Are Wedding Favors Necessary: Dos And Don’ts

The answer to are wedding favors necessary is no, but it’s customary and considered nice to have at a wedding. Favors are also a way for the hosts or couple to show appreciation to everyone who attended. 

We’ll discuss alternatives to wedding favors and etiquette regarding this wedding tradition below. Here’s how to make a wedding favor for fans of DIY weddings as well. 

are wedding favors necessary


Wedding Etiquette 101: Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

You don’t need favors at your wedding as they’re not mandatory. It’s okay if you’re considering not having them to cut on wedding costs, or you think you’ve already shown your appreciation to your guests some other way. 

However, there are wedding favors that won’t break the bank, or you can select a few people who’ll get them. For example, the couple can get their wedding party and parents gifts and just allocate the intended favor budget to providing the wedding guests a fantastic experience at the reception with the menu and drinks. 

Another instance where you can consider not providing wedding favors is when you’ll treat the guests with the accommodation and travel expenses on your destination wedding. With this example, not providing separate wedding favors is acceptable since you’re treating the guests.  


Is It Rude Not To Have Wedding Favors?

It’s technically not rude if you decide not to have wedding favors, especially in modern times where traditions are no longer expected. However, it might be better to prepare even an inexpensive wedding favor for each guest.

Wedding favors show appreciation to the guests who attended the wedding and serve as memorabilia for your big day. If there are guests who contributed significantly to your event, then it’s only fitting to give them a gift. 

But like with any gift, favors should not feel forced and necessary. You can always prepare items you made yourself as a cheap but sentimental way to thank the guests. 

If you’re unsure how to set a budget, here’s how much to spend on wedding favors


Do Weddings Still Have Favors?

Wedding favors nowadays are no longer necessary, especially in unconventional weddings. Instead, some couples focus on giving their guests a memorable experience than providing physical gifts. 

On the other hand, there’s still a demand for custom wedding favors since they can make the couple’s wedding more memorable. It can even be a way to promote the couple’s ventures.

For example, the couple might have a coffee business, so they give their guests coffee beans as wedding favors. They might also give them special wedding favors if they want to thank specific guests. 


What Is The Purpose Of Wedding Favors?

You don’t need favors at your wedding, but couples on their wedding budget often include them because they are means to show gratitude to the guests for coming. Some guests might have gone out of their way to attend the wedding despite being far or having a busy schedule, for example. 

You might also want your wedding to be remembered, so you can provide wedding favors that will commemorate your event. And finally, since guests take the favors home, they can advertise a business. 

Perhaps you want to help a friend with a pastry shop so that you can add some details to your wedding cookie favors. This can help them get attention, especially with a small or starting business. 


When Do You Give Out Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors are usually given at the end of the wedding. There’s typically a wedding favor table by the reception exit, so guests can take a piece before going home. 

It’s also possible for the guest to get their wedding favors during the reception. For example, some couples put their favors on each table with the name of the guests. 

This way, you can control the number of favors needed and who will get one. Remember that you’ll usually give one favor per household, and you don’t need to provide a piece to every wedding guest. 


What Is The Etiquette For Wedding Favors?

Remember these considerations when planning, budgeting, making or buying your wedding favors:

  • Count one wedding favor per household
  • Remember to check the name spellings if you’re giving guests personalized wedding favors
  • Do not make it evident if some guests are getting pricier favors; for example, if you have a different gift for the bridal party, distribute it at a time that other guests do not see
  • Only provide wedding favors that you genuinely want to provide and do not expect anything in return
  • Calculate your wedding budget to know if you can buy wedding favors or know what favors to get 
  • If possible, write a short note with each favor to make the guest feel more appreciated 


What Can I Do Instead Of Wedding Favors?

If you don’t have the budget for wedding favors or you’re looking for a unique way to thank the guests, here are some unique and creative alternatives: 

  • Wedding photo booth where the guests can take home prints
  • Wedding movie recap 
  • Handwritten cards to thank the wedding guests for coming
  • Edible take-homes for the guests
  • Wedding welcome bags for destination weddings
  • Sponsoring a charity



Was this guide helpful? You just learned about are wedding favors necessary, and the answer is no. 

However, most couples allocate a budget for favors because they’re means to thank the guests who attended the wedding. Favors are also memorabilia for the wedding if you want to be remembered. 

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