How To Decorate Cake Pops For Baby Shower

If you’re unsure how to decorate cake pops for baby shower, we’ll share some display ideas for these delicious baby shower cake balls. You’ll also know the best recipe for moist cake pops and tips to coat the cake balls perfectly. 

Cake pops are one of the best desserts to serve at the baby shower, and they can even be your baby shower cake alternative. But besides cake pops, what about healthier sweet options for guests? 

how to decorate cake pops for baby shower

Here’s how to make a fruit tray for a baby shower if you’re interested. 


How To Decorate Cake Pops For Baby Shower


Basic cake pop recipe that won’t crumble easily

Before the decorations, you need to know a basic recipe for cake pops to ensure that the cake balls won’t crumble and become challenging to decorate. There are many recipes to try, and you can always modify the flavor for the cake pops, but here’s an easy and affordable one that anybody can do for baby showers:  

  • You’ll need devil’s food cake, chocolate frosting, white chocolate, and the sticks for the cake pops
  • Put the pre-made devil’s food cake in a large bowl and crumble 
  • Add the chocolate frosting one portion at a time to create moist fine cake crumbs
  • Take two scoops of the cake pop mixture and roll them into a ball
  • Continue making enough balls and set aside 


Delicious and easy white chocolate frosting for cake pops

  • For the frosting of the baby shower cake balls, melt white chocolate in the microwave
  • White chocolate frosting can always be mixed with blue or pink food coloring, depending on the baby shower theme and decorations you have in mind
  • You can also make some flesh-colored frosting to make baby-shaped cake pops 
  • Dip the ends of the cake pop sticks into the melted chocolate
  • Insert the sticks into the cake pops halfway
  • Leave the cake balls in the freezer for 20 minutes
  • Prepare your cake pop decorations for the baby shower


Cake pop decoration ideas for baby shower

After you freeze the cake balls, you can decorate the cake pops. Consider pastel colors in the chocolate frosting and add sprinkles to half the cake balls for easy and simple cake pops. 

You can also put other candies or cut shapes from fondant to decorate the chocolate-coated cake pops for the baby shower. To coat the cake pops with frosting, submerge each cake ball in the melted chocolate and cover completely. 

Lift the cake pop to let the excess frosting drip off. Swirl and tap the cake pop gently and repeat to cover the other cake balls. 

Some decorations include baby footprints from frosting with icing, fondant details to make cute baby faces, or half-pink, half-blue baby shower cake pops. You can even get creative and make baby animals or flowers. 


What Is The Best Way To Coat Cake Pops?

One of the most challenging things about making baby shower cake pops is coating them with frosting or melted chocolate. Adding decorations to the cake balls will be challenging if the coating is too runny or thick. 

Here are some tips to coat your cake pops without issues: 

  • Wait five minutes after taking the cake balls out of the freezer before dipping them 
  • Improve the consistency of the chocolate coating with vegetable shortening 
  • For every 12-ounce bag of chocolate chips, you’ll use one to two tablespoons of shortening
  • To melt the chocolate or candy melts for the cake pop coating, pour them in a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water, making sure it’s not touching the water
  • You can also melt chocolate in the microwave at intervals of 20 seconds
  • Stir the shortening into the chocolate as it begins to melt 
  • The consistency of the cake pop coating should be runny
  • Transfer some melted chocolate to another bowl so you’ll have enough to submerge one cake pop at a time
  • Twirl the stick carefully to get an even coating on the cake pop 
  • Decorate immediately after dipping the cake pops 


Do You Have To Refrigerate Cake Pops Before Dipping?

The rolled cake balls should stay in the fridge for two hours to firm them up; this is also the time to melt the coating. Don’t forget to dip ¼ of the cake stick into the coating and refrigerate for five minutes. 

This way, inserting the cake pops on the sticks will be more secure. Another tip to keep the cake balls from losing shape is mixing the cake and icing and refrigerating them for half an hour before rolling. 


How Do I Display My Cake Pops At The Baby Shower?

  • In styrofoam tiers similar to a layered baby shower cake
  • On plates with cute cards on the sticks
  • Standing on colored boxes
  • Horizontally on trays with alternating colors and orientations
  • Arranged as flower bouquets
  • In a styrofoam cone

Besides cake pops, don’t forget to treat your baby shower guests with a delicious and refreshing blue punch. You can even make one with vanilla ice cream in this recipe on how to make a blue punch for a baby shower



And that’s it! To recap how to decorate cake pops for baby shower, you must ensure that the cake balls have a good structure by refrigerating them beforehand. 

Then, achieve the ideal coating consistency by mixing some shortening with the melted chocolate. From here, you can decorate the cake balls with sprinkles, candies, and even icing to suit the baby shower theme. 

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