7 Cute Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas You Can Make At Home

If you need to decide what to use as your baby shower backdrop, consider these themes and designs for different occasions. We have baby shower decor backdrops for a baby girl, baby boy, gender-neutral, indoor, outdoor, and even cheap backdrops you can make at home. 

And as a bonus, we have an easy tutorial for installing these decorations at the venue using a PVC frame. But what about other baby shower party supplies? 

baby shower backdrop

You can check where to buy baby shower decorations to prepare all your event decorations for the baby shower. 


7 Cute And Creative Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas For All Budgets And Themes


Baby girl baby shower backdrop 

  • Light and dark pink tulle backdrop hanging like a curtain
  • Purple and blue foil curtain 
  • Custom vinyl backdrop based on the baby shower theme
  • White fabric backdrop with pastel-colored  balloons
  • Wooden backdrop with string lights and faux flowers 


Baby boy baby shower backdrop 

  • Artificial grass background with letter stickers and jungle animal decorations
  • Blue wooden backdrop painted with clouds and hot air balloons
  • Blue, green, and white balloon arch cover half of the curtain backdrop 
  • Plain fabric backdrop with royal blue curtains at the sides and golden details 
  • Two black curtain backdrops with a white panel in the middle, decorated to look like a tuxedo


Gender-neutral baby shower backdrop 

  • Blush, gray, and coffee-colored balloon backdrop 
  • Trellis with greenery and flowers backdrop
  • Custom candy-printed vinyl backdrop
  • Gray wooden panel with metallic decorations
  • Mirror panels with balloons and flowers 


Outdoor baby shower backdrop 

  • Moon-shaped wooden panel with neutral-colored balloons
  • Arch made from branches and greenery garlands
  • Repurposed old door with flowers 
  • Tree with hanging decorations like lights and lanterns 
  • Boho-themed teepee with patterned pillows and colorful carpets around it 


Indoor baby shower backdrop 

  • Rainbow-colored chiffon backdrop 
  • Circular backdrop with the mom-to-be’s chaise lounge beside it
  • Metallic frame with abstract placements of balloons
  • Fabric panel with the dessert table in front of it; you can also read how to decorate baby shower tables to know the best way to present them to guests.


Cheap baby shower backdrop 

  • Decorate your curtains with balloons and faux flowers
  • Paint a wooden panel and decorate it with garlands and string lights
  • Use different colors of metallic foil and DIY baby shower banners


DIY baby shower backdrop 

  • Repurposed wooden door; you can arrange three like a book with wildflowers and greenery
  • Sit a standing mirror against a wall and decorate one side with balloons
  • Arrange different colors of tulle, like a tulle wedding backdrop but with fairy lights


How To Make A Tulle Baby Shower Backdrop

If you don’t believe us that it’s easy to make a backdrop for the baby shower, here’s a tutorial for a cute and colorful tulle backdrop you can modify for any baby shower theme:


  • Tulle fabrics for the baby shower color scheme 
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • String lights
  • Garlands


  1. Measure the length of the area where you’ll put the tulle backdrop using a piece of twine
  2. Cut the tulle in strips at a length that touches the floor of the baby shower venue
  3. Tie the twine on both ends of where you’ll put the backdrop; you can also use hooks
  4. Take the ends of the tulle and tie each one across the string
  5. Drape the tulle between the tied points in the shape of the letter U
  6. Add another color of twine strips over the tulle backdrop as desired; you can start with darker colors and lighter pastel shades, for example
  7. Finish the tulle backdrop with string lights or floral garlands


How To Make A Wooden Baby Shower Backdrop

Another backdrop idea you can do for the baby shower is a wooden panel. Depending on the baby shower theme, you can paint it or keep the natural color.


  • Pallet wood planks as long as you’ll need for the backdrop
  • Two long lightweight wood planks for the frame
  • Wood stain
  • Paint
  • Wood screws 
  • Sandpaper


  1. Sand the wood planks 
  2. Arrange the wood planks beside each other with small gaps in between
  3. Lay the lightweight wood planks across the backdrop edge
  4. Drill pilot holes for the wood screws into the wood
  5. Recess the screws with a countersink bit to keep them from scratching where you’ll put the backdrop 
  6. Stain and paint the wood for your desired baby shower theme 

If you bought a wooden panel or want to repurpose a wooden door as your baby shower backdrop, you can distress it to make it look more unique. This technique will work on any wood, and you’ll only need petroleum jelly. 

  1. Wipe petroleum jelly generously on the parts you want to be distressed; it can be random streaks or where the planks connect
  2. Paint the wooden backdrop with two coats of paint until the original color is no longer visible; no need to use a primer
  3. Let the paint cure and then scrape the areas where you’ve put petroleum jelly; use a metal spatula to remove the paint
  4. Sand the planks to reveal some wood parts underneath to finish the look 


Do You Need A Backdrop At A Baby Shower?

Your venue is the top consideration when deciding about having a backdrop at the baby shower. For example, an indoor baby shower party might look more organized if the focal point, like the cake table or where the guests of honor will sit, has a backdrop to make it stand out. 

There might also be areas of the venue that you want to cover or hide. On the other hand, having a backdrop at an outdoor venue is also an opportunity for photoshoots, as you can decorate it with the baby shower theme. 

The backdrop even acts as a way to cover that section of space for some privacy. However, some baby shower backdrops need to be installed, and you’ll need to ask the venue coordinator if they have policies you must follow. 

Will you have your baby shower party outside, and there’s a pavilion? Besides having a backdrop, check these tips on how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower.


What Is The Size Of The Backdrop At A Baby Shower Party?

The backdrop is the background of a particular spot at the baby shower party, so it’s significantly bigger than other baby shower decorations. It’s not a simple banner, so the backdrop can be as big as 5 by 7 feet if it’s a curtain-like decoration. 

If it’s a solid background you’ll make or a set you’ll assemble at the venue, it can be as big as 13.3 to 13.8 by 10 feet. Measuring the area where you’ll put the backdrop is essential to ensure it will look proportionate once installed. 

Another trend with baby shower backdrops nowadays is to use one or a few smaller background decorations with balloons. You can make half of a balloon arch to cover one side of a small backdrop for the baby shower. 


How Is The Baby Shower Backdrop Hung?

The baby shower’s cheapest but most versatile backdrop is a curtain or fabric-style background. You can hang them similarly to a curtain by reusing hooks or a curtain rod. 

Check the wall or ceiling where you’ll place the baby shower backdrop to know the best way to hang it. You can make a backdrop stand if the venue does not allow you to install hooks and wires. 

This is also convenient for setting up and breaking down baby shower decorations after the party. You can easily position the backdrop from place to place without damaging where you’ve installed it. 


How to make a PVC backdrop stand for the baby shower

This backdrop stand measures 7 by 8 feet, so please adjust the measurements accordingly if you use a smaller backdrop for the baby shower. 

Materials (all for 1-inch diameter pipes):

  • 4 PVC pipes 
  • 2 PVC slip elbows
  • 4 PVC tee connectors
  • 4 PVC caps


  1. Cut the PVC pipes into two 74-inch pipes, two 3-inch pipes, four 24-inch pipes, and two 92-inch pipes
  2. Take the 24-inch pipes and put the PVC caps on them, and put their remaining ends onto the tee connectors to have the base of the backdrop stand 
  3. Push the 3-inch pipes onto the tee connectors of the two bases 
  4. Push the tee connector onto the other end of the 3-inch pipe the other way 
  5. Tighten the installation of the PVC parts with a rubber mallet
  6. Position the two bases on the floor apart 
  7. Place the 74-inch and 92-inch pipes with the slip elbows near the bases and push the longest pipe into the remaining slot of one of the tee connectors
  8. Repeat with the other base and install the elbow pieces onto the other ends of the 92-inch pipes
  9. Attach the remaining 74-inch pipes to the elbow pieces installed on the previous step
  10. Push the ends of the 74-inch pipes onto the tee connectors of the base to finish the backdrop frame 



And that’s it! You just learned the most unique baby shower backdrop ideas for different party themes. 

Some of them are cheap, and you can make them at home. However, the most uncomplicated baby shower backdrop you can make is a curtain-style tulle backdrop that you can hang on curtain rods or with a frame you can make from PVC pipes. 

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