How To Decorate A Park Pavilion For A Baby Shower

Simplify the process into five steps to learn how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower easily. In this guide, you’ll know how to plan the layout, create a focal point, make some decorations stand out, and maximize the celebration venue. 

We’ll also discuss having a baby shower in the park or backyard. And if you want help with planning, you can always read how much do event planners charge for a baby shower

how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower


How To Decorate A Park Pavilion For A Baby Shower


Plan the pavilion layout

To know what decorations you’ll need, you must design the layout for the pavilion. Decide where you’ll put the stage, tables, and guests. 

Will the baby shower need the guests sitting, or is it more of a cocktail event? Will the baby shower games need some space in the venue?

You will also consider the pavilion size for the party to know what rentals and other items are needed. And if it’s a public park, then learn the restrictions when using the area for the celebration. 


Determine the focal point

The focal point for the baby shower venue can be the chair/chairs where the guest or guests of honor will sit. It can also be the stage for the MC and baby shower guests the guests can watch as others participate. 

Make that area stand out by using a balloon arch, enormous decorations, or garlands. You can also use a backdrop to cover that area of the pavilion. Consider sizeable decorations for this part of the park pavilion. 

You can create decorations made from diapers, onesies, and other baby items. Some cheap ideas include boxes painted like baby building blocks or giant teddy bears you already own at home. 


Make the gift and cake tables stand out

The gift and cake tables can also highlight the baby shower venue. Set a space at the baby shower venue for these tables and add cards to label them. 

You can have the gift table by the entrance so the guests can put their gifts on it as they arrive. Your cake table can also include some drinks and other desserts for the baby shower. 

Consider adding a banner, balloons, and other decorations related to the baby shower theme, so these tables don’t look out of place. You can also display the prizes for the party raffles and games alongside them. 


Utilize the pavilion ceiling and posts

The posts and the pavilion’s ceiling can be used for baby shower decorations. Some ideas include wrapping garlands around the posts and hanging banners on the ceiling. 

You can also use lanterns and lights along the ceiling. Fabric draping is another cheap alternative to decorate these parts of the pavilion. 

However, remember to ensure that your decorations won’t become hindrances to the guests. You don’t want people accidentally getting caught on decorations or the hanging decor blocking the view of guests. 


Decorate the pavilion’s path

The path leading to the pavilion can also be decorated. You can have an arch on the other end to welcome the people to the event. 

You can have oversized signs and boxes by the entrance or line the path with flower arrangements. There are many options to decorate the way, but keep the weather in mind, as the items won’t be shaded.

And if you don’t have the decors yet, read where to buy baby shower decorations


How Big Is A Park Pavilion?

Pavilions vary in size, so it’s essential to consider that when decorating the baby shower venue. Rectangular venues are ideal if you’ll have many guests for the event. 

But pavilions, commonly seen in parks, typically range from 16 by 16 feet to 30 by 30 feet. These square pavilions cover rest areas and other recreational set-ups at parks. 

Remember that guests need to have 6 to 10 square feet of space for party comfort. Cocktail parties where guests are mostly standing up won’t need as much space as sit-down brunches for baby showers.


What Is The Budget For Decorating The Park Pavilion For A Baby Shower?

The budget for decorating the park pavilion should make up 5 to 10% of the total baby shower budget. The good news is most parks allow events for free or would only require a small fee compared to booking an indoor venue. 

Therefore, your budget for the pavilion baby shower would only cover the decorations. However, you must check the park regulations to ensure that you follow everything. 

You might be limited with the decorations you can use, or you can’t put decor on some parts of the pavilion. If it’s public property, you don’t want to cause any damage to the pavilion.


Who Will Be Responsible For Decorating The Park Pavilion?

The host will be responsible for decorating the park pavilion. Therefore, if you’re throwing someone’s baby shower, you need to check the rental information of the park pavilion in advance. 

For example, the lakeside park pavilion in Wisconsin can be reserved in person or online. If you choose to make the reservation in person, you need to know when to visit their City Payments Office. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to decorate a park pavilion for a baby shower by starting with the layout, creating focal points, highlighting special tables, decorating the posts, and including the pavilion path. 

However, check the policies if you have a baby shower at a public park. You should also reserve early on to ensure you can book the venue for the event.

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