What To Wear To A Baby Shower: Guest Etiquette

Guests who are unsure about what to wear to a baby shower can consider three tips to create their outfits for the baby shower. We will discuss what dress code is expected for guests attending baby showers, including the anticipated colors and what not to wear. 

Furthermore, we’ve included some ideas for clothes that male guests can wear to this event. And for all things, baby showers, feel free to browse our blog. 

what to wear to a baby shower

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Tips On What To Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest 


Wear something comfortable for the baby shower

The guest should wear a practical outfit for the baby shower venue, time, and weather. The last thing you want is not to enjoy the event because the fabric or colors are uncomfortable for the baby shower. 

For example, what season will the baby shower be, and where will it be celebrated? Pick dresses or build an outfit that wouldn’t feel too cold or hot according to the weather and venue of the baby shower. 

Furthermore, avoid picking clothes that will make you feel self-conscious. If you think you’ll arrive with a specific top or dress to make you stand out, pick another outfit to wear at the baby shower. 

For instance, baby showers are not the time to showcase your sultry evening gown with a high slit and low back. Or, for the male guest, you don’t want to arrive too casual in ripped jeans and a t-shirt at a baby shower. 


Style your outfit for the baby shower accordingly 

The second factor in deciding what to wear to a baby shower as a guest is to check the dress code. This way, you’ll know how to style your outfit to fit the event’s formality. 

Parents differ in throwing baby showers, so it’s possible to attend a casual or formal baby shower. For a casual baby shower, usually held in the couple’s home, guests can wear comfortable maxi or midi dresses, but a top and dressy pants like trousers should work for women. 

For men, you can always look dapper, even in casual khakis and a buttoned shirt. But for a formal baby shower, usually held in the evening, opt for dark colors and slightly fancy clothes similar to what you’d wear to a cocktail event. 


Ask the host or other guests about their clothes for the baby shower

For the guest’s peace of mind, they can always ask the couple or another guest at the baby shower about their clothes. This way, you can dress your outfit up or down to match the formality of what everyone else will wear. 

You can also build ideas based on what other people will wear to the baby shower. And if you ask the host, you should also check the colors they expect from the guests. 

Baby showers usually have pastel color palettes, so guests can wear soft tones of pink or blue. If it’s a gender reveal party or the couple wants a gender neutral-event, then opt for colors that aren’t usually associated with one specific gender of a baby. 


What Should A Guy Wear To A Baby Shower?

The formality of the baby shower invitation should help the male guest know what clothes he should wear. Most baby showers are dressy casual or smart casual, which means you can wear khakis with a polo or chinos with a buttoned long-sleeved shirt. 

Furthermore, pick an outfit that would be comfortable for the weather at the baby shower. You can also ask the dad for outfit ideas. 

And for the colors, the baby shower theme can inspire the outfit you’ll wear to the event. For example, a nautical-themed baby shower can have male guests in clothes seen on yachts or boats. 

If it’s your first time attending one, read what is a baby shower to know the things to expect. 


Do You Have To Dress Nice For A Baby Shower?

The theme and formality of the baby shower should help guests know what dresses, colors, and outfit ideas to wear. But generally, you still want to look dressy and never arrive too casual. 

You don’t want to look like you’re lounging at home or doing a grocery run while attending the baby shower. Furthermore, the venue, season, and event time can help you style your guest’s outfit. 

On the other end of the scale, guests don’t need to overdress as it’s a baby shower meant to celebrate the parents and their little ones. Think of an outfit you’d wear to a nice party or restaurant.


What Colors Are Typically Worn To A Baby Shower?

Guests usually wear pastel and soft colors to a baby shower. Think of baby blue, lavender, and blush for dresses and dress shirts. 

You can always follow the event theme for the color palette idea. However, if it’s a specific style of the baby shower where the mom and dad should stand out because they’re portraying characters, ensure you won’t wear something that will outshine them. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned what to wear to a baby shower, which should be something comfortable, appropriate, and based on what other guests are wearing. 

A good dress code description for baby showers is dressy casual, but every parent differs in the theme they want. Therefore, check the invite or ask the hosts themselves.

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