All The Best Baby Shower Games For Different Situations

Here are all the baby shower games you can play at your baby shower to enjoy with everyone, no matter the kind of party and guests you’re having. This guide lists the different kinds of baby shower games, like the traditional, ice breaker, co-ed, virtual, and even hilariously inappropriate games. 

And if you have a big or intimate party, no worries, as we’ve recommended game ideas for different group sizes. You’ll also know the etiquette of hosting games at baby showers, the best baby shower game prizes, and ideas to group the guests below. 

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Complete List Of The Best Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck


1. Traditional Baby Shower Games

Traditional baby shower games are beloved for a reason. Instead of trying to get creative with your games, try any of these guaranteed crowd-pleasers for people at the party: 

  • Baby Shower Bingo

Baby shower bingo is a classic baby shower game that your guests will love. You can get free templates online or design your bingo cards with baby items. 

You can also leave some squares blanks so that the guests can write their own ideas on their cards. During the gift opening, whoever gets their bingo card’s first five items in a row wins the prize. 

  • Baby Shower Family Feud

Family Feud is a beloved TV show you can modify for the baby shower. You can split the guests into team mom versus team dad as they compete with baby-related questions. 

  • Baby Shower Pictionary

You can get creative with the baby items you’ll have the guests sketch and guess for a fun game. And for the gameplay details, you’re in luck, because we have a guide on how to play baby shower Pictionary

  • Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

Your baby shower wouldn’t be complete without a diaper raffle. It’s a passive game where guests bring diapers corresponding to a raffle entry for a chance to win a prize. 


2. Ice Breaker Baby Shower Games

The host can always start with a baby shower game to encourage the guests to mingle and get to know each other. But, of course, the activity should embrace the baby shower theme while ensuring that each person feels comfortable participating. 

  • Baby Shower Take A Mint Game

A delicious baby shower game that encourages guests to get to know each other is having them take mints by the door. Then, each person must answer questions or tell facts about themselves based on the number of mints they grabbed. 

For the mint recipe, refer to how to make mints for the baby shower

  • Who’s That Baby?

Whether it’s the photos of the mom, dad, or guests, the guessing game of the people behind the baby photos will surely encourage conversations among everyone at the party. You can also use celebrity baby pictures. 

  • Who Knows Mommy/Daddy Best?

A wholesome baby shower game to honor the expecting parents is to have them answer baby or parenting-related questions. Then, guests try to pick who answered what or what the mom or dad might’ve answered on each question. 


3. Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

Baby showers nowadays both honor the expecting mom and dad. And for this type of co-ed party, here are game ideas that any male or female guest will indeed have fun playing:

  • Baby Shower Diaper Relay Race

Men and women compete in teams to change their baby doll’s diapers. This can be a relay, or you can make the game more challenging by adding obstacles or restricting some physical movements of the participants. 

  • Baby Shower Blow And Pop Game

Teams will race to inflate their balloons and wear them under their shirts. Then, they need to figure out how to pop the “baby bumps” per person, so their team wins after everyone’s balloons are popped

  • Baby Shower Stroller Race

The stroller race is an outdoor baby shower game perfect for co-ed parties. This is self-explanatory, and you can get as creative as possible with the course. 


4. Virtual Baby Shower Games

Who says that an online baby shower will suck? Try these virtual baby shower games that are never boring and make your Zoom party memorable like an in-person event:

  • Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

The host can prepare a list of things guests must bring in front of the camera. Make the items as random and hilarious as you want. 

  • Guess That Baby Tune

Prepare a playlist of popular and not-so-popular nursery rhymes for the guests to guess over Zoom. You can also have guests try to finish the lyrics. 

  • Baby Shower Price Is Right

The Price Is Right can be played online, and it’s also a great idea to give the guests gifts to show your appreciation for their attendance. Include funny and bizarre baby items to make it unpredictable. 

And besides having these games, check how to host a virtual baby shower to ensure a fun online party.


5. Hilariously Inappropriate Baby Shower Games

Try these ideas if you’re having difficulty coming up with hilarious baby shower games meant to make adults laugh. They might be inappropriate for kids, but they’re guaranteed to get a good laugh from everyone in the shower:

  • Baby Bump Or Beer Belly

Prepare photos of beer bellies and pregnancy bumps and have guests try to guess which is which. You’ll be surprised that it’s more difficult than it seems. 

  • In Labor Or In Love?

Another photo guessing game fit for adults at the baby shower is the “in labor or in love” photo sets. This hilariously inappropriate game can also be competitive as guests try to defend their guesses.

  • Pin The Sperm To Egg

This baby shower variation of the favorite party game has guests try to pin “sperms” to the egg. You can buy the props on places like Etsy


What Are Some Baby Shower Games That Are Appropriate For Large Groups?

Your party for the baby shower may have many guests, and you want to prepare games that will be inclusive to everyone at the event. Whether you’ll have a team or person competing against one another, here are baby shower games for large groups: 

  • Baby Shower Price Is Right: the team with the highest number of correct or closest price guesses of baby items wins 
  • Baby Shower Diaper Pong: replace cups with diapers glued to a wall 
  • Baby Shower Blindfolded Diaper Changing Race: the more participants there are, the more fun this game will be 


What Are Some Baby Shower Games That Are Appropriate For Small Groups?

Baby shower games don’t have to suck, even if you have few people at the baby shower. The intimate party even makes the perfect opportunity for ice breaker games like these: 

  • Dirty Diaper Game: prepare rolled diapers where one is “dirty” by putting melted chocolate or baby food on it, then hand one to each guest when they arrive; by the end of the party, the person with the dirty diaper wins a prize
  • Who’s The Baby?: a fun ice breaker game to encourage mingling among a few guests 
  • Guess What’s In The Diaper Bag: guests try to guess what items are inside the diaper bag; prepare generous prizes to thank guests for coming to the party


What Is The Most Popular Baby Shower Game?

The most popular baby shower game is baby shower bingo. This game is so popular that many bingo card templates are available for free to suit different party themes. 

What’s fun with the baby shower bingo is you include all the guests, and the winner will get a prize. You can design the bingo cards for guests to write words or pre-write the baby items yourself. 

Some templates are available in popular baby shower themes, but you only need a five-by-five grid to customize your baby shower game. Here’s how to play baby shower bingo if you don’t believe us that it’s an easy game you should have at your shower. 


How Many Games Should You Play At A Shower?

There are usually two to four baby shower games. However, it’s up to the host to decide how many games they’ll have at the party. 

Some considerations to remember when planning the baby shower games include the party budget, theme, number of guests, and other activities at the baby shower. You might also be limited with the time, depending on the venue or preference of the guests of honor. 

Having one, two, or even no baby shower games is perfectly okay. However, games always make the party memorable and serve as the icebreaker for everyone who attended. 

To manage your budget, learn what kind of prizes for baby shower games


How Long Should Each Baby Shower Game Be?

Each baby shower game should last at most 30 minutes. Remember that you’ll have two to four games at the party, so managing the schedule and ensuring a time slot for each baby shower activity is essential. 

Other elements include the meal and gift opening at the baby shower. You don’t want to consume too much time in a single game. 

Understandably, some games last longer than others, so plan the baby shower timeline efficiently. The more participants there are, then the longer the game might last. 


What Is The Prize For Winning Baby Shower Games?

You can make personalized items inspired by the baby shower theme as the prize for whoever wins each baby shower game. These can also be your runner-up prizes, then prepare something grander for the primary winner. 

You want something enticing to encourage people to participate, especially with some baby shower games like the diaper raffle. For example, the grand prize can be a gift card or basket worth at least $20. 

Here’s how much to spend on baby shower prizes to manage the costs. 


What Is The Best Way To Divide Up Guests Into Teams For Baby Shower Games?

There are many fun ideas to divide guests into teams for baby shower games. For example, a co-ed party can have team men versus team women or divide guests based on whoever they sit with at the table. 

You can also group guests based on family versus friends or which guests are for the mom or dad. You can line them up if there are many people and ask them to count “one” and “two.”

Since it’s a baby shower, a fun idea is to ask guests to pick between pink or blue pacifiers and then have the two color groups compete at games. If the guests should be paired for a game, each person can pick from a basket of baby socks then whoever has their pair will be their teammate. 


Are Games Necessary At A Baby Shower?

It’s okay not to have any baby shower games if it’s what the expecting mom and dad prefer. You can always substitute games with other fun and interactive activities to make the party memorable and sentimental. 


What Can You Do Instead Of Baby Shower Games?

Some ideas you can do instead of baby shower games include pearls of wisdom, arts and crafts, and food stations. For example, have other parents sit around a circle and share their insights with the mom-to-be about parenting. 

You can also send craft bags to guests if it’s a virtual baby shower and you don’t want to play games. Each person can use the items in the bag to decorate things like onesies or design baby alphabet blocks at home. 

And finally, why not have a food party with different interactive-themed stations? For example, guests can make sandwiches, cupcakes, or sundaes. 


What Activities Can You Do At A Baby Shower?

The baby shower is not limited to playing games or eating delicious food. You can also design a party with relaxing treatments, open gifts, or have guests watch presentations. 

The expecting mom will surely appreciate a day of relaxation, and you can give guests baby shower favors with spa essentials like oils and skincare products. Opening gifts are also traditionally practiced at baby showers, but you can make it more fun by having guests guess what’s inside each present. 

This is also an opportunity for the gift giver to share their best wishes with the guests of honor. And finally, prepare a slideshow or video montage for a sentimental greeting to the expecting mom and dad, especially if some family and friends can’t attend the baby shower. 



And that’s it! This list of baby shower games taught you about traditional, ice breaker, co-ed, virtual, and hilariously inappropriate games for the party. 

You can select at least two games and design them for 30 minutes each. And finally, prepare prizes for the winners and personalize the game props for the baby shower theme.

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