What To Wear To My Baby Shower: Styles For Mom To Bes

Mom-to-bes who are unsure of what to wear to my baby shower can consider these outfits and accessories to make your pregnancy even more flattering to your look. We’ll also share some style tips if you want to wear pants than a dress or skirt.

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what to wear to my baby shower


Mom-To-Be Outfit Ideas: What To Wear To My Baby Shower


Perfect-fitting undergarments

Before deciding on the outfit you’ll wear at the baby shower, consider your undergarments first. Pregnancy can get incredibly uncomfortable, so finding the best undergarment is crucial for support. 

Your outfit’s silhouette will also get more flattering with the best-fitting maternity underwear. Think of supportive bras and briefs with belly briefs. 

Furthermore, pick fabrics that are non-irritating and breathable


Flattering and comfortable dress

Dresses are the top outfit choice of mom-to-bes in their baby showers. Not only do maternity dresses come in different styles and colors, but they are also comfortable, especially for bathroom breaks during pregnancy. 

Wrap dresses are always flattering for all types of baby bumps. Then, opt for knee-length or midi dresses, so you don’t need to worry about stepping or dragging the hem of your outfit. 

And for the color, neutrals and pastels are flattering for most skin tones, with pastels preferred for baby showers.


Safe and stylish shoes

Do not forget that your shoes are essential for your look and comfort throughout the event. That said, flat shoes are better than heels for avoiding safety hazards. 

Select the style and color that complement your outfit, and consider the occasion’s dress code. For example, maternity jeans with dressy ankle boots for casual baby showers or a formal maternity dress with closed-toe flat shoes.


Practical accessories to elevate the look

The next element of your party outfit is the accessories. You can use jewelry to dress up or down, while other elements like a blazer, bag, or belt level up your look, even if it’s a simple top and skirt.

From a practical standpoint, you can also wear layers for the party. For example, a baby shower in fall or winter can have the baby’s mom in a dress layered with a cardigan or leggings for warmth. 

You can create an elongated silhouette with the right coat, blazer, or jacket style if you don’t want the focus on your baby bump. But be aware of the materials, as you don’t want fabrics to cling too tightly to the body. 


Embrace the bump

The final tip to look your best with whatever you wear to your baby shower is to embrace the bump. Everyone is looking forward to seeing your bump, and it’s time to embrace your growing curves. 

For example, you can wear a button-down shirt with a long skirt or a v-neck blouse with maternity pants if you want other ideas besides a dress. Now is the time to rock jersey dresses and form-fitting but breathable jeans. 

Furthermore, you can simply modify your usual style into something comfortable for pregnancy. For example, some styles are designed for pregnant women if you love wearing jeans. 


Should I Wear Pants To My Baby Shower?

It’s up to the mom-to-be if she wants to wear pants to her baby shower. If you always wear jeans as your style, wearing the same clothing article at your party might boost your confidence as you’re used to that outfit. 

The only difference is you must pick the style designed for pregnancy to remain comfortable with the jeans or any pants. Maternity jeans are flexible to pair with different tops like a white button-down shirt or a loose blouse. 

Another look you can have for the event is pregnancy trousers. You can combine it with a cami or a blouse before layering a cardigan over the outfit. 


What Color Should You Wear To Your Baby Shower?

There are no specific rules for the baby’s mom’s color should wear to her baby shower. However, the colors popular for baby showers include pastels and light shades, so they’re often what make the mom-to-be’s style. 

Think of wearing a blush maternity dress or coordinated pants and a top in baby blue. A white blouse tucked in a mint green skirt would also look cute for the party. 

But, of course, pick something that matches the event’s theme. For example, if it’s a tropical-themed party, the baby’s mom can wear a green dress with palm leaves and red flowers. 

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Do Moms To Be Wear White At Baby Showers?

Moms don’t have to pick a white outfit for their baby showers. It’s up to them to choose the color to wear, and guests themselves can wear white for their baby shower outfits. 


What Is The Level Of Formality For The Baby Shower?

Check the invitation for the baby shower dress code, as parties differ in formality. But since showers are afternoon affairs, they can be cocktail, smart casual, dressy casual, or semi-formal. 



Was this outfit guide helpful? You just learned what to wear to my baby shower, which should be comfortable for pregnancy but stylish for the party. 

Think of wrap maternity dresses or pregnancy jeans with a loose V-neck blouse. You should also opt for flat shoes over heels and not neglect the fit of your undergarment. 

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