7 Delicious And Cute Baby Shower Cookies To Wow Guests

Do you want cute and delicious ideas for baby shower cookies? These are the easiest and best cookie recipes and how to present them as favors and desserts for your baby girl, baby boy, and tea party baby showers. 

You’ll also know cheap baby shower cookie recipes, the easiest cookies anyone can make, and the most indulgent cookies that will wow your guests. And as a bonus, we’ve discussed how early you can make the baby shower cookies and how many you’ll need to make or order for the favors or party tables. 

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7 Baby Shower Cookies For All Baby Shower Themes And Needs


Baby Shower Cookies For Baby Girl Baby Shower

These pink and cute baby shower cookies will make any baby girl party stand out:


Onesie sugar cookies

One of the cutest baby shower desserts to have at a baby girl baby shower are frosted sugar cookies in pastel colors. You can use any sugar cookie recipe, purchase a onesie cookie cutter that’s around $7, then frost them with royal icing. 


Rose shortbread cookies

You can delight your baby girl baby shower cookie table with a pink dessert from rose shortbread cookies. You’ll sandwich rosewater buttercream between flower-shaped shortbread cookies; don’t forget to use a star tip for the frosting for added decorative appeal. 


Strawberry cake cookies

You can have an easy pink baby shower cookie at the baby girl baby shower cookies: strawberry cake cookies with white chocolate chips. You’ll use a boxed strawberry cake mix with your usual cookie ingredients like eggs, baking powder, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract. 


Baby Shower Cookies For Baby Boy Baby Shower

Try these recipes for the blue baby shower that’s beyond chocolate chip cookies: 


Oatmeal bear cookies

For a woodland-themed baby boy baby shower, delight the guests with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that look like cute bears. You will make a dough ball for the bear head, three small balls for the snout and ears, then after baking, use chocolate chips to decorate these oatmeal bears.  


Blue baby steps cookies

A unique baby shower cookie to have at the baby boy baby shower is blue baby steps. Like the onesie sugar cookies, you’ll also use a footprint cookie cutter on your sugar cookie dough and then decorate it with blue royal icing. 


Chocolate-coated Oreo cookies

One of the easiest and crowd-favorite cookie recipes to have at your baby boy party is Oreo cookies covered in chocolate. It’s as easy as melting candy melts or chocolate chips in a double boiler or microwave, then dipping each Oreo cookie in them using a bowl and fork. 


Baby Shower Cookies For Tea Party Baby Shower

These recipes will complement your tea and other hot beverages at the baby shower for sure:


Jam-filled butter cookies

Jam-filled cookies will be something your guests will enjoy at a tea party baby shower. The tangy sweetness of jam with the crunchy butter cookies will pair well with different teas. 


Italian butter cookies

Italian butter cookies are not just a feast for the tastebuds but also for the eyes. The delectable crunchy and buttery cookies are leveled up with chocolate, pistachio nuts, coconut flakes, or even apricot jam. 


Vegan shortbread cookies

If your guests are not fond of very sweet cookie recipes, try serving vegan shortbread cookies at your tea party shower. This healthy recipe uses all-purpose flour, confectioner’s sugar, and plant-based butter.


Cute Baby Shower Cookie Favors Your Guests Will Love


Funfetti sugar cookies

You can prepare bags of funfetti sugar cookies for your baby shower favors. You can even make its cookie dough four days before the baby shower if stored in the refrigerator.


Unicorn meringue cookies

A fun gender-reveal baby shower cookie favor idea is unicorn meringue cookies in blue, pink, and purple. It’s easy to combine three colors of meringue with interlocking coupler pieces that only cost around $10 on Amazon. 


Button vanilla cream cheese cookies  

Another delicious baby shower favor to give your guests are vanilla cream cheese cookies that look like buttons. Your guests will surely finish their goodie bags of colorful buttons made from cream cheese, butter, sugar, vanilla, flour, and baking powder. 


Easy Baby Shower Cookie Recipes Anyone Can Make

Even if you don’t often bake or it’s your first time, surprise yourself and guests with these beginner-friendly baby shower cookies:


Peanut butter cookies

Classic peanut butter cookies are easy to make, even if you’re not very experienced with baking. No complicated techniques are needed as you can use your fork to decorate the cookies with a pattern, then bake the dough until you notice the edges turn golden. 


Lemon drop cookies 

Introduce a variety of flavors to your baby shower cookie table by adding a lemon drop cookie among the choices. It is so-called because you’ll take and drop spoonfuls of dough onto the baking sheet, so beginners will also have fun making these cookies. 


No-bake apple cookies

The easiest baby shower cookie recipe you should try but still wow guests at the baby shower is a no-bake apple cookie. You’ll only mix applesauce, almond butter, and oats, then shape them into cookies before refrigerating. 

Want more? Read how to make baby shower cookies for more delicious recipes that even people who hate baking will enjoy. 


Cheap But Delicious Baby Shower Cookies For Those On A Budget

Few ingredients mean lower cookie cost, but this doesn’t mean you’re comprising on deliciousness: 


5-ingredient chocolate chip cookies

Save on the baby shower dessert costs by making chocolate chip cookies only from all-purpose flour, brown sugar, eggs, butter, and chocolate chips. The secret is the dough should be creamy before adding the chocolate, and then bake until slightly brown. 


3-ingredient sugar cookies

Did you know you only need all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, and unsalted butter to make a budget-friendly sugar cookie? And if you want to decorate them, a basic royal icing recipe only needs sugar, meringue powder, and food color. 


3-ingredient butter cookies

You only need all-purpose flour, softened butter, and powdered sugar to make delicious butter cookies for your baby shower. Use different cookie cutters to match the baby shower theme. 


Delicious Baby Shower Cookies Your Guests Will Surely Remember

The baby shower is a time to celebrate and indulge in deliciousness, and these cookie recipes will have your tastebuds thanking you later:


Salted chocolate chip cookies 

Use sea salt to cut through the sweetness of chunky chocolate chip cookies. Your guests should ask for the recipe if they receive them as favors.


Peanut butter cup cookies

Are you a fan of peanut butter cups? Serve peanut butter cup cookies at your baby shower by putting the dough balls into a mini muffin tin, inserting peanut butter cups in them, then cooling completely. 


Big soft ginger cookies

Sometimes, a cookie can be delicious without frosting and chocolate. Use cinnamon and molasses with your basic ginger cookie dough recipe to create a warm and cozy flavor that guests want to smell and munch on. 


How Do You Organize Baby Shower Cookies?

There are many set-up ideas you can do for your baby shower cookies. Consider your theme and size for a cohesive, organized, but eye-catching cookie table at the party that guests want to check out or take a picture of. 

  • Group the cookies based on types (e.g., have a different tray, plates, or boxes for the chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, for example)
  • Use different sizes, heights, shapes, and colors of containers for the desserts (.e.g, tiered cookie stands, tall jars, colorful trays, or plates in different shapes like letters or symbols based on the baby shower theme
  • Present the smaller cookies at the front of the larger cookies; use different heights for the cookies to maximize the table space 
  • You can stack cookies or have them lying on each other like fallen dominoes
  • Categorize the cookies based on colors
  • Put colorful or decorated labels to let the guests know what cookies are presented

And to do your baby shower cookies justice, know how to decorate and present them on the party table. Here’s how to make a candy table for a baby shower that you can also apply when setting up dessert tables at any other party. 


How Far In Advance Can Baby Shower Cookies Be Made?

The most common cookie recipe used in baby showers is the sugar cookie, and you can make it as early as a week before the event. Another option is to do the cookie dough for shortbread cookies three days before the baby shower so you can make them a day or night before the party. 

After baking and decorating, you can store cookies in an airtight container and inside the fridge three days before the baby shower. Just be mindful of the type of decoration or frosting you’ll use as you don’t want it sweating when you serve them at the table or pack in boxes for the favors. 

What about other baby shower cookie recipes? Butter cookies can be kept for a month, while peanut butter cookies are good for two weeks after baking. 

Meringues are also famous in baby showers because they can be colored pink and blue. You can choose a recipe that is not soft inside, which will last for a month, but it might go stale quickly if you add other ingredients or use a recipe where the inside is like a marshmallow. 


What Cookies Stay Fresh The Longest?

Dry cookies stay fresh the longest, so they’re your ideal desserts if you want to make the recipes in advance or you’ll display them at an outdoor baby shower venue. They also pack nicely in bags or boxes as baby shower favors. 

  • Shortbread cookies: refrigerated shortbread cookies can last for ten days
  • Gingerbread cookies: undecorated gingerbread cookies can stay fresh for three weeks
  • Danish butter cookies: Danish butter cookies can be stored at room temperature for five days
  • Cinnamon cookies: you can freeze cinnamon cookies, and they’ll be good for three months
  • Almond cookies: freshly baked almond cookies are good for up to 10 days
  • Peanut butter cookies: let your peanut butter cookies cool and store them for a week at room temperature
  • Oatmeal cookies: oatmeal cookies can be stored in the freezer for two months 
  • Butterscotch cookies: you can store butterscotch cookies at room temperature for one week


How to store cookies and keep them fresh

Whether you make the cookies in advance or you have many leftover desserts from the baby shower, here are some tips to help them stay fresh and delicious for longer:

  • If used as baby shower desserts or favors, decorate or frost them the same day of the baby shower
  • Store cookies only after they’ve cooled completely
  • Use an airtight container when storing cookies
  • Make sure the spot where you’ll put the cookies is out of direct heat and sunlight 
  • Organize different types and flavors of cookies in other containers
  • Use parchment paper in between layers when stacking cookies in deep containers 

What about storing cookie dough? According to the USDA, you can store homemade cookie dough in the fridge for up to 4 days or two months in the freezer. 


How Many Baby Shower Cookies Do You Need?

You can count three to four cookies per guest at the baby shower, but it can be fewer if you serve other baby shower desserts. Some people might take a cake slice, while others don’t like sweets at all. 

You should also count an odd number for each bag or box if you’re giving away cookies as baby shower favors. Therefore, if it’s three per favor bag and you’ll have 25 baby shower guests, you can multiply 25 by 3. 

Some co-ed showers might also have two people from the same household, so you can count one cookie favor bag for them. Regardless, you can always have extra baby shower cookies to give to guests or vendors who helped with the baby shower. 



Does this list have you drooling? We just learned the best recipes for baby shower cookies. 

From classic frosted sugar cookies, salty and sweet chocolate chip cookies, to colorful cookies made from boxed cake and meringue, these options will surely make your baby shower dessert table memorable and have guests wanting a second piece. And if you’re preparing them as baby shower favors, count an odd number for each bag or box or serve a guest up to four cookies if you’re serving them as the party desserts. 

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