How To Do A Gender Reveal Baby Shower

It only takes three steps to learn how to do a gender reveal baby shower. But more than a planning guide, continue reading for creative baby gender reveals.

And if you want, why not invite any gender of family and friends to the gender reveal baby shower? This type of party is also called the co-ed baby shower, and you can read everything about it what is a co-ed baby shower

how to do a gender reveal baby shower


How To Do A Gender Reveal Baby Shower


Step 1. Send the invitations for the gender reveal baby shower

Your invitations for a gender reveal baby shower should not confuse guests. A gender reveal baby shower has the gender reveal as its focal point, so you can add a heading on the invitation body that it will be an event. 

This way, everyone attending will find out what to expect at the party in the invitations. Do not assume you need two types of invites for a gender reveal party and a baby shower. 

It’s also helpful for the guests to know that there will be a gender reveal so that they can anticipate the gender-neutral theme. They can easily decide on the gifts for the party and not get limited to girl and boy themes. 


Step 2. Plan the schedule for the gender reveal baby shower

To ensure that the gender reveal baby shower will be fun for the expecting parents and guests, you will plan the schedule for the event. A tip for combining the two parties is to have the gender reveal as the main event but follow the usual activities for the baby shower. 

You can still have food, games, and gift openings. However, manage and distribute the time accordingly for each event. Have the gender reveal in the middle of the baby shower or before the gift opening. 

You also don’t want confusing activities and dedicate time for each. For example, if it’s time for games, play games and don’t combine the guessing for the gender on these events unless the gender reveal game is specified for the purpose of gender reveal. 


Step 3. Decide on the gender reveal idea

After you have the timeline of events for the party, plan with the expecting parents their idea to reveal their baby’s gender to everyone. You can be inspired by the baby shower theme or dedicate a game between mom and dad. 

Some classic gender reveal ideas include popping balloons that will give off blue or pink powder or simply cutting a cake, and the slice will reveal the gender based on color. But if you want a more creative and unique example, continue reading below. 

However, if the baby’s gender reflects on the favors you’ll give the guests, make sure to hide them at the party or before the reveal. You also don’t want it to be evident from the party’s theme. 


How To Reveal A Baby’s Gender At A Baby Shower Party?

Here are some unique, fun, and creative gender reveal ideas you can do at your baby shower: 


Serve sweat treats

Instead of slicing a cake or cupcake with colored fillings, you can get creative with other sweets to reveal the baby’s gender. For example, do cotton candy glitter bombs that will show the gender color on drinks. 

The couple can also combine a quick photoshoot opportunity with a bubblegum gender reveal. Your photographer can take funny and wholesome moments from guests as the bubble reveals the baby’s gender. 

But if you want to serve your guests pink or blue cupcakes for the gender reveal, try these recipes on how to make baby shower cupcakes


Get your pet involved

Pet-loving parents-to-be can have their beloved cat or dog do the gender reveal for them. You can have your pet enter the room with a colored scarf or fetch a ball in blue or pink for the people to see. 


Play games with guests

Depending on the venue, you can play various games to engage with the event’s people. Some ideas include paintball or juice pong. 

For the gender reveal juice pong, divide the guests into team pink and blue and fill clear plastic cups with a blue or pink punch. You can also use colored balls and prepare a prize for the winning team. 


Carnival baby shower gender reveal

You can set up props like darts and balloons where the expecting parents can compete until the filled ballon reveals the gender. Modified carnival games like coin toss or ring toss would also be fun for gender reveals.


What’s The Difference Between A Gender Reveal And A Baby Shower?

A gender reveal party is a gathering of the closest friends and family of the expecting couple, and they announce their baby’s gender. A baby shower, on the other hand, also celebrates the expecting parents, but the gender of their baby can either be known or never specified. 


How Many Months Should You Be To Have A Gender Reveal Party?

The baby’s gender is known around 19 to 20 weeks. However, it’s recommended not to schedule the gender reveal party just a few days after the ultrasound. 



And that’s it! To recap how to do a gender reveal baby shower, write the invitations clearly, plan the timeline of the events, and decide on the gender reveal. 

There are many fun ways to reveal the baby’s gender. However, the party is a celebration of the expecting parents and their little one, and the fun of the mystery and creativity in learning about the baby’s gender is just a bonus. 

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