Where To Buy Baby Shower Decorations

If you’re unsure where to buy baby shower decorations, consider three places. Each of these shops offers different items that are great value. 

But besides buying party supplies and products for the baby shower, do you consider DIY baby shower decorations? Try this easy tutorial on painting mason jars for the baby shower

where to buy baby shower decorations


Where To Buy Baby Shower Decorations



Amazon offers an incredible array of party supplies for different occasions. And if you need baby shower decorations, they offer a set with 40 items that would suit a rustic baby shower. 

For only $22.95, you’ll get 40 pieces of decorations from Naha Flume Store. The items include paper lanterns, honeycomb balls, pompoms, balloons, ribbons, and garlands. 

The supplies are easy to assemble, including the balloons and garlands. The reviews are also satisfactory, and the items are enough to set up the party’s focal point, such as the cake table. 



Etsy is the ideal shop for hosts looking for unique baby shower party decorations. Since there are many products to choose from, consider party supplies with different items for a reasonable price. 

For example, try the 82-piece baby shower decorations from Regal Creation Designs. The set costs only $26.99 as of this writing, and you’ll get different supplies that are easy to modify for every baby shower theme.  

You can customize names and greetings with the alphabet letters and spell out “baby” with transparent boxes. There are also 32 pieces of balloons, and you can choose from different colors for various party themes. 



Those not looking for a set of products and need specific baby shower decorations can check the items from Zazzle. You can take advantage of how organized the store is to find the products you need for the party. 

Zazzle has different baby shower supplies like banners, backdrops, balloons, and even confetti. For the backdrop, you can get specific design themes for a baby girl or baby boy shower. 

There are also gender-neutral party supplies if the baby shower does not mention the baby’s gender. A cute backdrop with baby animals that you can use behind your baby shower stage costs $66.92, but you can use Klarna if you can’t pay in cash. 


What Decorations Should I Buy For A Baby Shower?

It can be overwhelming to determine what specific supplies and items you’ll need for the baby shower. The theme and venue elements should help you know what baby shower decorations to buy. 

Here’s a list of all the products usually needed to decorate for a baby shower party:

  • Banners and signs: greetings, names, baby, various signs for the guests
  • Balloons: different colors, types, and sizes based on the baby shower theme
  • Backdrop: to highlight the party focal point or hide some venue areas
  • Garlands: to add decorations to the space or spell out a greeting
  • Diaper cake: classic baby shower decoration made from stacked rolled diapers
  • Stork: symbolic decoration made from diapers to symbolize good luck for the expecting parents
  • Table covers: needed for some tables
  • Chairs and tables: can be rented
  • Confetti: to add colors to the party
  • Flowers: classy and colorful decorations to enhance the venue


How Much Does A Baby Shower Decor Cost?

You can expect to spend about $25 for baby shower decorations with balloons and garlands. Some items, like the backdrop, might be pricier, which would go over $50, depending on the size. 

Flowers, lights, balloons, and covers are also needed, and some can be rented for a cheaper price if required. If you’re having the party at home, consider using an outdoor space so you won’t need as many decorations. 

You can also have a picnic baby shower at the park, which won’t need as many decorations as indoor themes. Here’s how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower to learn more about this baby shower. 


What Are Some Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Decoration Options?

Reusable baby shower decorations that the expecting parents can benefit from and items made from repurposed materials are fantastic baby shower decorations for the eco-conscious host. For example, centerpieces might be made from rolled baby socks or mini cakes to decorate the venue from diapers. 

You can also upcycle mason jars, fabric scraps, or excess paper to decorate the baby shower venue. And instead of balloons, you can make pompoms and paper chains for the baby shower. 


What Are Some Things To Consider When Buying Baby Shower Decorations?

Here are some things to remember when shopping for baby shower decorations:

  • Set a budget for the party decorations and stick to it
  • Determine the baby shower theme
  • Plan the layout of the baby shower decorations based on the venue
  • Compare the costs of renting and buying baby shower decorations
  • Check if some items can be DIY 
  • Reuse some existing supplies at home
  • Opt for decorations that can be reused or become favors and gifts



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy baby shower decorations: Amazon, Etsy, and Zazzle. 

Consider items in a set to get the best value for money. Let us also know below if you have another shop you want to share with other baby shower hosts looking for decorations and supplies for the party. 

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