What To Wear To A Baby Shower Men

If you’re unsure what to wear to a baby shower men, consider the colors and dress code that guys should wear to the party. We’ll share some outfit ideas and the etiquette for men attending the event. 

You’ll also know below what to wear as the expecting dad at baby showers. But for a more general dress guide to help you come up with something to wear to the baby shower, it’s best to read what to wear to a baby shower

what to wear to a baby shower men


What To Wear To A Baby Shower Men: Outfit Ideas


What colors should men wear to a baby shower?

Before trying the outfits, men should ask the party host about the baby shower theme. The event’s location, time, and season can influence your baby shower dress choice.

Most baby showers have a pastel color palette, so guys can try pink or blue for their shirt color at the party. If the theme is safari or the baby shower is spring-inspired, you can try other colors for your outfits. 

You can mix and match patterns with your pants and shirt or add a personality to your style with a colored pair of shoes. Some baby showers even have guests pick between blue or pink as their clothing choice if they’re a team baby boy or a baby girl if there will also be a gender reveal party


Casual baby shower outfits for men

The dress code of the baby shower will dictate what shirt, pants, and shoes to pair together. Some casual outfit ideas for men attending the party include a polo shirt, plain jeans, sneakers, or even a nice-fitting t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Try a pastel or light-colored jacket or crew-neck sweater if it’s a cold, casual baby shower, or chinos and khakis for your pants if the party is during the hot season. And for those who don’t want to wear sneakers, loafers and derby shoes can add some style to casual attire. 

You can also check the invitation, as the host might provide examples of styles and outfits to wear. And while the dress code is casual, you shouldn’t wear a tank top, shorts, sneakers, or something that may start an altercation with other guests, like a sports team on the shirt or cap. 


Formal baby shower outfits for men

The host might’ve prepared a formal event for the baby shower. It can be an evening party or a brunch at a fancy location.

Again, check the baby shower invitation for the outfits expected for men attending the event. Some ideas on what to wear include a long-sleeved dress shirt with trousers and loafers for a formal brunch. 

If it’s an evening event, pair a blazer that follows the baby shower theme with dark trousers and leather shoes. Men don’t have to wear tuxedos to a baby shower, but you don’t want to attend the party undressed. 


What Should The Dad Wear To The Baby Shower?

The dad-to-be can ask for his partner’s input on something he can wear to the baby shower. Co-ed baby showers are common nowadays, and the dad and other men can also attend.

Some safe options include a light-colored dress shirt with jeans or chinos and low-top sneakers or loafers, depending on the event’s dress code, location, and colors. You can always style your outfit with fitting pants, shoes, or a jacket if needed. 

The expecting parents can attend the baby shower as the mom-to-be in a comfortable floral maxi dress and the dad-to-be in a pastel-colored dress shirt, jeans, and oxfords. They might also wear matching printed shirts as they’re the honorable guests of the baby shower. 


Can You Wear Black To A Baby Shower As A Guest?

There are no rules prohibiting baby shower guests from wearing black. But of course, you don’t want an all-black outfit that would stand out in a baby shower that usually has a light color scheme. 

Furthermore, some cultures associate black with mourning, so it’s best to ask the host if there are colors to avoid. Opt for neutral colors like tan or soft tones like mint green or baby blue for your shirt when in doubt. 

What about wearing the color white for the baby shower? Some people recommend against wearing white to a baby shower as it might be what the expecting mom is wearing.


Can You Wear Jeans To A Baby Shower?

Jeans are acceptable for men’s pants at casual baby showers. But, of course, refrain from wearing ripped or distressed jeans as they look tacky at the event. 

Opt for dark plain jeans in blue or black with lowkey sneakers like low tops. Then, wear a dress shirt like polo or long-sleeved button-down for some style. 

Some casual baby showers might even allow guests to pair jeans with t-shirts. However, opt for something plain, like a white crew-neck shirt, and consider wearing a plaid jacket over it to look still dressed up for the party.

And besides knowing what men should wear to a baby shower, do you know what do guys do during a baby shower



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a baby shower men, which depends on the theme and dress code of the party. 

Some ideas include a dress shirt with chinos and sneakers or a blazer with trousers and oxfords for something more formal. We hope these examples gave you outfit choices; let us know below if you have more styling tips to share for attending a baby shower as a guy.

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