5 Baby Shower Game Prizes Your Guests Will Love

Are you trying to come up with baby shower game prizes that will encourage your guests to play and participate in the baby shower games? You want to give game prizes that every guest will want to win but also rewarding and thoughtful items for everyone who attended your baby shower. 

These fun prize ideas range from unique items, gifts you can make at home, and cheap prizes for every budget. We’ve also listed the best gift cards and things to put in a gift basket or bag for the baby shower game prize. 

baby shower game prizes

And if you haven’t planned the games to play at your baby shower, here are fun baby shower games that will make your party stand out from others. 


The Best Baby Shower Game Prizes Your Guests Will Want To Win


Unique Baby Shower Game Prizes For Guests

Your guests will want to win your games if the prize they’ll get is something out-of-the-box or an item they may not buy for themselves. These prize ideas are also a fun surprise for the winners, especially because they’re not commonly given at parties. 

  • Lottery tickets: surprise your baby shower game winners with lottery tickets that might also contain lucky numbers and win them a generous prize
  • Cupcake baking kit: you can share a tried and tested cupcake recipe with the game-winner along with everything they’ll need to bake the cupcakes at home
  • Adult coloring books: adult coloring books are a great way to relieve stress, and you can even throw in some markers and pens with this prize 
  • Seed packets and markers: seed packets are among the most unique baby shower prizes you can give to the winning guest, especially for a spring baby shower; you can also include cute plant markers that match the baby shower theme
  • Resin kit: there are many fun DIY craft items you can make with a resin kit, and it’s a unique prize to win at a game compared to other common art kit prizes like paint kits


Easy DIY Baby Shower Game Prizes

You can make your baby shower prizes more sentimental and memorable to the guests by making them yourself. But what’s great with these DIY prize ideas is they are also things people have a use for and won’t end up being stored or thrown out after the party. 

  • Homemade goodies: if you enjoy making sweets and pastries, you can curate a selection of delicious goodies in cute containers like mason jars or bags; some creative and yummy homemade goods that guests will surely love are cookies, artisan chocolate, or candied fruits
  • Bath salts and bath bombs: you can make bath salts and bath bombs at home in colors and scents inspired by your baby shower theme; you can also add dried flowers to make them more visually pleasing and fragrant
  • Potpourris: potpourris are natural home fresheners made from flowers, herbs, spices, and essentials oils, and you can put them in cute sachet bags as baby shower prizes
  • Lip balm: a cute baby shower prize idea for a girl baby shower is a pink DIY lip balm in a tin where you can also put on themed stickers; an easy lip balm recipe you can do uses virgin coconut oil, lemon essential oil, and raspberry gelatin mix
  • Coasters: you want your DIY baby shower prizes to be still useful, and coasters are among the things that are fun to do but will surely be used by the person who received it; be creative with your coaster material or design like ceramic coasters with maps, scrabble tiles glued together, or painted tiles that look like constellations to give you some inspirations 


Cheap Baby Shower Game Prizes Under $20

Your runner-up baby shower prizes can cost between $5 to $10, but it doesn’t mean you’re limited to items that guests won’t probably like or use. Here are some gift ideas that suit every budget for the winners of baby shower games 

  • Flowers or succulents: you can give away mini cactus plants as your baby shower prizes; you can buy them in sets to save more, as some only cost $32 for 10 different mini succulents or around $3 to $4 per plant
  • Stationery: purchase different colors of papers and pens that suit the baby shower theme and color scheme as your baby shower prizes
  • Mixed nuts: buy different nuts in bulk and arrange them beautifully inside mason jars for an edible terrarium
  • Tote bags: tote bags are relatively cheap, and printing designs on them at home is easy with stencils, fabric paint, or tie-dye
  • Coffee sleeves: purchase unique coffee sleeves, get them customized, or make them at home with templates or other craft materials; these are cheap baby shower prize ideas as they typically cost under $20  


Best Gift Card Ideas For Baby Shower Game Prizes

A gift card is one of the best prizes to give the winners of your baby shower games. You can also consider a gift card of $20 or higher for your raffles and games like the diaper raffle or the dirty diaper door game. 

  • Amazon: most people buy things at Amazon, so it’s an easy choice if you don’t know what gift card prize you’ll give at the baby shower
  • Starbucks: treat your winning guests with a $25 Starbucks gift card
  • Mastercard: Guests will be inspired to win a MasterCard prepaid gift card prize as it can be used worldwide
  • Bookshop: consider a Bookshop digital gift card as your baby shower game prize if you know your guests love books; and best of all, this never expires
  • Streaming service gift card: whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or other popular streaming services, a gift card from them will not only be appreciated by the winner, but you can also buy them online for convenience 


Best Gift Basket and Gift Box Ideas For Baby Shower Game Prizes

Gift boxes and gift baskets are ideal grand prizes for baby shower games. You can set a budget for each gift box or basket, where the grand prize can cost $25 and up to entice guests into trying to win the baby shower games. 

  • Kitchen essentials: who wouldn’t love a gift basket with kitchen utensils, a recipe book, convenient kitchen gadgets, and tools like an egg timer or coffee grinder?
  • Movie night: prepare a movie night basket with popcorn, soda, candy bars, and a comfy blanket
  • Spa-at-home: guests will enjoy a pamper gift basket with essential oils, face masks, lotion, and other relaxing items for a relaxing evening at home
  • Coffee and tea gift box: you can choose different tea bags and coffee beans to put in a gift box; make sure to include flavors and mixes that are high-quality and from sources known in the industry 
  • Wine set: complete with wine glasses, your grand prize for the baby shower game can be a bottle of wine that wine nerds will want to have


How Many Prizes Should Be At A Baby Shower?

Each baby shower game should have two to three prizes. The type of the baby shower game and the budget for the grand prize can also influence how many gifts you’ll prepare for the winners of that particular game. 

But in general, you want one grand prize for the winner and a runner-up gift. If you’re feeling generous or the game has multiple rounds, you can prepare several more baby shower prizes. 

You might also prepare special prizes not just for winners. Perhaps some participants made the game even more fun, so why not give them a keepsake gift since they make everyone enjoy the game more? 


What if there’s a tie at a baby shower game?

You can do another round to break the tie or give two prizes to the baby shower game winners. This is why it would be helpful always to prepare extra prizes for games in case there are multiple winners. 


Should All Baby Shower Prizes Be The Same?

Your baby shower prizes should be different, so guests will be more curious or would want to participate in different games. Your grand prize should also be enticing to win and shouldn’t be too close to the number of runner-up gifts. 

For example, the diaper raffle can have a generous gift card as the main prize to encourage guests to join and bring more diapers for the tickets. On the contrary, your runner-up gifts for other baby shower games can cost under $20. 

Your game can also inspire the type of prize you’ll give. For example, if it’s a food-related baby shower game, you might offer the winners a gift basket of goodies.

If you want more baby shower prize ideas, learn what kind of prizes for baby shower games


What Is The Average Cost Of A Baby Shower Game Prize?

The average cost of a baby shower game prize is $20 for the winner’s prize. Then, you can have several gifts for the runner-ups at $5 or higher. 

You can always spend over $20 for the baby shower grand prize to make it more exciting and have guests want to win the game. Perhaps it’s a gift card or a gift basket with items that are hard to find. 

However, remember that there are typically two to three baby shower games. You should manage your game prize budget to ensure that each game equally has good prizes for the guests. 


What’s the difference between baby shower prizes and baby shower favors?

Baby shower prizes are gifts given to the winners of the baby shower games. On the other hand, baby shower favors are gifts given to everyone who attended the party. 

Therefore, you’ll need as many favors as the baby shower guests but fewer prizes since these items are only given for each game. Typically, baby showers have three games that are half an hour long for each and would need two prizes. 

So if you have three baby shower games, you’ll need six baby shower prizes. And if it’s a 25-person event, you’ll need 25 baby shower favors or count one per household in co-ed baby showers. 

For ideas on what keepsakes to give guests who attended the party, read our list of the best baby shower favors


What Are Some Creative Ways To Wrap Baby Shower Game Prizes?

Your baby shower theme can inspire how you wrap the games’ prizes. For example, a girl baby shower can have the prizes wrapped as gifts in pink paper or blue paper if it’s a boy baby shower. 

You can also use burlap and twine for a boho-themed baby shower or include cute decors like seashells for a mermaid-themed baby shower. Alternatively, the baby shower game may have a theme that can inspire how you wrap the prizes. 

For example, if it’s a diaper relay game, put your gift card grand prize in a diaper-shaped envelope for a unique and fun way to wrap it. Otherwise, you can prepare gifts for the winners like any other prize in a game. 

If it’s a gift basket, then wrap it like any other gift basket. You can always add a cute mini toy or a patterned bow so your game prizes match your baby shower’s decor and color scheme. 


Are Prizes Necessary For Baby Shower Games?

It’s up to the host if they want to prepare prizes for the baby shower games. Baby shower games are played for fun, like at any party, but having prizes can encourage more guests to participate in games. 

In raffles like the baby shower diaper raffle, more guests will likely give diapers for raffle tickets if you’ll prepare a good prize. And, of course, even if it’s a DIY prize, it’s an excellent incentive for guests who joined the game and made the party more entertaining to everyone. 



And that’s it! We just learned the best baby shower game prizes that will surely encourage your guests to participate and try to win your baby shower games. 

Consider unique items, or why not make the gifts yourself? You also don’t need to spend too much on game prizes, as seen in our prize ideas under $20. 

And, of course, gift cards and gift baskets make a fantastic grand prize idea for your baby shower game winner. 

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