How Much To Spend On Wedding Favors: Factors And Costs

If you don’t know how much to spend on wedding favors it should be $2 per favor. Next, we will discuss the price of guest wedding favors that couples often spend on weddings. 

You will also get wedding favor ideas to stay on a budget and factors that affect the total cost to spend. That being said, please check how many wedding favors to order as it will also help you with planning. 

how much to spend on wedding favors


What Is The Price Spend On Wedding Favors?


How much is the wedding favors average cost for guests?

Most couples’ average cost spend on wedding favors starts at $2 per favor. However, this is just a baseline, and you can always go higher depending on your budget and how far you can go with spending. 

For example, you can set up as much as $20 per guest for your wedding favors or calculate only a total of under $300 from your wedding budget. Regardless, remember that you don’t want to spend too much that it hurts the other wedding elements or too small that you’re giving out favors as good as disposables. 


What are the factors that affect your budget to spend on wedding favors?

There are two primary considerations when considering how much to spend on wedding favors for the guests. First, how big is your wedding and what is your budget? 

A reasonable amount to spend on wedding favors for a big wedding should be a maximum of $5 because spending over it wouldn’t be ideal in proportion to the number of guests. For example, a 100-guest wedding means you’ll be spending a thousand dollars for only the favors if you spent $10 for each gift. 

This is why it’s also crucial that you plan your wedding budget to know how far you can go with spending on wedding gifts for the guests. For example, if your budget is only $5,000, remember that the reception and catering will already take more than half of it. 


Wedding favor ideas on a budget

After settling how much to spend on wedding favors, the next step is planning the guest wedding favors. Do not worry about compromising and settling since there are gift ideas that your guests will appreciate without the heavy price tag. 

  • Personalized wedding favors like coasters or mugs
  • Matchboxes
  • Stones
  • Fans
  • Frames
  • Handmade gifts like soaps or perfumes 
  • Popular set of tea bags or sweets
  • Mason jars filled with jam or honey
  • Bottles
  • Bottle openers


How Much Should Favors Cost?


How much is too much for wedding favors?

Going over $20 per favor will be too much for wedding favors, especially when you have many guests. Instead, setting a budget under $5 per piece is more reasonable if you’re having a big wedding. 

On the other hand, you still don’t want to spend over $10 per piece in small weddings since guests are not expecting an extravagant celebration anyway. Furthermore, couples who hold a small wedding are typically limited with their budget. 

If you want to know how to have a small wedding with a big family, feel free to read our guide for tips. The last thing you want is to spend on gifts for extended family members that you might not even want in your wedding in the first place. 


How to set a budget for wedding favors

  1. Keep in mind your total wedding budget and the elements of the wedding where you want to spend more; while guests will appreciate receiving wedding favors, some might not even take theirs, so it’s better to spend on the experience you’ll give your guests in the reception
  2. Consider the number of people you’ll give wedding favors to; more than the guests, it’s also customary to provide favors on the wedding staff such as the planner, photographer, or even the officiant
  3. Before ordering, decide on the wedding favors you want for the guests, then ask the vendor how much is per piece; if the total cost for the favors is too high, you may want an alternative or modify the favor, such as losing the customization to stay on your budget


Are Wedding Favors A Waste Of Money?

Wedding favors will only be a waste of money if you spend over $10, especially if it’s a big wedding. You don’t need to go all out when deciding on what favors to give your guests as they’re only small memorabilia from your special event. 

You also don’t want to order multiple costly wedding favors as some guests do not even take theirs when leaving the venue. It’s better to spend most of your budget on the reception and catering since the guests are there to celebrate with you and not because of the gift they can take home. 


How Much Should I Charge For Favors?

If you can’t decide on the specific cost for your wedding favors, allocate 2 to 3% of your wedding budget for the gifts to give your guests. Feel free to adjust, and make sure to check various wedding favor ideas for inspiration. 



And that’s it! We found out how much to spend on wedding favors, typically under $5 per piece. 

Going over $10 will probably hurt your wedding budget, especially in big weddings. It’s more sensible to spend more on the experience you’ll give your guests rather than the gifts they can take home as memorabilia. 

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