How To Ask For Gift Cards For Baby Shower

If you’re unsure how to ask for gift cards for baby shower, consider these two steps. We’ll discuss the etiquette of requesting gift cards as baby shower gifts. 

You’ll know the correct wording for the baby shower invitation to avoid offending family and friends. And as a general guide, expecting parents can also read how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation

how to ask for gift cards for baby shower


Etiquette On How To Ask For Gift Cards For Baby Shower


Mention the request on the baby registry or invitations

The best way to let the guests know you prefer gift cards over items as your baby shower gifts is on the invitations. However, you don’t want to seem like you’re obligating the guests about the gift cards. 

It should sound like a suggestion to maintain tact with family and friends. Your wording could imply that gift cards are appreciated as baby shower gifts. 

You can also have a baby shower website where you’ll explain why you prefer gift cards. And, of course, you can include gift cards on the gift list at the baby registry. 


Use the correct wording when asking for gift cards

A brief but respectful wording to request gift cards as baby shower gifts from guests is “Gift cards are appreciated” or “If you wish to send us gifts for our baby, gift cards are appreciated.” Note that you don’t want to sound like you’re obligating guests. 

Another option is to include gift cards, among other things, in your registry. This way, you’re giving family and friends options with the gifts. 

You can also have a social media page for baby showers to post about the gift preference. Mention how you’ll use the gift cards and only select stores that would be useful for the baby and not for personal items. 


Do You Ask For Gift Cards Or Cash For A Baby Shower?

Nowadays, it’s acceptable for expecting parents to ask for gift cards and cash as baby shower gifts instead of items. This also allows the mom and dad-to-be to select the specific things their baby might need. 

However, for etiquette, these gifts should only be among the options for guests. You can include them in the baby registry or write in the invitation why these are your preferred gifts. 

For example, some parents would open a savings account for their baby, so the collected monetary gifts from the baby shower would be in it. Just be transparent with your guests on where their cash gifts and gift cards would go. 


Can You Put Gift Cards On The Baby Registry?

It should be acceptable for expecting parents to include gift cards in the baby registry. Most guests are okay with this because it allows the expecting parents to choose specific items once their baby arrives. 

They might not know yet what else to get, so having gift cards can help them get the things their newborn will need after it arrives. However, it might be better to include other things and not just have only gift cards on the baby registry. 

You also want to select stores that would be useful for the new family’s home and baby essentials. Avoid gift cards at places that would suit only personal needs. 


What Is An Appropriate Gift Card Amount For A Baby Shower?

The etiquette for baby shower gift items also applies to baby shower gift cards. Therefore, the gift card amount can start at $30 or higher, depending on the closeness of the guests to the expecting parents. 

The financial capacity of the person can also be considered. Some guests can be as generous as giving a gift card over $50, but a gift of $20 to $30 should still be appreciated. 

Read how much to spend on baby shower gifts to know more about the reasonable amount for guests. 


How Many Gift Cards Should Be Requested?

Some baby showers only request gift cards as gifts. For example, you might move to another location, and transporting physical skills would be challenging.

However, it’s preferred to offer other baby shower gift options for guests, and the parents-to-be will only include three to four gift cards in the baby registry. You can check the list of items you have and include a gift card for services like dry-cleaning or food delivery that will surely be convenient for new parents. 


How Will Guests React To Being Asked For A Gift Card Instead Of A Physical Gift?

The reactions among people vary when asked if they think it’s tacky for new parents to ask for gift cards as baby shower gifts. Some find it too insinuating, while others understand it’s practical for new parents. 

Therefore, the best approach is to include gift cards with other items in the baby registry. This way, the guests can choose their baby shower gift without feeling obligated to specific things. 


Where Is The Best Place To Ask For Gift Cards For A Baby Shower?

If you’re thinking of requesting baby shower gift cards, here are the best places to get them:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Visa
  • Baby Gap
  • Happy Eats



And that’s it! You just learned how to ask for gift cards for baby shower by mentioning the request on the invitation with straightforward but not obligatory wording. 

You can also include gift cards on the baby registry. Overall, it’s acceptable nowadays for expecting parents to request gift cards as it’s practical when preparing for a newborn. 

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