7 Impressive Baby Shower Balloons Plus Decorating Tips

If you want decorating ideas and impressive baby shower balloons for the party, try these seven balloon themes for the baby shower decorations. We’ll discuss baby shower balloons for girl, boy, and gender-neutral baby showers. 

You’ll also know how to decorate with shaped balloons and party supplies like the baby shower backdrop, arch, and centerpieces made from balloons. And for additional references and ideas in styling your party, you can check how to decorate for a baby shower

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7 Baby Shower Balloons That Will Impress Your Guests


Girl Baby Shower Balloons 

You can arrange pink and other soft pastel colors for the girl baby shower balloons. Here are some baby shower decoration ideas using balloons for the baby girl party, but remember that you’re not limited to the pink theme:

  • Transparent boxes with pink balloons inside and printed letters outside that spell out “baby girl”
  • Oversized balloon decorations in different shades of pink and a large teddy bear
  • Peach and pink balloons over a large hot air balloon baby shower decor
  • Balloons and flowers garland against a tulle fabric backdrop
  • Gold, rose gold, and white indoor balloon half arch for the mom-to-be’s seat backdrop


Boy Baby Shower Balloons 

You can get creative with blue balloons for your baby boy shower decorations like the pink balloon decorations for the baby girl shower. But of course, your theme will dictate your color palette and other decorations to add to the balloons:

  • Oversized baby bottle frame covered in blue and white balloons
  • Baby blue, metallic blue, and silver balloon arch with prints that spell out “baby boy”
  • Moon and cloud-shaped balloons with different colors of blue balloons for the table centerpiece 
  • Sport balls-printed balloons with onesie jersey garlands for the backdrop
  • Blue-green and white balloons arch with mustache balloons in front of a tuxedo fabric backdrop 


Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Balloons 

If you want to do the gender reveal at the baby shower or don’t want a specific boy or girl-themed baby shower, you can have many balloon baby shower decorations at the venue. You can also use unique color schemes than your usual pink and blue baby shower party decorations. 

  • Rustic and boho balloon half arch with tan, dark green, gold, white, and peach balloons of different colors and faux greenery 
  • Printed cardboard cutouts of candy stores or ice cream trucks with balloon clusters of pastel colors
  • Faux grass backdrop with balloon clusters in fall colors
  • All mylar balloon centerpieces with metallic decorations and silver tableware
  • All-white baby shower theme with floating balloons to the ceiling and silver ribbons 


Shaped and Printed Baby Shower Balloons 

Another idea to decorate with balloons at the baby shower is to get them printed. You can also purchase shaped balloons that follow your baby shower theme.

  • Letter balloons for the expecting mom or dad
  • Shell-shaped balloons and printed fish balloons on underwater-themed balloon arch
  • Giraffe-themed half-balloon arch with green balloon decorations
  • Mini custom-printed balloon centerpieces with the guests of honor’s name
  • Personalized bubble balloon decorations with candy-colored mini balloons inside


Baby Shower Balloons Backdrop Ideas

You can DIY or purchase balloon garlands to fill a trellis or fabric background. Check this list of baby shower backdrop ideas for more ways of decorating the space behind the party focal point. 

  • Taped balloon clusters onto a painted wall with baby shower banner
  • Outdoor balloon trellis with flower garlands and fairy lights
  • Balloon garlands grouped in colors arranged like a rainbow
  • Colorful letter balloons against a fabric backdrop based on the baby shower theme
  • Spring color scheme for half arch balloons against a standing mirror with floral details


Baby Shower Balloons Arch Ideas

There are many ways to decorate with a balloon arch for the baby shower. There’s a tutorial below if you’re interested in a DIY floating balloon arch, but you can also purchase kits in most stores that sell party decorations. 

  • Golden ring where only half is covered in balloon clusters for a garden baby shower
  • Fill a ring stand with different size and colors of balloons behind the guest of honor’s seat
  • Different colors, types, and sizes of balloons mixed with shaped balloons by the baby shower entrance
  • Macaron-themed baby shower balloon arch behind a dessert table
  • Two balloon half arches, so the middle area shows the baby shower backdrop 


Baby Shower Balloons Centerpiece Ideas

Balloons also make fantastic centerpieces for the baby shower. They are also cheaper than flowers, or you can combine them with other baby shower table decorations. 

  • Oversized letter balloons on the baby shower cake table
  • White gift box centerpiece with plush toy and balloons
  • Pink and white mini balloons with roses and greenery
  • Bubble balloon centerpieces with glitter and butterflies inside
  • Modern tall white balloon centerpieces with a greenery table runner

Do you want more table decor ideas for the party? Here are the most creative baby shower centerpieces to wow your guests. 


How To Make A Baby Shower Balloon Arch In Under An Hour

The balloon arch is one of the most iconic decorations at the baby shower party. Its size and color combination makes the perfect backdrop to make anything stand out and will surely encourage guests to take pictures of where you’ll put it. 

The good news is that it’s easy to make a baby shower balloon arch, and it won’t even take an hour. Just change the color palette to fit your party theme. 

  1. Prepare the balloon anchor for the floating arch by filling a bucket with sand; make sure your balloon weight can stabilize your planned balloon arch, depending on your desired number of balloons
  2. Decorate the balloon weight, so it matches the colors and style of your balloons; you can wrap it like a gift box or paint it based on the baby shower theme
  3. Tie one end of a long fishing line to the balloon weight or handle of the bucket; you can also use a cinderblock, depending on how heavy your balloons will be
  4. Inflate a balloon with helium and tie off its tail
  5. Wrap the fishing end above the knot of the balloon and secure it with a double knot
  6. Make more balloons and tie them to the fishing line, ensuring that their close to each other 
  7. Leave the end of the fishing line empty or 12 inches from the last balloon
  8. Tie the other end of the fishing line around the balloon weight and knot it in place 
  9. Add ribbons or other decorations to make the arch look like floating 

You can also make a balloon arch with an arch base or as a backdrop, but it will take longer. You can even purchase a balloon garland and arch kit if your baby shower theme is pretty common. 

And speaking of party themes, do you want a unique one for your baby shower? Here are the most creative modern baby shower themes to consider for the party. 


What To Put In Balloons So They Last Longer?

Make your baby shower balloon decorations early to manage time. It would help to know how to make helium balloons last longer so they maintain their size for the baby shower party. 

  • Treat the inside of latex balloons with Hi-Float before inflating them with helium
  • Coat the balloons with firm-set hairspray outside after inflating and tying them
  • Mix helium and air when inflating the balloons than only using helium; try 60-40, where 40% is air
  • Protect inflated balloons in balloon bags if traveling to the baby shower venue


Will Air-Filled Balloons Last 3 Days?

Balloons filled with air will last inflated for three days, but some can last as long as several weeks to months. Air balloons are inflated with air, so they don’t float like helium-filled balloons, which can last afloat for up to 15 hours. 

If you want your helium-filled balloons to last longer, you can use mylar or vinyl balloons than latex. They can float for 2 to 5 days so that you can prepare your floating baby shower decor early. 

But if you need balloon decorations for an outdoor baby shower, the best ones are air-filled balloons. You can prepare the party decorations by stacking them together or hanging them on your baby shower backdrop like a trellis at the garden venue. 


How Long Do Cluster Balloons Last?

Cluster balloons or balloon garlands are popular baby shower decorations because you can use them as an arch or backdrop. These balloons will last for weeks if inside but expect they will shrink around five days. 

Regardless, you can prepare your balloon baby shower decorations a day before the party, and they should still look great at the baby shower. You can also consider air-filled balloons as they last longer than helium-filled balloons, especially if you’re making cluster balloons anyway. 



And that’s it! You just learned the best way to decorate with baby shower balloons based on different themes, but remember that you’re not limited to pink or blue color schemes, which are popular with baby showers. 

You can also get creative with cluster balloons and make a backdrop or arch baby shower decor. And if you have a theme in mind, there are also shaped or printed balloons that you can use to enhance the venue or use as table centerpieces. 

Overall, balloons are affordable and fitting decor for the baby shower. You don’t need to overthink their arrangements and combinations as they are versatile for different baby shower themes.

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