Are Wedding Rings Pagan: Wedding Ring History Explained

The answer to are wedding rings pagan can be yes, but other explanations lead to wedding rings losing their pagan meaning or origin. We will discuss in more detail why wedding rings are thought to be of pagan origin and if wearing one means you’re practicing paganism. 

We’ve even included the history of wearing a wedding ring. And for comparison, you might like to read what does the wedding ring symbolize in Christianity

are wedding rings pagan


Are Wedding Rings Pagan Or Biblical?

The wedding ring can be considered pagan, especially when you view the ring as the symbol of marital commitment. However, since this pagan symbol is secularized, the wedding bands are mentioned to lose their pagan meaning. 

Some references mentioned that Christians, throughout the years, have worn rings to express their commitment to their spouse. Because of this marital symbolism of rings against the attempt of religious leaders to restrict the usage to only one ring, the wedding ring is up to the wearer if they consider it pagan. 

However, it’s also worth mentioning that wearing wedding rings has no sacredness nor biblical sanction. More often, the ring is a way to notify the public of the marital commitment of the wearer and is not related to believing that wearing it will ensure unending love and devotion. 


Why do some people think wedding rings are pagan?

 Wedding rings can be related by some people to paganism because it’s a nature-based religion. The wedding bands are pagan since they are usually made from natural materials like metals. 

Pagans believe all natural elements have spirits and value using materials in your homeland. More so, if you used such natural material for your homeland for an item to give to another person. 


Is wearing a wedding ring pagan?

So if wearing wedding rings pagan? The answer will depend on the wearer’s beliefs, but wearing the wedding band is not a pagan practice. 

Practicing paganism, you can view the ring as a natural material. If not, you can look at the ring as a tradition or personal preference to symbolize your commitment. 

There are no right or wrong answers because the word pagan has many interpretations. Your personal belief will dictate if you think wearing wedding rings is pagan. 


Is It Biblical To Use A Wedding Ring?

It’s not considered biblical to use a wedding or engagement ring since the bible does not mentions using tokens of love in the marriage ceremony. However, some people believe that since the bible mentions the importance of marriage as a lifelong commitment and the wedding ring symbolizes this, so the choice is up to you to use a wedding band or not. 

You can wear a wedding ring if you believe it encourages faithfulness and strengthens the marriage bond. But if you’re also worried if it can be interpreted as a pagan wedding ring, remember that it’s up to the wearer how they interpret the use of wedding rings. 


Should married Christians wear wedding rings?

Wedding rings are not required for married Christians as the bible does not indicate using finger rings as nuptial or betrothal symbols. But nowadays, Christian couples use wedding rings to symbolize an unending commitment to their marriage. 

The wedding bands can remind us of the marriage covenant and, by extension, the covenant of Christ with his bride. And of course, even church weddings nowadays include the ring exchange ceremony. 


Where Did Wedding Rings Originate From?

The wedding band does not originate as a pagan wedding ring. Instead, the origins of wedding rings can be traced back to Egyptian pharaohs who first used the ring to symbolize eternity because of the circular shape. 

The open center of the ring was also thought to be the gateway to the unknown, and the shape is similar to the sun and moon that Egyptians worshipped. Then, during medieval times, wedding rings began changing and having precious gems. 

Medieval Europeans used different stones for various symbolic meanings. For example, the diamonds seen in most wedding rings nowadays are thought to symbolize strength. 


When did engagement rings and wedding rings become two separate rings?

Having two separate rings for the engagement and wedding was started in Medieval England. Back then, the couple offers each other consent by giving and accepting a ring. 

In the 8th century, if a man offered a woman a ring that she accepted, it was a wedding ceremony. But of course, this leads to confusion since the legitimacy can be questionable if the couple later denies the wedding. 

Fast forward to the 12th century, the Christian church declared marriage a holy sacrament, and rings were used, so no man should put a ring on any woman’s hand unless the marriage was intended. 

Because of this history, two types of rings used for personal engagement and wedding ceremonies were practiced. As for the men’s history for wedding bands, read when did men start wearing wedding rings



Was this read helpful? To recap are wedding rings pagan, the answer depends on the wearer. 

Paganism is a nature-based religion, so using wedding rings made from natural materials made people relate wedding rings as pagan. But as for the biblical relation, wedding rings were not mentioned in the bible. 

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