breast milk storage bags: keep breast milk organized for storage


Postpartum care package 

Encourage recovery and good health after having the baby with these gifts for the mom’s baby shower gift basket. 

  • Cozy nightwear: soft and breathable clothing to help mom catch up on sleep
  • Relaxing teas: provide a collection of soothing teas like chamomile and peppermint to alleviate mental health
  • Hot and cold pads: relieve aches and pains in different body areas after childbirth
  • Belly band: encourage support after C section
  • Shea body butter: natural moisturizer for mom’s belly
  • Mommy journal: help the new mommy jot down every milestones and information of her postpartum journey 


Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Basket For New Parents

Are you attending a co-ed baby shower that honors both the mom and dad-to-be? Make sure daddy also feels appreciated with these gift basket items and products:


Hospital care package

The new parents will thank you with this gift basket for their hospital trip. 

  • Slippers and socks for mom: for comfort during the hospital stay
  • Bathrobe for mom: something easy to put on at the hospital
  • Toiletries for mom and dad: a kit for the overnight stay
  • Baby blanket: receiving blanket for the newborn
  • Hospital discharge clothes for baby: comfortable clothes for the drive back home
  • Massage rollers: alleviate discomfort when preparing for labor
  • Comfortable pillow: support mom after delivery


Baby nursery essentials 

Help the new parents to get started with their baby nursery with these baby must-haves:

  • Baby white noise machine: helps improve baby’s sleep
  • Baby night light: something helpful up to toddlerhood to soothe baby’s nightmares and help parents walk through a dark room without waking the baby
  • Mobile toy: encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Baby blanket: you can also customize it with embroidery
  • Baby play mat: a safe place for the baby to crawl around in the nursery
  • Wipes: because you can never have too much wipes for the baby 
  • Diapers: prepare the diaper changing station with a stash of diapers


Cute Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas For Baby Boy

You can prepare a baby boy gift set that the little man will need and enjoy once he arrives. And to fit the baby shower theme better, decorate and wrap the gift basket in something blue for the baby boy. 


Toys for the little man

Make a gift basket with toys for the baby boy.

  • Interactive stuffed animals: help facilitate social and language skills
  • Wooden puzzles: encourage shape recognition early on
  • Car teething toy: alleviate discomfort when babies develop their teeth
  • Dinosaur-themed baby book: inspire your future dino-loving baby
  • Ring stacking toy: help babies develop problem-solving


Daddy and me gift set

For a unique baby boy baby shower gift basket, you can put together matching items for dad and son.

  • Matching onesie and t-shirt: you can even pick a onesie that looked like a tuxedo!
  • Matching tie and baby socks: find a cute design or pattern that even dad would enjoy wearing
  • Baby cup and mug: you can also customize it with funny puns
  • Matching bowties: for the family’s photoshoot 
  • Baby hat and cap of dad’s favorite sports: another creative prop idea for family photoshoots


Creative Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas For Baby Girl

Your baby shower gift basket for the baby girl should not only look cute and fun. Besides decorating the basket, make sure to put these gifts that the little princess will have a practical use for: 


Little fashionista gift basket

This is the perfect gift basket for the future favorite aunt of the baby girl.

  • Onesie set: you can never have too many stylish onesies
  • Cute baby accessories: think of bows, barrettes, and clips 
  • Animal baby robe: for a cute little baby girl after bathing
  • Teething bracelet: a pain-relieving little accessory that’s also convenient for travels
  • Floral baby socks: keep those little feet warm and comfortable in style


Pink baby travel essentials

Help the parents prepare everything they need to travel with their baby girl. 

  • Pink diaper bag: there are even stylish designs available nowadays
  • Patterned baby changing pad: think of cute pastels and patterns for the changing pad
  • Pink stroller phone holder: a handy little accessory when you’re out and about with your little princess
  • Wet bags: often overlooked but needed by new parents, especially when traveling 
  • Cute sippy cups: something cute but convenient when baby is eating


Practical Baby Shower Gift Basket For Twins

Are the parents expecting twins? These are the best baby items and products to put in your baby shower gift basket to help them prepare for the double trouble: 


Matching everything

The best thing about preparing a gift basket for baby twins is the matching items!

  • Matching baby onesies
  • Matching baby bandanas
  • Matching baby booties
  • Twin teethers
  • Twin rattles


Baby essentials in pairs

You can also prepare must-have baby products that are designed for twins. 

  • Double pack of bibs
  • Double pack of swaddle blankets
  • Twin milestone blanket
  • Nursing pillow for twins
  • Diaper stash for twins


Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas For The Second Baby

The parents-to-be might be throwing a baby shower for their second baby. This is also known as the sprinkle baby shower, and you want your gift basket to contain items that parents who already have most baby products and things will need. 


Products for convenience

The gifts for the second baby will be different than a gift basket for a newborn because the parents already have the baby essentials. 

  • Easy-to-cook food items and snacks: give new recipe ideas for the growing family
  • Toy subscription: surprise the kids and parents new toys each month
  • Food delivery gift cards: for the days when you’re too busy to go out
  • Car organizer: a growing family means a messier car
  • Sibling book: a bonding activity for siblings 


Forgotten baby items for parents who have everything

Prepare a baby sprinkle gift basket with things not usually given to parents but would make their life with multiple kids more manageable. 

  • Baby backseat mirror: monitor your baby safely while driving
  • Baby hangers: organize your baby closet more nearly
  • Crib mattress protector: for the blowouts and messes 
  • Baby humidifier: make the nursery rooms healthier 
  • Baby laundry detergent: keep the family’s skin irritation at bay 
  • Baby dishwashing liquid: chemical-free cleaner for the baby bottles


Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas For All Budgets

You don’t need to break your budget to give a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift basket. These gifts won’t cost over $10 each, so you can prepare a basket that wouldn’t break the bank. 


Affordable baby checklist 

You can create a baby gift basket with surprisingly cheap must-haves. 

  • Small pack of diapers under $10
  • Pacifier pack
  • Baby toothbrush
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby bottle brush
  • Muslin burp cloth set


DIY gifts

If you’re feeling creative or want a more lasting impression with your gifts, consider DIY items for your gift basket. 

  • Nursery artwork: it can be a painting or mosaic that you make yourself
  • Handmade baby storybook: be creative and write an interactive, funny, and sentimental story book
  • Personalized baby blanket: you can get it embroidered or printed at home
  • Handmade plush toy: there are many easy plush toy tutorials you can do without even sewing
  • Customized baby bottle: check out printing companies that customize baby bottles


What Should I Put In A Baby Shower Gift Basket?


Baby essentials

The baby shower gift basket should contain thoughtful but practical baby items and products that new parents need. They can be diapers, clothing, toys, and essentials like bibs, wipes, socks, or nursing items for the new mom. 


Gifts for the new parents

You can also prepare a gift set for the new parents, like a movie gift kit they can use to unwind now and then. You might also want a gift box with home needs like kitchenware for preparing baby food to help the new couple with their baby. 


Something personal

But besides buying gifts, your baby shower gift basket can contain DIY items, which will indeed have a lower price if you’re on a tight budget. It can be a personalized or hand-made baby book for something more sentimental and unique than what other guests might give.


How Do You Make A Cute Baby Shower Gift Basket?

You can get creative and make a more memorable gift basket to bring to the baby shower with these tips:

  • Use the baby shower theme as inspiration for the details, decorations, colors, and prints you’ll use to cover the basket
  • Be inspired by baby girl or baby boy themes if it’s a gender-specific baby shower
  • Be creative with designs that the parents will also have a use for; for example, make roses from rolled baby socks or wrap diapers in ribbons as decorations around the gift basket
  • Pick a basket size that is big enough to hold all the gifts but not too spacious that the items will shift and move around
  • Use fabrics like tulle as the gift basket liner 
  • Glue small toys and details around the basket and its handle
  • Consider leaving the gift basket open instead of wrapping it if the items inside are colorful and cute, like plush toys and printed onesies
  • Design the baby shower gift basket to look like other things; you can add a balloon for a hot air balloon basket or cover the basket to look like a baby bassinet


What Should You Not Put In A Gift Basket?

When preparing your baby shower gift basket, remember that you should only put items the new parents and baby might need. Here are some more products and things that you should never include in the gifts for the baby shower:

  • Perishable products like some food items that might melt or spill quickly
  • Baby products that are potentially made from chemicals and toxic materials
  • Books that might seem like they are insinuating something to the new parents
  • Coupons and certificates that the parents might not need
  • Used and damaged baby clothes
  • Baby toys that might pose hazards to a newborn


How Do You Make A Unique Gift Basket For The Baby Shower?

For a baby shower gift basket that stands out, consider these tips when making one:

  • Decorate the baby shower gift basket
  • Consider DIY gift items than purchasing them
  • Personalize baby items like onesies and baby blanket
  • Handmade the goodies you’ll put in the gift basket
  • Arrange typical baby gifts like diapers and socks creatively instead of just stacking and organizing them
  • Opt for a gift set that both parents can use; you can also pick baby essentials practical from 0 to 6 months
  • Include gift cards and certificates
  • Put some gifts that the parents can also use and not just for their baby
  • Insert a card or letter for a sweet message to the new parents

And to protect your baby shower gift basket, or if you want privacy with the items you’ve picked, learn how to wrap baby shower gifts. You can wrap gifts and then put them inside the baby shower basket instead of wrapping the entire basket in a single wrapper. 



Was these gift ideas inspiring? The best baby shower basket should contain thoughtful and practical items for new parents. 

Besides baby essentials, you can also have something for the expecting mom and dad. Then, for added sentimentality, you can include a DIY gift or pen a letter and add it to the gift basket.

And finally, wrap and decorate your gift basket to make it more unique from other gifts at the baby shower. 

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