How To Make Baby Shower Meatballs: 3 Ingredients Only

Learning how to make baby shower meatballs is easy because you only need three ingredients. This recipe calls for chili sauce, grape jelly, and frozen meatballs.

We’ve also included tips to make them look more delicious when presented to baby shower guests. And for other preparations at the venue, besides knowing what to serve, here’s how to decorate for a baby shower

how to make baby shower meatballs


How To Make Baby Shower Meatballs With Grape Jelly Sauce

This delicious but easy recipe will need two bottles of chili sauce, one jar of grape jelly, and a bag of cooked frozen meatballs. These grape jelly meatballs are famous for baby showers or any other party because they only need a few ingredients and make the perfect appetizer to serve family and friends without breaking the bank or needing a long time to prepare. 

You’ll need a slow cooker like a crock pot to make the grape jelly meatballs. Then, prepare a bowl for the chili sauce and grape jelly.

  1. Pour the meatballs into the slow cooker 
  2. Mix the grape jelly and chili sauce, then pour them over the meatballs
  3. Let the meatballs cook for three hours on low heat
  4. You can serve them with cocktails, as an appetizer, or the main dish with potatoes or rice


What kind of meat to use for baby shower meatballs?

The recipe for grape jelly meatballs, famous for the baby shower party, uses frozen meatballs to save time and cut costs. However, you can always make your recipe with the ingredients you like. 

Any mix of ground meat would be fantastic, but the best texture, flavor, and moisture would be from a combination of ground pork and beef. Some also prefer other proteins like turkey, lamb, or chicken for their meatballs. 


How to make a glaze or sauce to go with baby shower meatballs?

Baby shower meatballs differ from other recipes because their sauce is made from grape jelly and chili sauce. Some recipes also replace the chili sauce with BBQ sauce, whichever you’d prefer for the party. 

You only need to put the grape jelly and BBQ sauce or chili sauce in the crock pot and mix well. If you don’t have grape jelly, some recipes use cranberry and pineapple jelly as their ingredients.

Then, pour the meatballs into the slow cooker and coat them evenly. You only need to cook the meatballs for three hours, stirring for one and a half hours in the crock pot. 


How to decorate baby shower meatballs?

What makes this easy recipe look extra scrumptious for guests is its glaze or when they’re coated with the delicious grape jelly sauce. From here, you only need to transfer the meatballs to a bowl or any serving platter that matches the theme of the baby shower decor. 

You can garnish the recipe with chopped parsley. And when served as the party appetizer, spear each ball with toothpicks. 


How to serve the meatballs at the baby shower?

Here are some ways to serve your baby shower grape jelly meatballs: 

  • Spear multiple meatballs in sticks
  • Stick each meatball with toothpicks
  • Put the meatballs on forks
  • Serve the meatballs inside a crock pot
  • Put meatballs on a large platter 


Why Are They Called Baby Shower Meatballs?

Finding documentation to trace the single history of baby shower meatballs is challenging. However, party meatballs will always be related to the recipe that uses a sauce made from grape jelly and BBQ sauce.

It’s easy, delicious, and cheap for an appetizer, which is probably why it’s also commonly served in baby showers. You don’t need many ingredients, and it’s easy to do with a crock pot or slow cooker. 

Baby shower meatballs are undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser; there are even jokes about how guests attend the party just to have them. And for those doubting grape jelly, try the recipe first and see why it’s popular. 


Is It Better To Bake Meatballs Or Fry Meatballs?

It’s a matter of preference when deciding between baking or frying meatballs. For the grape jelly meatballs served in baby showers, you’re using frozen meatballs, so you can just put them straight in the slow cooker. 

But if you want to make the meatballs from scratch, you can choose to bake or fry them. Frying meatballs is the fastest method, while baking is ideal for those who want to cut calories. 


What Keeps Meatballs From Falling Apart?

Use a binder in the meatball mixture to keep the balls from falling apart. A small amount of lightly beaten egg or fresh breadcrumbs soaked in some milk would be best.


How Do You Keep Meatballs Warm For A Party?

You can serve your grape jelly meatballs in the crockpot for the party to keep them warm. 


How Many Meatballs Do I Need For 30 Guests?

Each guest will consume around ten meatballs, so a baby shower with 30 people needs 300 meatballs. Compute the expenses for the party food accordingly and read how much does a baby shower cost to manage your budget. 



And that’s a delicious wrap! To recap how to make baby shower meatballs, you’ll mix chili sauce and grape jelly, then cook frozen meatballs with the sauce in a crock pot. 

You can replace the sauce ingredients with BBQ sauce and other jellies like pineapple or cranberry. Finally, serve the meatballs warm at the baby shower for the best taste.

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