Best Baby Shower Outfits For Dad Plus Styling Ideas

It’s easy to know the most stylish baby shower outfits for dad by considering the type of occasion. In this dressing guide for dads, you’ll know the best outfits for an indoor, outdoor, gender reveal, co-ed, brunch, and tea party baby shower. 

You’ll also know the etiquette for the baby shower outfits and if couples should wear matching clothes. And for guys attending baby showers, you might want to read this guide on what to wear to a baby shower men

baby shower outfits for dad


Baby Shower Outfits For Dad: What Dads Wear To Their Baby Shower


Dad outfits for indoor baby shower: Check the dress code

The baby shower dress code should help the baby’s dad develop ideas on what clothes to wear at an indoor party. Baby showers in indoor venues like event spaces, halls, or hotels can have a dressy casual to semi-formal dress code. 

For these baby showers, the dad can wear a nicely-fitting buttoned shirt the same color as the baby’s mom for a cute family-matching outfit. If it’s an evening event and the season is cold, daddy would look dapper in a sports coat or blazer. 

You can pair these tops with trousers, slacks, or dark-colored jeans, so you’re not over or under-dressed. And as for the shoes, dressy shoes would look best, especially for a semi-formal or dressy casual indoor baby shower.  


Dad outfits for outdoor baby shower: Consider comfort

The venue will help you know what clothes to wear to the outdoor baby shower as the baby’s dad. You want something practical and comfortable for the outdoors and weather.

Typically, outdoor baby showers have a rustic or country theme, so the dad and mom might wear outfits inspired by natural colors like green and brown. For the dad’s look, he can wear a polo shirt, chinos, and boots to look stylish but comfortable. 

If it’s a casual outdoor backyard or garden baby shower, the couples might wear matching t-shirts with creative or funny puns to welcome their baby. And for cold baby shower outdoor venues, knitwear and sweaters would look cozy but stylish for the expecting dad. 


Dad outfits for gender reveal baby shower: Get creative 

Some baby showers also double as the gender reveal party for the baby. And a trend for this event is to have mommy and daddy wearing matching outfits. 

The clothes can be custom-printed t-shirts which the mom can pair with a comfortable skirt, and the dad with jeans, chinos, or khakis. The couple can wear any type of shoes with their outfit, as this look can be dressed up or down. 

Another fun way to dress for the gender reveal party is only to choose pink and blue clothes. A funny tradition is to have the dad in blue and the mom in pink as they root for having a baby boy or girl. 

For additional reference, read how to do a gender reveal baby shower to have the most fun occasion to welcome your baby’s gender. 


Dad outfits for co-ed baby shower: Consider matching clothes

If the couple has a co-ed baby shower, they can have a fun way to dress with their guests. For example, the dad and other men at the party can wear blue, and the mom and her female family and friends can dress in pink. 

The host might also arrange custom t-shirts for everyone at the party. There can be “team mommy” and “team daddy” shirts for guests to wear in the co-ed baby shower games. 

And finally, the dad can ask his partner about the outfit they’ll wear. They don’t need to wear matching clothes, but it’ll look better if their styles have similarities, especially in photos. 


Dad outfits for brunch baby shower: Look stylish

For the brunch baby shower outfits, the venue should help the dad decide what clothes to pair with each other. The baby shower host might also set a dress code. 

And like in other baby showers, some couples attend in matching outfits like printed t-shirts. But if there are not many details about the occasion, the dad can consider a white buttoned shirt and dark jeans or trousers. 

He can also wear a fun printed polo shirt and khakis, or partner a plain t-shirt with a stylish jacket and dark bottoms. And for the shoes, decide what would look best with the outfit, whether it’s oxfords, sneakers, or Chelsea boots


Dad outfits for tea party baby shower: Dress for the occasion

If the baby shower is a tea party, then the baby’s dad should dress in style. Think of what men wear for afternoon tea, for example. 

Some tea party baby shower outfit ideas for dad include smart casual jackets, but there’s no need to wear a tie. If it’s too hot for layered outfits, a crisp buttoned shirt in white or light colors should look great for the expecting dad. 

Tea party baby showers are also not black-tie events, so men are not obligated to wear toe cap shoes. Black sneakers might even be acceptable if they’re dressy and not what you use for daily errands. 


Do Dads Have To Wear Pink Or Blue To A Baby Shower?

There are no rules regarding what colors to wear at the baby shower. However, it’s a trend among couples to wear matching clothes in pink or blue at their baby shower. 


It’s up to the couple

If it’s a gender reveal baby shower or a specific occasion like a baby girl or baby boy shower, the couple might wear pink or blue outfits. Pastel colors are also a recurring theme for baby showers, so soft pinks and blues are popular outfit choices for the expecting dad and mom. 

However, there are many unique themes for baby showers nowadays. Some are even formal, and the mom and dad can wear dark colors like black to look stylish for the formal event. 


Does The Dad Have To Match The Mom’s Outfit At The Baby Shower?

The dad does not have to wear matching outfits with the mom at the baby shower. But of course, it’s better if their outfits have a similar style or level of formality in their clothes since they are the guests of honor. 


Aim for similar styles and formality

They don’t need to wear matching colors or t-shirts, but they should look cohesive. For example, the mom’s dress can have the same colors as the pattern of the dad’s polo shirt. 

They should also have the same formality of outfits they’re wearing. So as the dad, you shouldn’t wear a t-shirt if the mom is wearing a semi-formal dress. 


Diaper Party Outfits For Dad

A diaper party or a man shower is a baby shower exclusive for men, and the guest of honor is the dad. Therefore, he should be the star of the occasion and looks his best. 


Stylish but comfortable

Some outfit ideas for the expecting dad at his diaper party include crisp buttoned shirts, stylish polo shirts, blazers, jackets, or even funny custom T-shirts. 

Plain jeans, khakis, chinos, or even shorts can be his choices for the bottoms. And for shoes, the overall style and formality of the outfit should help you decide the best one. 


Couple Baby Shower Outfits For Mom And Dad

Are you planning on wearing matching or complementing outfits as a couple to your baby shower? Consider these ideas for mommy and daddy:

  • Printed blue and pink shirts with “Team Boy” or “Team Girl” for a gender reveal baby shower party
  • Printed matching t-shirts with creative puns or logos inspired by the baby shower theme
  • Floral dress for mom and floral polo for dad for a tea party or brunch baby shower
  • White buttoned shirt for dad and white maternity top for mom
  • Couple sweaters for a cold baby shower


What Do Dads Do At Baby Showers?

Besides knowing what to wear at the baby shower, what should you expect at the party as the dad? Nowadays, co-ed baby showers are common, which means the guests of honor are both the expecting parents. 


Be present at the baby shower

The duties of dads in these baby showers are not different from what moms do at the party. They mingle with other guests, thank them for coming, and participate in games; simply put, the expecting parents will just attend the baby shower. 

The host will discuss the timeline of events with the couple, so they’ll know what to do throughout the baby shower. But to help you know what else to expect in this modern party, here’s what is a co-ed baby shower



And that’s it! We hope these outfit ideas on baby shower outfits for dad have inspired your look for the party. 

The tips to remember are to consider the dress code, don’t sacrifice comfort, and use your partner’s outfit as a guide on the style and formality of your baby shower clothes. Some classic dad outfits for baby showers include buttoned shirts, khakis, polos, plain jeans, sneakers, or comfortable dress shoes. 

And as for the colors, you can always match your partner or take inspiration from the party’s color scheme. Baby showers are popular with pink and blue themes, so it’s common for dads and moms to dress in these shades for their baby showers.

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