Best Flattering Baby Shower Dresses For The Mom To Be

If you’re looking for flattering maternity baby shower dresses for the expecting mom, here are the best styles to consider for the occasion. We’ve also included tips on dressing to make pregnancy flattering, whether you’re a plus-size mommy-to-be or looking for dress options for the hot and cold seasons. 

But what about the clothing etiquette for baby shower guests? Know the best style for the party with our guide on what to wear to a baby shower as a guest


Complete Guide To Baby Shower Dresses And The Best Styles For Pregnant Women 


Appropriate baby shower dress lengths for the mom-to-be

When picking a baby shower dress for the occasion, the maternity dress’s length is essential for comfort and style. You should know the flattering length for your height and body type and the dress that will be comfortable based on the season and venue of the party. 


Midi baby shower dresses

The midi maternity dress is one of the best styles the mom-to-be can wear to the baby shower because it’s not too long or short. It’s also a dress that will grow with you, especially those with a stretchable waistband, so you can wear it during pregnancy and beyond. 


Maxi baby shower dresses

The baby shower party usually happens during the third trimester of pregnancy when your baby bump’s size is uncomfortable in fitted silhouettes. Therefore, you can search for a maxi maternity dress for the occasion because maxi dresses usually are loose-fitting and flowy for comfort with your curves. 


Mini baby shower dresses

If it’ll be a hot or outdoor baby shower, a comfortable baby shower dress for the expecting mom is a mini maternity dress. This is also a reasonable length when you go to the bathroom or need to stand and walk around at the party. 


Flattering baby shower maternity dress styles

Baby shower dresses come in different styles and details. You still want to dress for the occasion and exude confidence with a flattering maternity dress. 


Bodycon baby shower dresses

The baby shower is a party where you can showcase your baby bump and wear something that flatters your curves. Do not be afraid to consider a maternity bodycon dress, but pick something made from comfortable materials designed for pregnant women.


Ruched baby shower dresses

The ruched dress is a flattering baby shower dress that you can also wear after pregnancy. The ruched style is trendy but allows for stretch to remain comfortable at the party. 


Asymmetrical baby shower dresses

The asymmetrical maternity dress is a flattering style to highlight curves and your natural body shape. This is also a great dress to show skin while still looking classy for the occasion. 


Belted baby shower dresses

A great baby shower dress for a gorgeous silhouette is the belted style. It creates an illusion that cinches the waist, but remember not to adjust the belt or tie it too tight. 


Wrap baby shower dresses

Comfort and style are possible with baby shower dresses. And a particular piece of clothing that fits in these two categories is the wrap dress because of the figure it creates and how easy it is to put on and remove. 


Sweater baby shower dresses

Will you have a chilly or windy baby shower? Opt for something loose and cozy, like a sweater baby shower dress that you can even partner with leggings and tights. 

And if you want more clothing ideas besides sweaters and leggings, check out what to wear to a fall baby shower


Best sleeve types for the expecting mom’s baby shower dress

Do not neglect the sleeve style of your baby shower dress. Here are some flattering style options that are also comfortable for any mom-to-be:


Off-shoulder baby shower dresses

Off-shoulder maternity dresses add style and elegance to any occasion. This is also perfect if you want to showcase your jewelry. 


Long-sleeved baby shower dresses

Whether it’s cold or you want to hide your arms, you can always wear a long-sleeved dress for your party. You can also fold the sleeves for a dapper look. 

And if you’re dressing for the cold, here’s what to wear to a winter baby shower for more ideas. 


Cape-sleeve baby shower dresses

A formal baby shower is perfect for the cape-sleeve maternity dress. This style is just ideal for the sophisticated mom-to-be. 


Sleeveless baby shower dresses

You might feel hot, or you don’t want the feeling of anything on your neck and shoulders. And for this, try a sleeveless maternity dress, but bring a shawl if it gets chilly at the baby shower. 


Neckline styles for the mom-to-be’s baby shower dresses 

Besides the sleeves, you should also consider your dress’ neckline when deciding what to wear to a baby shower. Here are some flattering styles to consider:


Square neck baby shower dresses

You want to open up the neckline during pregnancy, and this style will also look suitable for your baby shower dress. Try this neckline with long-sleeved dresses for a chic mommy-to-be look. 


High-neck baby shower dresses

You can always wear a high-neck maternity dress if it’s a cold baby shower. However, check the fabric so you won’t feel too hot at the party. 


V-neck baby shower dresses

V-necks are always flattering, and some mom-to-bes even pick plunging dresses. This neckline also pairs well with wrap dresses for the baby shower. 


Sweetheart neckline baby shower dresses

A classy style for the maternity dress is the sweetheart neckline. You can also find a style that’s off-shoulder for a flattering silhouette.  


What Color Should My Baby Shower Dress Be?

There are no rules on what colors the expecting mom should wear to her baby shower. However, pastel shades, neutral colors, and even dark tones are among the most popular colors for baby shower dresses. 

Can I wear a floral dress to my baby shower? Some baby shower themes are floral, or the venue might be the garden, so patterns like florals would be a good choice for the guest of honor. 


How Can I Dress Stylishly During Pregnancy?

Keep these styling tips in mind when shopping for maternity clothes:

  • Wear the right size of clothing pieces
  • Don’t try to hide your baby bump
  • Prioritize comfortable and breathable fabrics
  • You don’t need to wear super baggy clothes as you can showcase your curves in maternity fitted dresses, tops, and pants
  • Make sure your maternity dress doesn’t feel too tight
  • Invest in tops, dresses, and bottoms that you can wear for pregnancy and beyond
  • Know your flattering colors based on your skin tone


Flattering maternity styles for plus size 

  • Long tops with leggings
  • Over-the-bump maternity jeans
  • Maxi dresses
  • Empire-line dresses
  • Belted shorts or trousers


Maternity outfit tips if hot

  • Sleeveless dresses
  • Cotton clothing pieces
  • Light colors
  • Flowy skirts
  • Tank tops


Maternity outfit ideas if cold

  • Sweaters
  • Sweater dresses
  • Long-sleeved tops
  • Leggings 

For expecting mothers, refer to what to wear to my baby shower for additional styling details and tricks. 


How Do You Measure A Pregnant Woman For A Dress?

There are different baby shower dress sizes; finding the correct size is essential for comfort and looking your best at your party. To do this, request the brand’s maternity size chart, as different stores and designers vary in their maternity sizing. 

You’ll likely need the measurements for your bust, baby bump, waist, and hips. Then, compare them to the brand’s size chart or ask for help from the store stylist. 


Should I size up in a maternity dress?

You don’t need to size up when shopping for maternity clothing. Just pick your usual size, as maternity clothes are designed to suit your pregnancy weight gain. 


Do I Have To Wear A Dress To My Baby Shower?

You will dress according to the occasion, but you’re not limited to a maternity dress. The expecting mom can wear a top and a pair of pants as long as it’s comfortable and suitable for the party. 

For example, you don’t want to arrive underdressed because all eyes are on you as the guest of honor at the party. Guests are also excited to see you sporting your baby bump, so there’s no need to find a style that hides it. 


What Should You Not Wear While Pregnant?

There are clothes and styles to avoid during pregnancy for the mom and baby’s comfort and health. Keep these in mind when shopping for maternity clothing and deciding what to wear to a baby shower:

  • Wearing very tight clothes during pregnancy can cause pressure and stress
  • Compression undergarments are unnecessary for pregnant women as they restrict movement
  • Wearing the wrong bra size might lead to chest and back pain as they can’t support the growing body
  • Synthetic fabrics can expose the mom and baby to dangerous chemicals
  • Switch skinny jeans with maternity jeans to support the belly
  • High heels can use back and leg pain and can even pose accident risks to pregnant women
  • Avoid wearing dirty clothes to prevent exposure to viruses and bacteria



And that’s it! This complete guide for flattering and styling baby shower dresses has taught you the best lengths, styles, sleeves, and necklines for the mom-to-be. 

It would be best to consider the colors and safety reminders when picking maternity clothes. Let us know below how you’ll dress for your baby shower and if you have a tip to share with other mommy-to-bes. 

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