6 Unique Non Traditional Baby Shower Ideas To Try

Do you want a one-of-a-kind non traditional baby shower alternative? Here are six of the best unique and memorable non traditional baby shower ideas for an outside-the-box celebration!

We’ll even share tips on hosting the baby shower to make it special and unique for the expecting parents and guests. And if you can’t decide on a creative party theme to make your baby shower stand out from other baby showers, try this list of modern baby shower themes for an idea. 

non traditional baby shower


6 Unique And Trendy Non Traditional Baby Shower Ideas To Wow Your Guests And Parents-To-Be!


Co-ed baby shower

A non traditional baby shower you can do for a memorable party is a co-ed party. This type of shower honors both the expecting parents and the guests can be male or female. 

Unlike a traditional baby shower event where the people invited are only women and the expecting mom is the only one honored, family and friends of any gender of the couple attend the co-ed baby shower. Everyone they know is invited, so the baby shower games and celebrations are more fun and inclusive. 

Some ideas to do at a co-ed baby shower include activities and games where team mom and team dad compete against each other. But if you want a detailed guide about this type of party, you can learn what is a co ed baby shower and the expectations for this type of event. 


Virtual baby shower

A creative way to throw a baby shower non-traditionally is by utilizing the web. These virtual baby showers are becoming more and more common nowadays as technology is accessible to everyone. 

By hosting a virtual party, even long-distance guests can attend and show their support to the expecting parents. This is also ideal if there are health issues and doing a celebration in person is not possible. 

This non-traditional event idea can still be fun by preparing activities and encouraging family and friends to dress up and prepare cute backgrounds based on a shower theme. The host can even send activity kits to everyone attending the event, so you can play over Zoom or whatever platform you’ve chosen. 

If you don’t believe us and the idea of doing a baby shower online still makes you feel it will be boring, here’s how to host a virtual baby shower


Drop-in baby shower

A baby shower idea that stands out from others is the open house or drop-in baby shower. From the name itself, this party has guests arrive at specific time slots, and you can read more about it on what is a drop-in baby shower

This is perfect for the expecting mom and dad who wants one-on-one time with their guests, and it’s also ideal for the host if the event budget is limited. You don’t need to host multiple people at once, and the party itself will last shorter than a traditional baby shower. 

Another variation of this non traditional baby shower is the drive-by baby shower where the guests “parade” by the expecting parents’ house. They’ll drop their gifts and send their best wishes to the expecting parents. 


Multiple mini baby showers

An innovative way to have a baby shower is to have multiple ones. You can celebrate with specific groups of people, which is ideal if some guests aren’t available on one schedule. 

You can throw a baby shower exclusive for the mom and a diaper party to honor the expecting dad. The guests for the diaper party are all men, and the expecting mom can have a traditional baby shower with only women guests. 

The expecting parents might also have too many family and friends, which means a single celebration can be too much for the host. With multiple baby showers, you can group the people (e.g., coworkers, friends, family) in different parties. 


Activity-themed baby shower

A truly original way to throw a non traditional baby shower is to center it on an activity or event. Instead of the usual party, you can incorporate certain items and ideas for the event. 

For example, it can be a spa baby shower where guests spend the day relaxing and having a spa treatment at home. It can also be a sports event baby shower, and have guests drop by the house to watch a game. 

To make this baby shower even more fun, plan your decorations, food, and other things to follow the theme of the activity. For example, if it’s a painting baby shower, then decorate the venue similarly to a gallery or incorporate details like paintbrushes on your decorations. 


Post-baby shower

A fun and creative baby shower alternative are to celebrate after the baby is born. Some parents might want to focus on the preparations for the due date, so they can’t have a party before the baby is born. 

This type of party is also called the sip-and-see, which is considered a more casual event than a baby shower. Family and friends meet the baby, and the parents have settled with their little one. 

Instead of baby shower games, you can have activities where other parents can give advice for parenting. You can even design the baby nursery together or do arts and crafts with baby toys. 


What Is A Non Traditional Baby Shower?

A non traditional baby shower is a variation of the celebration for the expecting mom and dad. Historically, baby showers are events meant to honor and celebrate the pregnant woman, and this way of having the party is still practiced around the world.


The guest of honor is not only the mom

But nowadays, many baby shower ideas have different concepts than how people celebrated baby showers back in the day. For example, most people have a co-ed baby shower where both the expecting parents are honored, and the guests are women and male family and friends. 

There is also the diaper party, which is essentially a baby shower for the expecting dad, and the guests are all men. The expecting parents might have these two baby showers to cater to everyone they know. 


Modern baby shower party alternatives

Another non-traditional baby shower is the open house or drop-in party, where guests arrive at specific time slots. There is also a baby shower online where the party is celebrated virtually. 

Overall, a non traditional baby shower is any event that does not follow the usual expectations in a baby shower regarding the guest of honor, party duration, or even how the celebration is done. It’s up to the host how they’ll plan the baby shower to let the expecting parents’ family and friends show their support and give their gifts to the couple. 


How Do You Host A Lowkey Baby Shower?

If you’re on a budget or the guests of honor request a laidback and lowkey celebration, here are some ideas you can do for the party. The baby shower games, food, decorations, venue, time, and formality are significant factors that make any event grandiose or lowkey. 

  • Do the baby shower at home or in your backyard than renting an event space
  • Have an intimate party with less than 20 guests
  • Request for a casual dress code 
  • Instead of full-course meals, you can have a tea party-style baby shower or serve the guests finger foods and not heavy meals
  • Consider simple baby shower themes like a pink or blue party than specific themes which will need more decorations 
  • Have one to two baby shower games
  • Instead of a three to four-hour event, design the baby shower to last for an hour or two only
  • Consider baby shower alternatives like the open house, drive-by, or virtual baby shower 

Do you want to throw the parents a baby shower for their second child? Read about what is a sprinkle baby shower, which is described as a lowkey celebration that’s different from a baby shower. 


What Can You Do Instead Of Baby Shower Games?

Some people find traditional baby shower games tacky or over the top. So if you want a unique but still fun celebration, you can replace baby shower games with these:

  • Have a pamper day with spa essentials and do relaxing things
  • Watch movies or sports with the guests
  • Prepare a video montage or slideshow to celebrate the expecting parents
  • Do a wisdom circle where other parents give advice to the expecting mom and dad
  • Paint the baby nursery
  • Make baby toys like alphabet blocks or mobiles
  • Book a photographer and do themed photoshoots with the guests
  • Do a cooking competition based on baby recipes
  • Have a backyard barbecue
  • Prepare interactive food stations like DIY sundaes or tacos


What Are Some Unusual Baby Shower Ideas?

To make your baby shower party memorable and unique, here are some out-of-the-box activities you can do:

  • Make it a formal affair
  • Have the baby shower at a museum or other interactive venues like parks 
  • Pick a theme for the baby gifts
  • Prepare a trip down memory lane with the mom and dad-to-be’s baby photos and have their own parents talk about them growing up
  • Make it a boy’s or girl’s night out
  • Welcome other kids at the baby shower



Was this list of ideas helpful? You just learned the most creative but fun non traditional baby shower alternatives like co-ed, virtual, drop-in, mini showers, activity-focused parties, and post-baby celebrations. 

You can also have baby shower activities that are not games to give the guests a unique experience. Let us know below which of these alternatives you’ll try. 

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